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See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. Frans August Larson was a Swedish missionary to Mongolia, this is the account of his travels around central Asia. Larson would go on to become a trusted diplomat well versed in the politics and tribal functions common on the border of China and Mongolia.

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Larson - Duke of Mongolia

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Larson - Duke Of Mongolia by Frans August Larson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

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Tim Murgatroyd. Later, he became a stable boy, and he developed a passionate interest in horses which was to shape his life. At seventeen, Larson wanted to go to Brazil , but was prevented from this by his sister Edla, who told him that he must wait until he had turned 21 and was of age to pursue such adventures. Instead, he was allowed to work at a blacksmith's shop. She was married to a general contractor, who felt that his young brother-in-law ought to become an architect.

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  • Larson - Duke of Mongolia by Frans August Larson (2008, Hardcover).
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  • Larson - Duke Of Mongolia.

Larson began work as a carpenter on his brother-in-law's building projects in order to qualify for architecture studies in Stockholm. During this period, Larson became interested in missionary work through the influence of his sister. He enrolled in the mission school in Eskilstuna , and rather than begin his studies at architecture school, he accepted employment with an American missionary society which worked in China and Mongolia. In this pursuit, he was driven more by a thirst for adventure and his love of horses than by his religious zeal. Together with other missionaries-to-be, he was sent to England for six weeks of training before his departure for China and Mongolia.

The year was , and Larson was now 23 years old. From the harbor city of Tientsin , he traveled to Beijing and on to Paotao , a distance of over miles. Larson covered most of this distance on foot, since he was too tall to ride a donkey, and he was too much of an animal lover to accept a ride in a wagon drawn by draft animals that were relentlessly whipped by the driver. Larson was gifted both in social matters and at languages. He came into contact with the prince of the province of Ordos , who provided him with a teacher of the Mongolian language.

The trip took just over a month. He stayed in Urga one year, and then traveled southward again. He settled in Kalgan Zhangjiakou on the border between China and Mongolia, just south of the steppes and the northernmost arm of the Great Wall of China. There, he fell in love with an American woman missionary. She was a year older than he, her name was Mary Rogers, and she came from Albany in the state of New York. They married in Kalgan lies about miles northwest of Beijing, and was an important junction for caravan traffic westward to Sianking and northward to Mongolia and Russia. People who had business in those regions passed through Kalgan, and many visited the Larson family.

One such person was Sven Hedin the world-famous Swedish explorer. This was the beginning of a lifelong friendship. Another guest in the Larson household was future American President Herbert Hoover , an engineer surveying a railroad route between Beijing and the Mongolian border. The Boxer Rebellion , which broke out in China in the year , was a hunt for foreigners- foreign influences in general, and missionaries and Christian converts in specific.

About missionaries, including 45 Swedes, and untold thousands of Christian Chinese were slaughtered by the Boxers. With a loaded rifle always at the ready, Larson managed to save himself, his wife and two small daughters, and about 20 Swedish and American missionaries, and got the party to Siberia. Larson had about twenty camels, fifteen horses and several draft oxen at pasture north of Kalgan.

The animals belonged to the British consul in Beijing, C. They were to have been used on an expedition Larson had agreed to lead. The Boxer Rebellion put a stop to this expedition. Campbell was confined to the British legation in Beijing, and Larson was able to use the animals to escape. Larson was forced to leave most of his belongings in Kalgan. The Boxers destroyed everything, including the research for a Swedish-English-Mongolian dictionary that he and his wife had worked on together for several years.

To get back on his feet financially Larson began working as an interpreter and foreman at a newly opened gold mine near the city of Kyakhta on the border of Mongolia and Siberia. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Dispatched from the UK in 5 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.

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