Living Dangerously: Seven Keys to Intentional Discipleship

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  1. Living Dangerously: Seven Keys to Intentional Discipleship - Shawn D. Anderson - Google книги
  2. Living Dangerously: Seven Keys to Intentional Discipleship
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He is a husband, father, consultant, and minister. He resides in Dundee, Oregon. Contact the author at Docshawn.

Living Dangerously: Seven Keys to Intentional Discipleship - Shawn D. Anderson - Google книги

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Too often, Christ followers are content to live inside the church walls with other Christians. Jesus calls us to shatter our comfort zones and dangerously share the love we have found in him with people whose lives are characterized by brokenness, self-sufficiency, emotional poverty, and rejection.

Discipleship is the process of intentionally and thoughtfully introducing the grace of Jesus to these people so that their hearts will bulge with love, their souls will brim with life, and their faces will brighten with light as they come to intimately know him.

A Culture of Intentional Discipleship in the Catholic Parish

How is this accomplished? In these pages, unbelievers who became disciples of Christ reveal what factors influenced them to follow Jesus.

Living Dangerously: Seven Keys to Intentional Discipleship

The research revealed that discipling is an intentional process that is most effective when our lives reflect the character of Jesus. The author explains discipleship as a relational process that can be understood and effectively accomplished by virtually any follower of Jesus. Rather than offer neat, pre-packaged techniques for successful discipling, Shawn instead delves deep into how God shapes the heart and spirit of the authentic discipler.

Durham Batsell Barrett Baxter Chair of Preaching Lipscomb University ""In our time, when tolerance and diversity are public watchwords and the very concept of evangelism is viewed as an act of aggressive coercion, Shawn Anderson helps us understand the process of conversion and how we believers can faithfully, with integrity, speak to others of the grace and truth of Jesus Christ. I recommend Living Dangerously as a must read book by anyone whose heart beats with God's heart to see every person receive God's gracious gift of life.

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This is a book I've been waiting for a long time. It also gives the ordinary, discouraged Christian considerable hope and help in how to live more like Jesus and be part of his dangerous call to go and make disciples. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. There are plenty of books available on these evangelism approaches, the spiritual beliefs of unbelievers, and church growth methods about attracting people to Jesus via missional communities or attractional church methods. Yet, Anderson saw a gap — there are not many books focused on the discipler — the person who is instrumental in helping a person find faith in Christ.

He choses that term based on the Great Commission. Anderson intentionally makes a distinction between a discipler all of us and an evangelist a particularly gifted person or office in the church.

In the context of his book, this is a helpful distinction to understand. I determined that I would uncover the mysteries of discipleship by asking people about their conversion process, so conducted a nationwide study to better understand how people became followers of Jesus.

I hypothesized that people are led to Jesus when there is someone who takes a special interest in their salvation. My thesis was that this person is especially influential in the lives of unbelievers when his or her life reflects Jesus, the greatest teacher of disciples.

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The results revealed that, indeed, individuals were influenced to commit their lives to Jesus by people who modeled Jesus in their lives. Discipleship involves creating disciples out of unbelievers. Our role is to introduce people to Jesus.

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As such, Anderson identifies 7 character traits of the disciplemaker that are influential. These are the character traits of a disciple maker that had the most influence in helping an adult become a believer in Christ.

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Each chapter explores these character traits in fuller detail, particularly focused on how to develop this trait a little more in your own life. They revealed that knowledgeable disciplers studied the Word of God, made the Scriptures relevant, and welcomed biblical questions.

Some factual knowledge is essential in making disciples, but what seems to matter more to them is our ability to make the Bible relevant to their lives. If some bible knowledge is important, then Anderson takes the step to call us into personal devotions, self-feeding, as well as consuming sermons. We need to understand ourselves how the Bible is relevant to our life.