Molecular Machines in Biology

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  1. Molecular machines in biology and in chemistry
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The chirality provides new route for organic materials to be implemented in the spintronics applications.

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Here the authors show a solid-state spin-filtering device in an organic spin-valve structure enabled by light irradiation induced change in the chirality of molecule. Reviews 27 May In this Review, the development of F o F 1 -ATPase reconstitution into artificial architectures is discussed ultimately leading to the development of stimuli-responsive ATP synthesis. Research 12 April open.

Research 21 January One-dimensional diffusive binding represents an important mechanism used by nature to facilitate many fundamental biochemical processes. Now, a completely synthetic system with similar capabilities has been constructed. The system was exploited to significantly speed up bimolecular reactions and to catalytically transport molecular cargo in solution and within physically separated compartments. Research 28 November open.

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Biological motors which convert energy into mechanical work inspire the fabrication of synthetic motors. Here the authors demonstrate self-assembled colloidal motors which are driven to a range of responses controlled by the feedback between light polarization and deformation of a liquid crystal.

Research Highlights 03 July Research Highlights 04 January Research Highlights 30 October Chiroptical molecular switches change chirality in response to light. Christian Petermayer and Henry Dube report a new type of hemiindigo photoswitches that feature axial chiral substituents and are characterized by an unusual decoupling of the absorption and the circular dichroism CD spectra.


Research Highlights 28 June The design of machines in the nanodimesional space is advancing fast. Ben Feringa and co-workers now report on solvent-driven aggregations of molecular motors into nanodimesional bowl-shaped objects and show how molecular rotation can be controlled in such confined volumes. Research Highlights 25 May Advanced search. Skip to main content.


Molecular machines in biology and in chemistry

Search My Account Login. If you go to wikipedia you will see a whole list of different kinesins, if you click on one, for example, KIF1A , on the right hand side it shows you it is found on chromosome 2 in a human, starting at ,, base pairs and ending at ,, base pairs. Information for the mouse is also located there. Other RNA molecules are involved in this process, too, as the rRNA part of the ribosome sort of a 'protein factory' as well as tRNA which carries the amino acid components of proteins as they are being built.

Transcription and translation are central to understanding biology at the molecular and cellular level. Not only can all proteins, from kinesin to collagen, evolve, they all have evolved through natural selection and other evolutionary mechanisms, and they continue to evolve today in all living organisms. Without evolution, no biology would exist. RNA-based biology today, mostly some of the viruses is also subject to evolutionary mechanisms, so that isn't something unique to DNA, but rather to heredity and biology in general.

Yes, it's fair to say molecular machines are encoded in the DNA. As you say, kinesin is a molecular machine - a motor protein that moves molecules along microtubules, which are also proteins.

Molecular Machines

Protein enzymes are one of the most common molecular machines in cells - they build and break down molecules, among other things. Membrane channels are proteins, too, and they could be called molecular machines - I'm picturing a drawbridge that lets tall ships pass when it's open and not when it's closed, though channels are more like holes in the cell membrane than like drawbridges.

And, yes, mutations occur in the DNA sequences, which results in mutant proteins - or, variant proteins, because there are often several versions of a protein that work fine. Yes - RNA is important in synthesizing molecular machines. It carries copies of the DNA codes for different proteins in our genes.

Your Body's Molecular Machines

The RNA copies of the genes go to the ribosome, an amazing molecular factory that takes the information in the RNA copies of the genes and uses it to make proteins, which have amino acids instead of the 4 bases of DNA and RNA. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


Are molecular machines encoded in the DNA? Ask Question. The "molecular machines" you are referring to are particular proteins. Helen Helen 61 2 2 bronze badges.