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  4. US companies in China feeling 'clear and far reaching' trade war pinch: survey
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As the intensity targets are likely to be reached automatically if the non-fossil targets are achieved, and our rating is based on achieving all NDC targets, we do not address the intensity targets separately here. Our analysis shows that China will achieve both its and pledges. Current policy projections show that total greenhouse gas emissions will rise to between China is implementing significant policies in multiple sectors to address climate change, and also aiming to restrict coal consumption.

China is implementing an emissions trading system, with first trades expected in , and has also announced a mandatory renewable energy certificate scheme that sets targets for renewable energy for each province individually. However, the Chinese government abruptly reduced subsidies for solar projects in and lifted a two-year ban on new coal-fired power plant construction.

As the NDC acknowledges that addressing these gases is important, further policy action may be expected to address non-CO2 emissions as well. Over 1. The China 6 emissions standards for passenger vehicles that go into effect on July 1, will be one of the most stringent emissions standards in the world. Its new emissions standards for heavy duty vehicles, once in place, will be in line with standards in the US, Canada, Japan, and EU, although they apply to atmospheric pollutants like NOx and particulate matter, but do not regulate CO2 specifically.

For full details see current policy projections section. Download scenario data Download fair share data How to read graph. Further analysis. I rarely post about countries I have already been too. As such the Saga will keep going for many years after I return home. When my beautiful and multi talented fiancee visits it's always a good occasion to shave ;. Now, this project exists because nobody in history has ever reached every single country in the world completely without flying.

And reaching every country is already a pretty exclusive club with less than members. In perspective more than people have been to space and Mount Everest has been summited by around 5, people. I aim at becoming the first person in history to reach every country without flying. That is purely about achievement and can be seen in the same light as when the first men reached the South Pole or similarly to setting a world record at the Olympics.

ChinaSource | Reaching Chinese Worldwide

It is down to the bone egoistic and something which requires a lot of discipline, dedication, focus and grit. Having said that, there are many good things in the tail water of achieving that goal. I aim at promoting every country as if it was the best in the world. This positive promotion is a counter balance to all the negativity which can be found across mainstream media every day.

So I aim to remind you all that even in Syria and Yemen selfies are taken and people fall in love. And also that in my opinion people are just people everywhere. The most important things seem to be family, sports, food, safety etc. People around the world spend an awful lot of time starring into smartphones, stuck in traffic or talking about the weather ;.

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Also just check out some of all the amazing podcasts he has made with around seventy fascinating world travellers! Counting Countries is quickly becoming my favorite podcast channel! I also spend a disproportionate amount of time within this project on the RC.

Trump Threatens China With More Tariffs Ahead of Final Trade Talks

It takes time to meet with representatives from various countries and generate the promotion across social media. In return this project the Saga has generated a lot of global awareness, has invited people all over the world to join as volunteers, has provided reason for people to donate money and has called for positive shares across social media to generate good will for the humanitarian work. And it works. Thomas works at Blue Water Shipping and wanted to help me in Thailand.

So among other things he arranged for Khun Bob to drive me in the company car to the border with Laos. People are amazing! Another grand benefit from the Saga has been all the people who feel inspired and motivated in various ways. People who have added far flung destinations to their bucket list, those who have seen countries and people in a different light That has over the years been powerful in so many lives and I have been fortunate to hear it first hand in many, many messages.

For that I will never give up and keep on keeping on! Because now It was raining as I approached the border. I had not seen rain since some time last year? It was refreshing. Khun Bob who had brought me safely to the border waved farewell and I proceeded north on foot. It was almost am and we had left Bangkok around midnight.


Crossing the border was easy. I carefully filled out the immigration forms but afterwards realized that I could have written my name down as Donald Duck and nobody would have cared. Across the border I got into a shared van and we headed into the country towards its capital Vientiane. It could have been a short 20 minute ride but it was raining, there was traffic and the van broke down. The driver called for someone else to collect us.

It took its time but the other driver arrived and it all went seamlessly.

US companies in China feeling 'clear and far reaching' trade war pinch: survey

Welcome to Laos. Laos is a very laidback and relaxed country. Vientiane lies on the Mekong River with Thailand on the other side. She invited me to sit down for a bit while we got to know each other a little better. She told me that they were established on January 1st and are now found in every province of Laos. Apart from first aid, heath and sanitation the LRC also promotes gender equality and advocates for the role of women in society.

A really large part of their humanitarian engagement is disaster risk reduction, preparedness and response. In Luang Prabang I found this flyer on the ground. LRC has a blood and transfusion center and promotes blood donations nation wide. On July 23rd a tragedy occurred as the Saddle Dam D, which was part of a larger hydroelectric dam system under construction in southeast Laos's Champasak Province, collapsed and cost more than 40 lives while 1, went missing. The dam collapse also lead to widespread destruction and homelessness among the local population in neighboring Attapeu Province.

Saga info! + leaving Thailand, visiting Laos and reaching China (country 175)

LRC responded swiftly to the needs of the most vulnerable people and that work continues until this day long after the reporters have stopped reporting. I left the LRC thinking about what the world might look like without more than 12 million volunteers worldwide tirelessly carrying out humanitarian work? I've been missing good soups for a while. But there has been no lack of them since I reached Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Back at my hostel I organized a bus to bring me the 12 hour ride up to Luang Prabang the following day. Then I organized myself, got a local simcard, managed social media and signed yet another document for my latest new tenant in my apartment back home.

They have saved me three times before and I really mean that!! Thank you Rasmus and Malene!! Laos is tourist territory and very popular with the partying youth. My hostel apparently offered free vodka and whiskey between pm. So it got pretty noisy! A curfew is imposed across Laos and starts at midnight. I left the next morning at am. Landslides, road construction, accidents Laos is remarkably green and very beautiful to look at.

It could have been the setting for the Lost series, for Jurassic Park or any of the King Kong movies. However twelve hours in a bus is definitely twelve hours in a bus and I was tired when we rolled into Luang Prabang. It is a beautiful city which lies in a valley at the confluence of the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers. It was inhabited for thousands of years and was the royal capital of the country until Luang Prabang is known for its many Buddhist temples, including the gilded Wat Xieng Thong, dating to the 16th century, and Wat Mai, once the residence of the head of Laotian Buddhism.

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  7. Laos is predominantly Buddhist however also with a large population that adhere to animistic beliefs. In fact the city was so nice and relaxing that I opted for an extra night there to set my mind right. Contrary to what many might think there is a lot of stress which goes along with pulling off this project. There is indeed much which goes on behind the curtains of this show.

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    In fact I had to set everything in motion more than a month before I intended to enter the country. So back then I already knew I would need to master the logistics of Keep in mind that I was meeting with the RC in all these countries, made presentations at Maersk in three of them, wrote several blogs, did interviews, kept social media updated, met with people, handled the bureaucracy and remembered to eat, sleep and breathe ;.

    Fun running into Rebecca and Oscar. If you have an Instagram account then why not check them out: travelevers. However while in Luang Prabang I saw that I had made excellent time and could afford an extra night at the hostel. It was a nice hostel and I was by far one of the oldest guests.