Reports on the Trojan War (Greek Mythology Series Book 3)

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Several Greek warriors hid inside it; the rest of the Greek army sailed away to Tenedos, a nearby island, pretending to abandon the siege. After the horse had been drawn into the city, concealed warriors emerged from its hollow body at night to open the gates to the Greeks—now back in force. Named for the famed Trojan horse trick that enabled the ancient Greeks to capture the city of Troy, computer trojans can pose a serious threat to unsuspecting computer users. The user first unknowingly installs the trojan application, usually spread through instant-messaging software, e-mail attachments, or Web downloads.

Through activation….

Trojan horse

When the Trojans brought the horse into their city, the hidden Greeks opened the gates to their comrades, who then sacked Troy, massacred its men, and carried off its women. This version was recorded centuries later; the extent to which it reflects actual historical events is not…. Athena , in Greek religion, the city protectress, goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason, identified by the Romans with Minerva.

She was essentially urban and civilized, the antithesis in many respects of Artemis, goddess of the outdoors. Athena was probably a pre-Hellenic goddess and was later taken…. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Notice.

Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. He says that he can only pray that Athena will show Telemachus the kindness that she showed Odysseus.

The Trojan War 3D Animation Film

Nestor explains that Agamemnon returned from Troy to find that Aegisthus, a base coward who remained behind while the Greeks fought in Troy, had seduced and married his wife, Clytemnestra. With her approval, Aegisthus murdered Agamemnon. Nestor holds the courage of Orestes up as an example for Telemachus. He sends his own son Pisistratus along to accompany Telemachus to Sparta, and the two set out by land the next day. In Sparta, the king and queen, Menelaus and Helen, are celebrating the separate marriages of their son and daughter.

Trojan War

They happily greet Pisistratus and Telemachus, the latter of whom they soon recognize as the son of Odysseus because of the clear family resemblance. The following day, Menelaus recounts his own return from Troy. It was located across the Aegean Sea from the Greek city-state of Sparta. When the king of Sparta heard that his wife, the beautiful Helen, had been kidnapped by a prince of Troy, he called on the other Greek city-states to help him get her back.

His call was answered.

Major Events in the Trojan War

A thousand Greek ships set sail for Troy. The city of Troy was protected by a high wall built around the city.

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Some parts of the wall were 20 feet high! There were gates in the wall to let people in and out but it provided great defense for the people of Troy. It gave the Trojan warriors a relatively safe place to stand, while they rained arrows down on the people below, who were trying to break into the city. At the time of this story, Greek warriors had been trying to breach the wall around Troy for about ten years.

The Greeks could not find a way in, and the Trojans did not seem able to drive the Greeks away. Things looked pretty hopeless until Odysseus, a famous ancient Greek general, thought of a trick. It was the custom back then to leave a peace offering behind to admit defeat.

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  • Odysseus suggested the Greeks build a huge, heavy, beautiful wooden horse, and leave it outside the gates of Troy.