The Female Vulture Perspective

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In doing so, the author, who is a State College native, reminds readers of the value that comes from trying to understand one another. Listen Live. Related Program:. Share Tweet Email. Emily Morrison reviews "Vulture" by Katie Fallon. Katie Fallon. Turkey Vultures. Centre County Reads. Therefore, employee retention is essential to the long-term health of a bird control entity. It is much more difficult to hire and train someone to do bird work than pest control.

Bird control is here to stay as a segment of pest control due to its value to clients and the profitability for business owners. The associated challenges create an opportunity for quality firms to differentiate and excel. Please visit www. Heath Waldorf is the principal consultant of Bird Control Advisory, a New Jersey-based firm that helps architects and engineers plan bird control work. Learn more at www. While trying to impress my young sons years ago at a marina-based restaurant while on vacation in Cape Cod, Mass.

A group of seagulls was hovering and diving onto our table. Rather than discouraging this behavior, I encouraged it by throwing French fries into the air while watching the seagulls catch them in mid-flight. Our young sons could not contain their excitement as they began throwing their French fries into the air for the hungry birds to catch as well. Although this was quite entertaining for our family except maybe for my wife , it was not good for the restaurant or for the marina as we contributed to a new learned behavior for the seagulls.

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While doing research for this article, I learned that gull populations have surged throughout the United States since the s and their living ranges have expanded beyond beach communities and marinas. Seagulls are now seen inland due to increasing human development and the creation of unlimited food supplies that are available in landfills and other waste-handling facilities. Seagulls have become adaptable to areas where humans live and gull nesting is common on rooftops and other structures.

To prevent seagulls from nesting in commercial structures, Bird Doctor Nationwide uses several types of products to help control these bird pests. To help combat seagull nesting, gull grid wire systems, also known as gull wire systems or gull parallel wire systems, have become popular by bird deterrent installation companies for the control of seagulls a variety of suppliers offer such products, including Bird-B-Gone, Bird Barrier, Seagull Control Systems and more. A gull grid wire system consists of installing telescopic posts or poles around the outermost perimeter of the rooftop.

Then tensioned wire is installed horizontally in a checkered square pattern at approximately 3-foot intervals and is attached to the telescopic poles. We utilize an orange-colored nylon-coated gull wire, which is visible to the gulls and also is visible to any maintenance workers that are on the rooftop. For extra visibility we install short strips 3 to 6 inches of Mylar flash tape every 4 to 6 feet to the wires. This prevents seagulls from landing on the roof. Seagulls learn quickly that this roof is not safe for them when they try to land on it.

Our firm recommends installing the telescopic poles at 6 to 8 feet above the roof so maintenance workers have full access to the roof. For added protection gull wire also can be installed vertically on all the sides of the perimeter of the system. We have seen numerous times where HVAC technicians refuse to work on their equipment on rooftops until the seagull issue is resolved. Seagulls can be quite aggressive when humans come into their nesting site space. Another issue is that seagull feces, feathers and nesting material can clog up the ventilation system on the roof, which can spread airborne diseases throughout the building.

Seagull droppings are a health hazard that can cause diseases such as ornithosis, E. Droppings also can cause structural damage and block gutters. These clogged gutters can result in heavy build-up on the roof, causing the roof to collapse. Also, droppings on the ground can be an issue if a customer or employee slips and falls. Needless to say this may be a liability issue resulting in a lawsuit. Seagulls also have been known to peck on the roof membrane, causing damage to the roof, which causes leaks to the interior of the building.

They also will drop seashells and bones from above onto the roof. This can be particularly problematic if there are solar panels on the rooftop. The falling seashells and bones can cause the solar panels to shatter.

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All debris should be removed from the rooftops to avoid workers from stepping on it and puncturing the roof membrane. In fact, prior to starting a gull grid wire installation, the rooftop should be disinfected and cleaned of all droppings, feathers, carcasses, nesting material and debris. Personal Protective Equipment PPE must be worn by workers for their health and safety when providing a dropping clean-up. Also, proper disinfectants and cleaning materials should be used for the dropping cleanup.

Power washing is not the solution. A full article can be written just on the proper cleaning protocols of bird droppings!

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When installing the grid wire system, it is recommended to use stainless steel products or UV-resistant polycarbonate fiber products to prevent rusting and corrosion. Pads can be installed under the telescopic posts to protect the integrity of the roof membrane. The maintenance program and on-site annual physical inspection will ensure that all hardware is functioning properly. In fact, we recommend an annual maintenance program with any type of bird deterrent installation.

This is a good business practice and also builds your yearly recurring bird work. So with this full arsenal of services in our toolbox, all I can say is seagulls beware!

Margot Robbie Is Producing a Female-Led Shakespeare Series in Australia

You can now enjoy your seaside dinner with your family without flying visitors snatching your fries from the table! Those were the cautionary words of Dr. As a general background for the webinar participants, Brown compared the biologies of two common mosquito species — Aedes and Culex — that are prevalent in the United States. In explaining how mosquitoes are attracted to people, Brown said that humans in a backyard, for example, give off carbon dioxide CO2 plumes.

The answer, Brown says, is to contract with a good suppression service that uses best perimeter spraying practices with quality products to develop a good degree of protection. The important thing about perimeter applications, he explained, is the pattern of spraying.

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Target vegetation — but not grass or flowers. Go after thick bushes, or honeysuckle or ivy, and get way down deep. Using other effective products when necessary is another best practice, Brown said.

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He discussed how insect growth regulators IGRs — chemicals that disrupt and impede the life cycle in the egg and larvae stage of development — are being used by some for mosquito treatments. There are a number of good pyrethroids on the market, Brown said. Now we are routinely getting more than 80 percent reduction over eight weeks with some of the formulations that are intended to maximize the duration of effect. He recommends using an environmental assessment form for this; some are available commercially. The form could also include a simple map showing which areas to treat or not to treat, and which areas to watch for mosquito activity.

That can go far in helping you achieve your goals. Residents must be responsible for ridding their areas of standing water that might be the source of larval breeding and that includes damaged gutters that are holding water. They should do their pruning of nearby foliage such as Japanese honeysuckle before you treat. Brown said the environmental assessment form also could be a useful reference in planning for return visits to customers. The filled-out environmental assessment form, he said, could be included with other paperwork given to customers, such as bills or receipts.

Container mosquitoes, namely the yellow fever Aedes aegypti and Asian tiger mosquitoes, lay their eggs along the water line of containers. This seems simple enough, until you realize that anything that holds water is a suitable container, including the grooves of plastic gutter extenders, the curves of old tires and even a water glass left outside for one day too long.

Container mosquitoes lay their eggs along the water line inside of these unconventional containers, and the eggs exist in a dry, suspended state for as long as a year. But, as soon as irrigation or rainwater raises the water level just enough to come in contact with the eggs, they hatch. Fortunately, Dr. Even a trip to the dog park can turn into an educational opportunity, especially when dog owners hear that these specific breeds of mosquitoes transmit heartworm!

Connelly recommends carrying informational flyers in your vehicle that feature pictures of those containers common in yards that may be hiding container-breeding mosquito eggs. She suggests starting by organizing a neighborhood or community clean-up day where residents rid their yards of potential mosquito environments. If possible, modify those containers. For example, for gardens with rain barrel irrigation programs, there should always be a tightly screwed on lid or at least insect screen coverings. Insect screens also help control pests when placed at the end of gutter extensions.

Bird baths should be dumped and scrubbed with steel wool or a stiff brush weekly and any old tires should be disposed of properly. The Asian tiger mosquito was actually unintentionally introduced to the United States through shipments of used tires that also toted the mosquito eggs. Clogged gutters make a perfect habitat for container mosquito eggs just waiting for the next big rain.

How to Draw a Vulture

Even tarps or litter as insubstantial as a bottle cap can support container mosquito eggs, said Connelly. Plants, including the popular bromeliad plants native to south Florida, can house container mosquitoes in the water-holding tanks in their leaf axils. Holes in trees can become a natural container when the conditions are right as well. Gravesites are also popular breeding grounds for container mosquitoes, with plenty of unattended flowers in vases; the mosquitoes can make their way down inside the vases and lay eggs.

When you find a particularly nasty infestation, go straight to the source: the water source that is. There are a few different products that can be used to treat water sources, especially in areas where people may not be able to sacrifice their containers, like rainwater barrels. The first is Bti, a bacterium that kills black fly and mosquito larvae when ingested, and is used in horse troughs and bird baths. It comes in granular or briquette formulations that last for seven up to 30 days.

Lily Collins on the Importance of Strong Female Story Lines

But there is a catch — Bti is effective up until the mosquito larva stops feeding, towards the end of the 4th instar. Once the larva reaches the 4th instar, it stops feeding, which means it would not ingest the treated water. Another option is methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator IGR. Methoprene, like BTI, is also available in granules or briquettes that last anywhere from 30 to days for a larger briquette.

Targeting adult container mosquitoes is a particularly challenging process because of their cryptic habitats, said Connelly.

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Another challenge is that mosquitoes can become resistant to the pyrethroids in these adulticides, like many have in central Florida and the Florida Keys, according to Connelly. Connelly suggests putting out a cup of water with a popsicle stick inside at the base of a tree. Check back every couple of days to see if there are eggs stuck along the water line of the stick or cup to get an idea of how many mosquitoes are even out there.

Are you reducing the number of eggs in that area?