The Kalandar Prince: A Romantic Novel

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This is a stand alone novel and is very different from the author's prior books, but I liked it even better than them and I loved her prior books. As usual, Robin justified my love! Getting to know smart, feisty Rowan was an absolute treat.

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Undeniably HOT. The chemistry between them would melt the whitest of Christmases. Even as chemistry evolves into something deeper, they both understand the realities. And, as always with this author, you will not I am so happy to have found Krista Lakes books.

I can read her billionaires and brides in a day or two. These books have sweeping endings that result in HEA. I love that the Cinderella fairy tale ending had Jace and Ella shine. That's exactly what Krista has done--taken a classic tale and made it modern. I look forward to reading more books by this author. This was a great start to a new series by this author.

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We first met Amber in Rose and Thorn's trilogy. She and Rose were best friends from their ballet dancing days.

Scheherazade, Op.35 - The Story of the Calendar Prince (2 of 4)

After living with a man who treated her horribly, Amber went to live with Rose and Thorn. As much as she was happy for her friend's happiness Amber was worried she'd never be able to find it for herself. Could Rose and Thorn help her find a man that would fulfill her needs and give her love? Could it be Prince Oliver or will his familial obligations get in the way.

So far this does not seem as if it's going to be as dark of a series as the others by this author, but we'll have to wait and see. The prequel ends in a cliffhanger but definitely shows Just WOW!

I rated this book a 10, or perhaps a 50! It has everything, and more.

8 Royal Romance Novels We Want to See on the Big Screen

Blair Babylon is my favorite author, and has been since she wrote the first of the Billionaires in Disguise series. Her skill at setting the scene right from the first page and then picking it up from where she left off at the last book, her ability to continually ratchet up the suspense, action, love scenes, and touch our emotions is one of the reasons I rated this book so highly. The ending is unbelievable! I had to read that part twice. I love this wonderful, fun, sexy, steamy series.

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This is the sixth book in the series and it is just as amazing as the other books. No two books in this series are alike other than, they have great world building, great storylines and amazing characters. From the beginning until the end, I couldn't put this book down. I would definitely recommend this book and this series.

Prince and Princess Romance Books

A fairy tale romance with a King, a beauty and a ball Rian and Emilia have a serious case of instalust; the attraction is instantaneous but there are betrayals and wicked step-relations that need to be dealt with on their journey to a happy ever-after This is a modern day Cinderella story full of intrigue, fun and royal heat I received an advanced copy from the author. I really enjoyed the world building and each of the characters.

I love the castle and his relationship w Ash. The only thing is the end of the book felt rushed. It's like there is all this slow build up to action then boom several story lines felt rushed at the end on the different attacks, the army, the acceptance of the father, the acceptance of the men felt a little rushed or forced towards the end I would hv given 5 stars if some of that was stretched out a little more.

Laird Rogersville MO. I love Katharine Ashe's books and I already can't wait for the next book. This story is about Libby Shaw and she refuses to accept society's rules. She fools everyone but one man, who has never forgotten her lips. Ziyaeddin is an exiled prince, who was forced to leave home as a boy.

The stories in this volume are based on the Wortley Montague Codex in the Bodleian Library, originally used for the Jonathan Scott translation. No explanation has been found regarding the nights that do not appear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NOTE: The numbers in parentheses indicate that the night in question began and the previous night ended during the tale indicated or one of its sub-tales. Numbers in double parentheses mean that the story is fully contained in the indicated night.

An asterisk indicates the story begins with the night. One Thousand and One Nights. Les mille et une nuits — The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Le livre des mille nuits et une nuit — Scheherazade Op. Characters Stories Burton translation Works influenced by Hidden categories: Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.