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British culture and life.

Sweeping landscapes

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The Woodlands schools were established over fifty years ago and have earned a reputation for providing an excellent and rounded education for children in North Tonbridge. A low Mach number approximation to the Navier Stokes equations with global reaction rate equations describing combustion in the gas phase and the condensed phase is numerically solved. For one so young your typing skills are amazing. During the s the chart was based collectively on each single's weekly physical sales figures and airplay on American radio stations. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb.

Woodlands Series in Order - Lauren Nicolle Taylor - FictionDB

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Coming Up - Paul McCartney 8. These are the year's Favorites in the UK, the top 20 single records. Martin has stated that the continent of Westeros is roughly the same size as the real-life continent of South America. The terms "Seven Kingdoms" and "Westeros" were normally used interchangeably before the northern seccession. The northern edges of the continent have not been charted, but are believed to extend to the northern polar ice cap. The continent shares similar geography and geometry to the real-life isle of Great Britain, and is narrow, about miles wide at its widest point, but long, extending for almost 2, miles from the Summer Sea to the Wall that marks the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms.

The extent of the wildling lands beyond the Wall are unknown. The continent's terrain varies immensely. There are also several extensive river networks, most notably the River Trident and its numerous tributaries, but also the Blackwater Rush , the White Knife , the Mander , and the Greenblood. The climate varies between extremes of heat and cold across the large continent.

The North is the only region in which snowfall is common, even in the middle of the years-long "summers". Beyond the Wall the temperature becomes even lower and hostile, forming the taiga woodlands of the Haunted Forest , reaching into the truly polar regions of the " Lands of Always Winter ", in the unmapped farthest north. In the far south, the terrain becomes hotter and more arid, and Dorne contains the continent's only deserts.

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The continent is also home to immense woodlands, such as the Haunted Forest beyond the Wall. South of the Wall, within the Seven Kingdoms , there are three major forested regions: the Wolfswood around Winterfell , the Kingswood south of King's Landing and straddling the northern border of the Stormlands , and the Rainwood in the southern half of the same region.

Numerous smaller wooded areas dot the continent.

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  • Westeros is separated from the eastern continent of Essos by the Narrow Sea and also by the island chain known as the Stepstones. According to myth, the Stepstones are a remnant of an ancestral land-bridge linking Westeros and Essos together, destroyed in a cataclysm more than ten thousand years ago. As well as the vast eastern continent of Essos, other lands are known to exist. The Summer Islands lie to the south of Westeros and there is regular trade between the islands and the Seven Kingdoms. A forbidding, mostly-unexplored continent called Sothoryos is also known to exist to the south-east across the Summer Sea, but there is little contact between it and Westeros.

    Some islands are known to exist in the Sunset Sea to the west of Westeros, but the true extent of this ocean is unknown. To the east of northern Westeros lies the island of Ibben, home to traders and whalers, who occasionally trade with the Seven Kingdoms and the Free Cities of Essos. Westeros's climate shifts from a subarctic wasteland in the furthest north, beyond the Wall, to a desert climate in the furthest south, along the peninsula of Dorne.

    In the normal course of events, the furthest north still has light snowfalls even in the longest summers while Dorne almost never sees snow, even in the most severe winters. Westeros and Essos both experience seasons of varying length, usually lasting at least a couple of years each. The length of the seasons is completely unpredictable and varies randomly.

    The maesters of the Citadel keep a close eye on the length of the days in order to try to predict how long the current season will last, but this is an inexact science at best. At the time the series opens, the world has been experiencing a summer that has lasted for nine years, which is unusually long, and the maesters fear that an equally long winter will follow.

    Westeros extends much further north than Essos, so is much more adversely affected by long winters, while Essos, which extends into equatorial regions, is typically warmer. In the North, the winters are extremely cruel. Lords set aside non-perishable food items for storage against the next winter, while many of the North's most notable strongholds are built in favorable areas, such as Winterfell on hot springs or the Dreadfort of House Bolton on volcanic vents.

    Some castles, like Winterfell, have elaborate greenhouses which permit the growing of vegetables even in the harshest winters. Despite these precautions, famine and starvation is common during Northern winters, and is one of the reasons the North has a small population despite its vast size. There is a suggestion that the long seasons are not natural in origin, but may have stemmed from a near-mythical event called the Long Night 8, years ago, when it is said that the White Walkers used the cover of a winter that lasted a generation and a night that lasted for years to invade Westeros.

    They were defeated in the War for the Dawn, thrown back into the furthest north and prevented from returning by the raising of the Wall , but the seasons never recovered. Maesters are highly skeptical of this story, dismissing it as folklore, despite the inarguable presence of the Wall.

    For a more detailed history of the Seven Kingdoms, see the timeline of Westerosi history. Twelve thousand years ago, Westeros was inhabited by the diminutive Children of the Forest , a nonhuman race who lived in peace and harmony with nature, worshipping the Old Gods of the Forest. The First Men , a human ethnic group, invaded Westeros across the Arm of Dorne , armed with weapons of bronze. In a significant military conflict , in which the Children allegedly destroyed the Arm of Dorne with magic resulting in the Stepstone islands and flooded the Neck , the two sides fought to a standstill and made a pact of friendship and alliance.

    The First Men adopted the worship of the old gods at this time. Two thousand years after the Pact, Westeros was invaded by the White Walkers during a winter that lasted for a generation. In the War for the Dawn , they were defeated by an alliance of the First Men and the Children, though only at grievous cost. The Children disappeared from Westeros at this time. He also built the castle of Winterfell and established House Stark as the ruling house of the Kingdom of the North with himself as the first King in the North.

    Two thousand years later, the Andals invaded Westeros from across the Narrow Sea , landing in the Vale and sweeping across the continent. The Andals conquered the southern half of the continent but failed to seize the North, being thrown back several times at the defensive chokepoint of Moat Cailin. A patchwork of numerous small Andal kingdoms took shape across the south, eventually coalescing into several larger nations.

    A thousand years ago, the Rhoynar , the warrior-people of the upper Rhoyne a river network on Essos , fell into warfare with the mighty Valyrian Freehold The Valyrians destroyed the Rhoynar cities using dragons. Nymeria , warrior-princess of the Rhoynar, led her people across the Summer Sea in ten thousand ships to land in Dorne. Making an alliance with King Mors Martell of Sunspear , Nymeria conquered the myriad small kingdoms and lordships of Dorne to establish a powerful, proud and independent principality though a kingdom in all but name.

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    Four centuries ago, Valyria was destroyed in a volcanic cataclysm, the Doom. A century later, the scions of House Targaryen , the last Valyrian noble family and the last with dragons, who ruled the Valyrian trading outpost on the island of Dragonstone , invaded Westeros with a small army and three dragons. Aegon Targaryen accepted the fealty of six kingdoms and forged the Iron Throne , while several generations later his descendants were able to bring Dorne into the union through a peaceful alliance, hence the term " Seven Kingdoms ". For centuries the Seven Kingdoms have been shaped by rebellion and war.

    At the end of this civil war, Aerys II and most of his family were slain and his surviving children, Viserys and Daenerys , fled into exile in the Free Cities. Robert Baratheon took the throne and at the start of the series has ruled for seventeen years. The Seven Kingdoms are divided into nine administrative regions, seven of which were independent kingdoms before the Targaryen Conquest. Each region, except the Crownlands, is ruled by a Great House , who in turn are commanded by the King on the Iron Throne. These regions are:. The principal port and city of the North is White Harbor.

    The North is the largest of the regions of Westeros but also the most sparsely-populated, due the harshness of the long winter. The North also includes the Wall and the lands administered by the Night's Watch, which are technically independent but are almost always thought of in conjunction with the North. Ruled by House Arryn from the castle of the Eyrie. Bastards of noble birth born in the Vale take the surname "Stone". The principal port and city of the Vale is Gulltown. The Vale is dominated and mostly covered by the Mountains of the Moon and its offshoot chains.

    Its borders are prowled by hostile hill tribes. Ruled by House Tully from the castle of Riverrun. Bastards of noble birth born in the Riverlands take the surname "Rivers". The principal ports of the Riverlands are Seagard, Saltpans and Maidenpool. Notable towns include Stoney Sept. The Riverlands are dominated by the mighty River Trident and its numerous tributaries, including the Tumblestone.

    The Riverlands, lying close to the center of the continent, have been the site for battles and conflicts throughout the history of Westeros. Once an independent kingdom, they were overrun by the ironborn a century before Aegon's invasion and are thus not counted as an eighth kingdom, despite their significant size and population. The Riverlands are, as their name suggests, one of the most fertile and populous regions in Westeros, which is in many ways the only reason they have been consistently able to recover from the frequent wars that cross their borders.

    Ruled by House Lannister from the castle of Casterly Rock. Bastards of noble birth born in the Westerlands take the surname "Hill". The principal city and port of the Westerlands is Lannisport. The Westerlands are noted for their hills and low mountains which are rich in silver and gold, providing House Lannister and their vassals with immense wealth. Ruled by House Greyjoy from the castle of Pyke on the island of the same name. Bastards of noble birth born on the Iron Islands take the surname "Pyke".

    The Iron Islands are rain-lashed and cold, home to a hardy, warrior race known as the Ironborn. They live for warfare and reaving, and are the most troublesome and rebellious of the Iron Throne's subjects. Bastards of noble birth born in the Crownlands take the surname "Waters". Other notable townships of the Crownlands include Duskendale and Rosby. The islands are separately administered from Dragonstone. The Crownlands were never a kingdom before the Conquest; control of the region fluctuated between various neighboring kingdoms throughout history.

    Ruled by House Baratheon from the castle of Storm's End. Bastards of noble birth born in the Stormlands take the surname "Storm". The Stormlands include several offshore islands, most notably Estermont and Tarth. It ranks moderately among the other regions in terms of population and wealth.

    The Woodlands

    The Stormlands are wracked by frequent storms off the Narrow Sea, and experience significant rainfall. The Stormlands are also one of the most densely wooded areas in Westeros, particularly south of the Neck. It contains not only the Rainwood which covers the southern half of the Stormlands , but also shares much of the Kingswood spilling across the northern border with the Crownlands.