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The family of mortar systems provides organic, indirect fire support to the maneuver unit commander and is employed in all combat formations. The Army uses three variants of mm mortar systems.


Mortar Systems

The Mortar Fire Control System MFCS provides the warfighter improvements in command and control of mortar fires and the speed of employment, accuracy and survivability of mortars. The MA1 weighs 20 percent less and the MA1 weighs 13 percent less than their legacy counterparts, yet maintain the same capability. All of the mortar systems fire a full family of ammunition including high-explosive, infrared and visible light illumination, smoke and training.

The M32 and M32A1 Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computers have a tactical modem and embedded Global Positioning System, allowing mortar crews to send and receive digital call-for-fire messages, calculate ballistic solutions and navigate.

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  5. Missiles have replaced all heavier cannon, such as the 8-inch howitzer and mm gun. Fire support for light infantry units is provided by towed howitzers, including the mm MA1 [21] and the mm M which will replace the M There is also a assault vehicle that brings combat engineer oriented direct fire back to combat units, which was last in the M Combat Engineering Vehicle. All of these FCS systems are under review and may be cancelled. While the U.

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    Army operates few fixed-wing aircraft, it does directly operate several types of rotary-wing aircraft. Increasingly, the Army operates unmanned aerial vehicles such as the MQ Due to its mobile nature, the Army relies heavily on wireless, line of sight, and satellite communications in order to provide commanders in the field with situational awareness and the ability to quickly communicate with their superior officers.

    M120 120mm Mortar Shoot Iraq

    The Signal Corps is the sub branch of the Army charged with missions related to communications. Army, and indeed ground forces communications, are in the midst of transition to a new generation, using the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical WIN-T as the inter-unit backbone and link to higher headquarters, and the Joint Tactical Radio System as the "last mile" from WIN-T to the soldier.

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