Vergnügliche Geschichten aus dem Leben: Kurzgeschichten mit Humor (German Edition)

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Ein gutes Buch. Ein brillant geschriebenes Buch. Die du nicht verhindern kannst, weil dann dein Kind stirbt. Du bist Mitwisser eines Wahnsinnigen. October September August June May Entrance 7,00 Euro. Opern Akademie Berlin e. So sing it? Courtney Ross sing in italian, french, english or german, accompanied by american pianist Sean Barker. Marion Koch is moderating this program. Was sollten Ritter tun? April Was ist so toll an Sex im Wickelraum?

Wohin mit Passagieren, die zu betrunken sind zum Fliegen? Wie gelangen Popstars unbehelligt zum Abflug-Gate? Wecken sie Erinnerungen? Inspirieren sie? Lassen sie die kleinen Pannen wieder aufleben? Buchpremiere: "Seniorenknast - wir kommen! March W sucht M nn Daniela Barisic. Heller werden die Tage. Entrance 8,00 Euro. February Am Reich sind die meisten, langweilig alle - bis auf einen. Klug und obendrein noch witzig ist dieser Prinz. Schade, dass sich die beiden bei ihrem ersten Treffen so in die Wolle kriegen. Aber das Spiel ist noch lange nicht vorbei … free Entrance. Dear friends of the culture , This year we revive the cultural aspect in the house again by various event s.

We have decided to make Wednesday to Myer's day : Every 1st Wednesday with the german improvisational theater Turbine William " zwischen Tuer und Angel ", every 2nd Wednesday german readings with writers, actors , Since Mingau in our green salon. June is our birthday!!!

Enjoy genuine partnership. A joint walk through fairytale forests, reveries, idyllic moods, impressions and other associations. He is reciting excerpts from fairy tales from around the world! It will be interesting. The highlight: Suzanna singing for some years songs of Alexandra. If you close your eyes, you might think, Alexandra had risen again. Valerij Pysarenko Vladyslav Urbanski accompany her on the guitar and the accordion.

Alexandra, the singer with the dark voice , died with only 27 years in a mysterious car accident her last boyfriend was said to be a secret agent , in just three years she had with her wistful melancholy songs like " Mein Freund, der Baum", "Sehnsucht" or "Zigeunerjunge" prepared the ground for real cult t cultural donation 7,50 Euro.

Felix Hoffmann ist irritiert: Der Tod seines Patienten kam nicht unerwartet - warum also die vielen Nachfragen? Nur weil er in dieser Nacht entgegen dem Dienstplan nicht erreichbar war? Es bleibt nicht bei diesen Ungereimtheiten.

einseitige Geschichten by Franz Hohler

Joy Stuhr is a young, charismac US-amerikan pianist, cellist, freelancer and multiinstrumentalist. We convert between music appetizers, improvisation, moods, Neugierige, junge Menschen nehmen sich dessen beherzt an und entdecken einen kleinen Schatz. Dies scheint ein Koffer einer verschiedenen Diva zu sein.

Wer Mozart liebt, ist hier genau richtig. Wer Mozart lieben lernen will, der wird es. Vor zehn Jahren wurde der Name erstmals laut in die Welt hinausgerufen. Wie die Birne!

Best of 2017 / 2018 - 13 Horrorgeschichten - Creepypasta Compilation German / Deutsch

Das Publikum kann an der Beamer-Leinwand miterleben, wie aus Skizzen fertige Buchillustrationen entstehen. Wer mag, darf selbst kleine Zeichnungen anfertigen und diese professionell am PC bearbeiten lassen. Sie singt und spielt auf der Gitarre. Eintritt frei. Ein Sonntagsspaziergang! Er verbrachte seine Kindheit an denselben Orten, an denen sich Lotte und Werther einstmals trafen. Sein Ende ist unvermeidlich. Er sieht nur im Selbstmord den einzigen Ausweg. Eintritt: 7,00 Euro. Their cold glow, uplifting the heart or destroying it, conveyed the deceptive marvel of edifying ideas. They see themselves as chosen or rejected.

Or what is far away is as far away for them as it pretends to be. It does not penetrate the miasma of their martyred blood. And then again storms spread their noise across the vapors of the earth. Now it was the gleaming dew of loneliness that trickled down upon it. A human being had to fear mountains and water. The wall has to be there.

A healthy body is run over by a truck, crushed. Blood, once secreted, once feeling its way blindly through the body, pulsating in a meshwork of thin streams, spreading the chemically charged hormones and their mysterious functions like a red tree inside man—this blood now runs out shapelesssly in great puddles. But even more horrible—the death struggle itself, in which the innumerable organs, which we believe we feel, take part. Terror is stronger in us than delight.

Extraordinary things are nothing but steps that lead to crime, and the corruption of the senses seems to be the order of the day. And we are strangled in the noose of the shriveling umbilical cord. Her fiance Gustav Horn decides to come on board as a stowaway. When the ship is leaving port, the owner is mysteriously missing, and Gustav and Ellena are suspecting that for some unknown reason the owner might also be on board as a stowaway. The ship is becoming more and more a mystery to the passengers and the crew. Between Gustav and Tutein there seems to grow a strange mutual attraction, although we readers can only guess the nature of this obvious attraction.

Gustav, the main figure of the novel, is listening full of fascination to the stories of the primitive, vital and virile sailors. This is a simple world where the men are following their animal instincts, a world that is completely new to the educated Gustav. They had had experience in every direction. At fourteen they had already mistaken the joys of Hell for the bliss of Paradise, and, later, stood again and again with empty hands in a completely illuminated world. Gustav becomes jealous when he realizes that his fiancee has secret conversations with Lauffer, because he is suspecting that there is much more to them than Ellena wants to make him believe.

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There exists only one pain, one passion, on death. But they glitter limitlessly in infinity, in motion everywhere. And every ray, the known and the unknown, hums this consuming rhythm, this melody of downfall. He who lays himself open to it founders, goes up in flames, succumbs. Perhaps the greatest work of art is the masterpiece of omnipotence which is everywhere with a soft voice. And we, its servants, are being summoned to all things at every moment. But often we refuse. We shut ourselves off.

But when are we so completely healthy or invulnerable that pain cannot reach us? When could we call ourselves out of the reach of death? Where is there peace and justice, a condition without condemnation, that we could let sadness go from us with impunity? I want to stand at my own side when I scream or sink to the ground in convulsions. I am not prepared to let myself be put on trial as to whether I am a useful or an objectionable male animal.

I have come into being and intend to make myself at home in the condition as I please.

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Things are escalating quickly after the illiterate carpenter Klemens Fitte, the son of a prostitute, is telling one of the strangest stories you will ever read in your life: the story of Kebad Kenya, a man who wants to be buried alive and who makes his neighbors who will inherit his big fortune kill his favorite horse without any apparent reason. The story of Kebad Kenya leads the sailors to suspect that the coffin-shaped crates contain dead or living human bodies and they rush to break into the cargo room and open the first crate that proves surprisingly to be empty.

Is she hiding in the ship? Has she jumped over board? Was she killed — and by whom? A search is started during which the ship is so damaged that it is sinking and the crew has to be evacuated. They climbed across the cargo toward the door by which they had entered. Gustav, in a last effort to come closer to the content of the cargo, threw himself down on one of the coffin-like crates. He made the effort, even if with dwindling will power and filled with a premonition of futility, to establish some sort of relationship with the mysterious thing.

It seemed foolish to him, an error of human perception, that anything could remain hidden which could be approached until only a few centimeters lay between. But it was the usual thing to be struck with blindness. Who could recognize the sickness of his neighbor with his eyes even though it lay palpable under the skin? When Gustav arose from the crate a few seconds later, he had assured himself that the icy aura which filled the hold had infected the crates or, perhaps, they were its sources.

He felt as if he had thrown himself down on the snows of a wintry field. And a white wraith of cold crept up to him. F luss ohne Ufe r River Without Banks has about pages of which only the first part is translated into English. True, T he Ship is a stand-alone novel. But still it is such a pity that this great and in many ways unique novel is not available in English.

It has been translated to French though. In a way, it is devastating and it might be one of these books that have the potential to change your life. Traditional concepts of moral, guilt, progress, are rejected. Man is not superior to the rest of the creatures, the animal is his equal and in many ways even superior.

Jahnn was an early advocate of animal rights and also a leading figure in the movement against nuclear arms. But this is a pity, because despite all that, Jahnn is such a great author. He writes:. No matter in which direction Jahnn thinks, no matter which ways his painful heroes are pursuing, no matter which vision is lighting up in the moment: the aporia is indissoluble, the novel cannot be concluded, the artistic effort a failure.

At the end, there is only darkness. That leaves a bitter taste. This is not very digestible. Where is the publisher that makes this masterpiece that has no similarity to any other novel, available to anglophone readers? Things change when his fourth child, his son Menuchim is born. His father gives him much more attention than to the other children, in the hope that this will enhance his development, his mother Deborah is visiting a famous rabbi in the next town to ask his advice, while in the meantime even the usual household routine suffers:.

When the children grow up, things go worse and worse for Mendel Singer. The only way to save his daughter from the path on which she was embarking seems for Mendel Singer the emigration to America. An invitation from Sam, who sends also the money for the ship tickets through his new American friend Mac, will make it possible. But there is a problem: the sick Menuchim cannot travel the immigration officers at Ellis Island would send whole families back in such cases. Mendel and Deborah make for themselves all kind of excuses.

If Menuchim will be healthy one day, he will join the family. Sam, together with his reliable business partner Mac is successful and able to provide a comparatively good life to his family. Jonas is writing a letter from Russia with some good news about Menuchim who surprisingly started to speak. Sam and his wife have their first child. But only for a short while. WWI breaks out and again everything changes for Mendel Singer.

After some time he loses contact with Jonas, who went missing and is maybe dead. Mendel fears the worst. After America enters the war, Sam also enlists for the army. Only a short time after he was shipped to Europe, he gets killed in combat. When Mac brings the bad news, Deborah has a breakdown and dies. Mirjam has to be admitted to a mental hospital after the outbreak of an unexplicable mental illness, probably schizophrenia.

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Mendel Singer is withdrawing more and more from life. The most remarkable thing is that he stops praying. He is angry with God. What has he done to deserve such a fate? The parallel with the biblical Job is obvious. Still, even after the complete collapse of his existence, life has a few surprises left for Mendel Singer.

He wants to bring him some news from his son Menuchim…. Job is a great novel. It is very touching, without being sentimental. It is written in a very beautiful prose. It is well-composed. And it is asking interesting questions regarding belief and moral. It is a story that will stay with you for a very long time when you read it. Joseph Roth knew about what he was writing. He was born himself into the world he is describing in Job, but he had the chance to grow up in Vienna. In the s and early s he worked as a journalist for the best European newspapers.

His salary when he was working for the liberal Frankfurter Zeitung is said to have been the highest of any journalist. Beside from that Roth was an extremely productive author of novels and stories. Cars are forbidden. Are there many such places in the world? We have no telephone in our house. The cries of the donkeys calm the nerves.

One cannot for one moment forget that Prinkipo is an island, because the sea lies under every window and there is no point on the island without a sea view.

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We catch fish a mere ten meters distance from the edge of the quay; at fifty meters, we catch lobster. The sea can be as calm as a lake for weeks at a time. The name derives from the fact that many princes were exiled here in the time of Byzantium. Trotsky wrote his autobiography and the biggest part of his History of the Russian Revolution on the island.

The house in which he lived with his wife, his son, two bodyguards and five Turkish policemen is in a quiet ruinous state, but still standing. The glorious times of the Princes Islands were the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Greek, Armenian, Jewish businessmen discovered these islands as a perfect summer retreat, established a ferry boat line and built beautiful summer houses and a few hotels.

Several Greek monasteries, churches and abandoned fortresses add to the charm of these islands that offer incredible scenic views to the European and Asian coast. Istanbul seems so far away, but it is just a short journey by ferryboat. Sartorius, who grew up in Tunis and served as a diplomat in the US, Turkey and Cyprus before he became the director of the Goethe Institute, writes a stylistically elegant prose.

He takes the reader by the hand and shares his knowledge and feelings, reports the history, explores all interesting places and evokes in the reader the atmosphere of these serene islands. He makes friends with locals who invite him to their homes or to the restaurant, he is rowing to smaller islands with friends, and — we can be thankful for that — he feels inspired by the islands. During most of the year, there are ferries leaving from Kabatas ferry terminal almost every hour. Stephen Brown. Rosemarie Hirte is an average woman with an average life — so it seems.

She never married, lives alone, is working in an insurance company. She is diligent but not openly ambitious, a very respected colleague. Rosemarie Hirte, who is also the narrator of the story, is an embittered spinster in her early fifties who has the feeling that her life was one of missed opportunities, there can be no doubt about it. But then everything seems to change. Against her usual habit, she is giving in to Beate to visit a reading evening together. The author Rainer Witold Engstern is talking about German romanticism and its poets.

Rosemarie is not a particular poetic person, but Witold, as she calls him soon secretly, is a handsome man, some years younger than Rosemarie and he has a voice for which she falls immediately. He is the man of her dreams, the man who has to make up for all the disappointments in her previous life. She develops an enormous and ruthless energy that is really remarkable.

People that are in her way — well, they are just obstacles which need to get out of her way. If not…. One remark about the names of some of the protagonists. I think this is called an aptronym Thomas Mann was master in this art. As it turns out later, Witold is not exactly the bright star that Rosemarie saw in him first. The name Rosemarie is a bit old-fashioned and the reader might think of a woman doing crocheted blankets in her free time.

A Hirte is a shepherd in German, but Rosemarie is quite the opposite of the good shepherd — so in this case the author is intentionally misleading the reader. The contrast between the name and the real character adds to the black humor that is present in many situations. The peaceful and almost Mediterranean Bergstrasse region where most of the story takes place and where Noll is living , is another stark contrast that is remarkable. Since I also lived for a long time in this region, this added even a bit more to my pleasure reading this book.

But sometimes I also shivered. The book gives us an opportunity to have a look into a truly dark soul. In my opinion an excellent crime novel — with an unexpected end. Noll, born in Shanghai in , is the wife of a pharmacist.


She started to write after her children had grown up and had left the house. Hell Hath No Fury was published in in Germany. Johann Fausten Anon. Adorno: Minima Moralia Theodor W. Alchian u. Artschakov: Grossmeisterskie komposizii V. Skizzen und Stories Badische Landesbibliothek Hg. Becher: Abschied Johannes R. Becher: Deutsches Bekenntnis Johannes R. Peter Bobev: Kaliakra Lee R. Ceram: Der erste Amerikaner C. Ceram: Enge Schlucht und schwarzer Berg C.

Cioran: Auf den Gipfeln der Verzweiflung E. Coles: Epic Battles on the Chessboard R. Dostojewski: Der Idiot Fjodor M. Aljehin — Dr. Eissler: Goethe. Eine psychoanalytische Studie 2 Bd. Glaser: Geheimnis und Gewalt Georg K. Maxim Gorki: Der 9. Greig: Pitfalls of the Chessboard Gunter E. Horst Heidtmann Hg. Hering: Schriftsteller — Regisseur — Intendant. Hermanu u.

New Order Orthodoxy E. Hobsbawm: Interesting Times E. Tom 1. Israel Zwi Kanner Hg. Kasparyan: Etjudov-miniatjur Ghenrikh M. Laws Raymond D. Nachdichtungen Alfred C. Lachaga Hg. Levitt: The Turk, chess automaton Steven D. Walt: The Israel Lobby and U. Jahrhunderts Norbert Randow Hg. Samuelson: Volkswirtschaftslehre 2 Bd.

Sandvoss: Geschichte der Philosophie 2 Bd. Sachari Stojanow: Znaesh li ti koi sme? Stoll N. Traven: Das Totenschiff B. Traven: Der Karren B.