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Subsequently, Jaime was branded a "Kingslayer" instead of the person that saved the entire city. Wildfire featured prominently in Bran Stark 's visions after his and Meera Reed 's escape from the Battle at the Cave of the Three-eyed raven that included visions of dragons and White Walkers.

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Lancel with barrels of wildfire underneath the Great Sept right before it ignites. The exploding wildfire in Bran's vision is not from the past during the the Mad King's reign but instead is from the future. Cersei Lannister and Qyburn use wildfire, presumably the wildfire the Mad King had ordered to be placed under the Great Sept of Baelor as part of his long ago wildfire plot , to destroy the Great Sept on the day of Cersei's trial for her role in the death of her husband, King Robert Baratheon.

The explosion kills all of those inside and surrounding the sept, including the High Sparrow , the Most Devout , the Faith Militant , many nobles, and most of House Tyrell including Queen Margaery Tyrell as well as a massive amount of civilians in the area around the sept. Cersei's son, King Tommen I witnesses the explosion in his room high in the Red Keep and quickly commits suicide by jumping from his window.

During Daenerys Targaryen 's rampage at the climax of the Battle of King's Landing , Drogon 's strafing attacks on the city ignite the remaining caches of wildfire, adding to the conflagration already consuming the capital. Unwittingly, Aerys II's daughter has brought her father's most terrible plot to fruition. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, wildfire is a very unstable material: It is highly combustible and can be set alight even by bright sunlight.

It is described as having an emerald green coloring once ablaze, which is so strong that it can turn the air around it green.

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Wildfire is similar to real-life napalm or Greek fire , both highly combustible liquids used in combat. Greek fire was famously believed to be used by the Byzantine Empire throughout its history roughly the 4th to the 15th Centuries CE , and so may have been a technology known to medieval peoples.

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Wildfire's use under controlled conditions was popular with some members of House Targaryen and some worshipers of the Lord of Light. For example, Thoros of Myr coated his sword with a thin layer of wildfire and then set it ablaze to scare his enemies in combat. This earned him the enmity of Tobho Mott , since this practice completely ruined even the best-made swords.

The alchemists refuse to divulge how wildfire is created, claiming that it is done with magical spells a claim dismissed by others, particularly the maesters. Wildfire is stored in clay pots in bare stone cells under the Alchemists' Guildhall in King's Landing.

Wildfire (TV Series –) - IMDb

Each cell is built under a chamber full of sand, which can be emptied into the cell below to extinguish the fire in case of accidents. Wildfire grows more volatile with age and can only be disposed of through hazardous means. Wildfires are fires that burn out of control in a natural area, like a forest, grassland, or prairie.

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They often begin unnoticed. They spread quickly, and can damage natural resources, destroy homes, and threaten the safety of the public and firefighters. Humans cause most wildfires. It can be an accident, like when people don't take care of their campfire properly, burn debris, or are careless when getting rid of their cigarettes. It can also be on purpose, which is called arson. Comment by Poldaran I haven't simmed it, but is this one of those where having one is good, but you can't stack multiple instances of the trait? Add to list Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

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