2013 Photographers Market

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  2. Are Women Photographers Being Discriminated Against in the Editorial Market? | PDNPulse
  3. Are Women Photographers Being Discriminated Against in the Editorial Market?

You cannot beat that! I turned the corner and saw him next to a stopped pickup truck in the middle of the road.

Other articles you might find interesting...

The departing snowmobilers told me that he was friendly, and boy were they right. I sat in the road for 10 minutes with him, he was so curious! No cars, not a soul around, just me and this red fox. The iPhone shot turned out the best that day!

Are Women Photographers Being Discriminated Against in the Editorial Market? | PDNPulse

I am a television producer and director. I am in no way a professional photographer but I love the practicality of having a camera with me at all times and my line of work allows me to see so many different environments. I am not an avid photographer but I love the ability to snap, edit and share my life all on my iPhone. What I love most about photography in this technological world is the ability to take high quality photos instantaneously on my iPhone, grade the photos natively or with one of the hundreds of available 3rd party apps and then share it amongst family, friends or complete strangers who share the same passion as you.

Most of my family have emigrated from South Africa to various countries around the world and my iPhone with me at all times gives me the opportunity to document my life with my family as it unfolds. Most of my snaps are of my family but I also love to capture a beautiful African sunset or an old building, basically whatever inspires me in that moment because that is what all these pictures are…moments of our lives and proof that we were part of those moments.

I was born in Amsterdam and immigrated to the USA in My main motivation was trying to market my brand without infringing upon other peoples photos, then I just branched out from there. Nature, things of old or neglected, unusual objects or whatever catches my fancy inspires me most. My eyes and lens are most often drawn to symmetry, colorful architecture, nature, and my favorite people. Despite the fact that Im taking photos all my life, Id never participated in any competitions. I havent posted my pics much either, because I didt find them interesting enough. I guess iPhone helped to change my mind.

The fact that one of my pictures won a competition is very important for me and I think it will push myself to share my pictures more often. I use my iPhone every time I want to take a picture, even if I have my camera with me. I like the iPhones photo quality, the easy way to edit photos with effects before sharing it.

The Lens Maker

I use it for taking picture of a landscape or my morning coffee, to catch street name or a book page — just to memorize it. I just need put it in the pocket and always get high quality pictures! Just an average guy that enjoys capturing the moments I enjoy and want to remember they way that I see them. My iPhone gives me the tools to do my best to capture the world around me as I see it.

I use my iPhone to take photos and videos to share with my friends and family. I also use the photos as a creative outlet on Facebook and Instagram. I am a street photographer and opera singer and vice versa at any given moment, living in London. If used judiciously, genuinely beautiful and meaningful moments can be captured on the streets that would otherwise be lost in front of the lens of an imposing DSLR camera or similar.

Personal Site. In the past those interests included time behind the lenses of format cameras as well as time in the darkroom. Eventually technology replaced the darkroom, and now I prefer the iPhone over any other digital camera especially for the extensive, inexpensive and surprisingly high quality offering of apps. Shooting with my iPhone feels like open field running for creativity. I shoot freely. And constantly. But I must also remember to slow down, shoot thoughtfully, and enjoy the simple act of framing-n-capturing a well-composed picture. Kyle G. He prefers weather photos above all others.

When not at work he can be found with his nose in a book or running around the countryside on his motorcycle. The camera in the iPhone is so advanced that I feel absolutely safe knowing that the camera in my pocket can capture just about any sort of breaking news that can happen. I want future generations to be able to see a photo and feel as if they were in it.

From proposals in the park to life-altering fires, I am responsible for creating the first draft of history; no filters, no editing. In her spare time, she explores her hometown while planning her next big travel adventure.

They have an Oreos Moments Gallery on Facebook. Photographs provide great content to fill your marketing pipeline. Leverage the power of these images to highlight your brand and how to use your products as well as to engage fans. Have you found the use of photographs to be effective at engaging your fans, customers and prospects? If not, what challenges have you had? These are all great tips, Heidi. Thanks for sharing them with us. I think that they can be greatly applied to Instagram and Pinterest marketing strategies.

If done correctly, these tips can really enliven both your Instagram feed and your Pinterest boards. Thanks again. This is obviously much cheaper than making it from the right grains in the right place with the full whisky production method. Johnnie Walker is an attempt to position a blended whisky as equivalent to a single malt product.

Basically, they need to. Peter— Thank you for your input on whiskies. Great tips! I just posted a blog yesterday showing a story depicted in an oil painting. Take a look! Actionable Marketing Guide Newsletter. Powered by OptinMonster. Heidi Cohen.

Are Women Photographers Being Discriminated Against in the Editorial Market?

Skip to content. Show people. Images of people are the most memorable. People are hard wired to focus on other people. Use human-scale space. Provide context for your visual story about your product. Related to this point, utilize product close-ups. Skip landscapes.

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No matter how amazing a vista may be, your viewers will find it totally unmemorable. The one exception to this rule that the researchers found was when the image featured something unexpected. In other words, your image needs a story to make the scene memorable. CMWorld features over sessions covering two dozen tracks. I'll be there along with other speakers from around the world. Register today. Share Tweet Pin Bookmark the permalink. May 6, at am. Peter Johnston says:. May 3, at pm. The best whiskies are either single malts or a blend of single malts. May 11, at pm. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen.

Tamela HancockMurray says:. May 3, at am.