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80 - The Italian Army In North Africa – The WW2 Podcast – Podcast – Podtail

Items per page 10 20 50 The aim of the text is to demonstrate the logic behind the claim of the monistic Tantric schools on which Abhinavagupta bases his philosophy. The translation is accompanied by a re-edition of the Sanskrit text with the help of two manuscripts not consulted before, and a running commentary.

Written by Abraham ibn Daud of Toledo c. Combining Jewish and Christian sources in new ways, Ibn Daud presents a compelling vision of the past and formulates political ideas that stress the importance of consensus-driven leadership under rabbinic guidance.

Buy Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

The Admonitions of Seh Bari. In his introduction, Drewes discusses the manuscript, script, spelling, punctuation, author, contents of the work, main ideas of the work, the Catechism drawn from this text, and a comparison of the Catechism with the main text. V, Sections The Arab Thieves.

A group of Arabian camel-rustlers became celebrated figures in Muslim memories of pre-Islam, and much poetry ascribed to them and stories about their escapades grew into an outlaw tradition cited across Arabic literature. Via an exhaustive survey of early Arabic sources about the outlaws and comparative readings with outlaw traditions in other world literatures, The Arab Thieves reveals how Arabic literature crafted lurid narratives about criminality and employed them to tell ancient Arab history.

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The manuscripts on which the edition is based come from Cairo Geniza store rooms. The De bibliothecis proved to be a seminal achievement, both in redefining the scope of library history and in articulating a vision of a public, secular, research institution for the humanities.

It was repeatedly reprinted and translated, plagiarized and epitomized. Through the end of the nineteenth century, scholars turned to it as the ultimate foundation for any discussion of library history.

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Having heard murmurings that he was not philosopher enough to teach the Aristotelian text, Poliziano strikes back, offering in effect a fable-tinted history of philosophy. More than a repudiation of local gossip, the text represents a rethinking of the mission of philosophy.

Migration: taking rickety boats to Europe

This volume offers the first English translation, an edition of the Latin text, and four studies that set this rich example of humanist Latin writing in context. Brill's Texts and Sources in Intellectual History, vol. A fine example of medieval Persian-to-Arabic translation technique, this first edition carefully reproduces Middle Arabic elements that can be found throughout the text.


But with limited amount of…. Since the moment I signed up for the AIFS in Athens, Greece summer program, I dreamt of sunny beaches and life-long relationships with people from around the world and United….

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Yearning to study abroad or travel as a college student? Here are five cities to visit in Austria if you have a serious case of wanderlust.

Between the exotic and the heroic: re-reading the African tales of Italian travellers

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