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  2. The Devil Went Down to Jersey | Illustration | Michayla Grbich Art
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  4. The Devil Went Down to Jersey

Bibliophile, blogger, author

This week, I'm tackling the survival horror franchise, Five Nights at Freddy's and looking at it's quick rise to legendary status. I'll read a creepypasta version of the events of the first game, discuss the characters, themes and lore behind the fra This week, I'm going back to the early 19th century and taking a look at the classic horror novel, Frankenstein. Join me as I discuss the tragic life of author Mary Shelley, her influences as she created what many regard as the first true science fiction novel and her views on philosophy and morality. I'll also discuss the wide range of movies, The Jersey Devil Tonight, we're diving into cryptozoology and discussing the Jersey Devil, where it can be found, the many sightings of the famed cryptid, as w Sleep has a way of controlling every creature on this earth, none more so than humans.

But what happens when the safety and security of that sleep and the accompanying dreams is compromised? Join me in the Season 3 premiere as we seek to answer that question and look into sleep paralysis, sudden deaths while sleeping and lucid dreaming. We will Feary Tales has risen from the dead and is ready to haunt your dreams once again!

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Stay tuned right here on January 30th for the start of season 3 and check out all my previous episodes while you wait. Music is provided by Nicolas Gasparini from www. Since the beginning of humanity, stories have been told about the beasts and creatures that stalk the night.

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Unexplained murders and vicious attacks became pinned on these beast-men and legends were woven of vicious warriors becoming like animals on the battlefield. Hear that howling in the distance? Lock the doors, grab the silver and your wol Mesmerism has been a curious science over the last few hundred years and our grandfather of horror himself, Edgar Allan Poe, had a very special interest in it, producing three separate stories about it.

Sit for a spell, look into my eyes, drift off and let us evaluate the Facts of the Case of M. This week I will be reading a shortened Have you ever been out and about, in your comfortable parts of town, and just came across someone that didn't seem Someone who might have been moving unnaturally or looking just a bit too Join me as we take a walk through the city and encounter the peculiar -- Smiling Man.

The Devil Went Down to Jersey | Illustration | Michayla Grbich Art

This week features the Smiling Man as derived from an The season two premiere is here and I'm stuffing a bunch of content in a clown car to help fuel those growing nightmares. Today I will be exploring the anomaly surround coulrophobia and the fear of clowns as it's grown in recent years.

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  8. This week features an original story based on the urban legend, The Babysitter and the Clown statue. I also di In the third of my minisode trilogy, I want to read for you an internet creepypasta surrounding a man who can't just let his curiosity rest. Tonight's story is White with Red and the author is anonymous. In the second ever Feary Tale Friday Minisode, I want to read for you a chilling tale that will make you stop and think about the memories and ghosts that even trees can leave behind.

    Music is provided by Myuu and can be found at www. In a special Feary Tale Friday minisode, I want to explore the horror poem about a man who falls further and further into madness over his lost love Lenore.

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    Join me as we read -- The Raven. Written and produced by me.

    The Devil Went Down to Jersey - Episode 4 - Swanky Plays The Wolf Among Us Episode 4

    It's here! The season one finale! And it's a special one as it's Friday the 13th, a day held in high regard for the horror community. Today, I will be exploring the movie franchise of the same name and exploring the story of the undead hockey masked killer himself -- Jason Vorhees! This week, I will be discussing some of the history of the Frid In this penultimate episode of Season One, I'd like to take you down the rabbit hole a bit and go on a search for a certain, maniacal, killer bunny.

    Who else is currently on a point streak? Travis Boyd! Getting over the boards can be hard! Carl Hagelin is proof of this issue after he tried to hop over aaaand got a tad…um…stuck? John Carlson is VERY close to recording back-to-back 50 assist seasons to become the third defenseman in franchise history to reach that mark. It begs the question: Will Christian Djoos get back in the lineup now that Brooks has been made whole? This was rude. The Capitals struggled to put them away. The Devils are icing like at least 5 guys who Julia is not convinced are real people.

    The Devil Went Down to Jersey

    Then the Devil played the violin while Giberson danced…. Giberson conceded defeat. The Devili then said that he was going to take Giberson to hell unless he could play a tune that the Devil had never heard. The Devil let him go. That is what Giberson told people on the following day and for the rest of his life.