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Some hate or fight each other and others try to live in peace. You see people with problems, living with anxiety and stress. You also see people with aspirations, ambitions and hopes.

The Purpose Economy, Expanded and Updated | Real Leaders

Each person thinks and sees the world through his or her mind, through their mental programming, and through the filters of their individuality and ego. It is like looking at the world through colored eyeglasses. Each person lives within a certain world, which is often the only reality he or she knows. Sometimes, you might also meet people, who try to expand their consciousness beyond their small and known world.

These people want to experience a wider and bigger awareness, without limitations. You do not need to spend money to expand your consciousness.

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You do not need to travel to some distant place, or live in a cave, in an ashram, or in a monastery. You can get a glimpse of this expansion of awareness and a glimpse of spiritual awakening here and now. In time, this would be more than a glimpse, but this requires some inner work on your part. You need to learn to focus your mind, calm your mind, and to look within you. How do you do this? The most helpful practice for expanding your consciousness, beyond limitation and mental programming is meditation.

I would like to suggest a certain kind of meditation that will help you expand your consciousness and get a glimpse of spiritual awakening. It is something you probably have never done before. To practice this kind of mediation, you need some mental focus and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone and limited thinking. Some people might feel inconvenient when watching such photos, since they make them feel so small in the vast Universe.

Sit down and look at the picture of the galaxy above, for a minute or two. Now, close your eyes and imagine your consciousness expanding, filling all space around you, growing and going beyond this planet, and then beyond the Solar System, and beyond this galaxy. It is as though your consciousness is filling all space. Stay for a few moments in this state of awareness, and then slowly bring your consciousness back to Earth, and to your body and familiar world.

If you repeat this meditation once a day, even for just a few moments, you will notice a big change in your attitude toward the world and toward life. You will learn not to take things too personally, and become a little more detached toward the things that do not really matter in your life. This will bring peace and happiness into your life. You will experience something similar to spiritual awakening. Your consciousness would expand beyond the ego, beyond the personality, and beyond your known world. Spiritual awakening is like expanding your consciousness beyond limits.

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It is like bursting into outer space, beyond the body and ego, beyond Earth, beyond the Solar System and beyond our Galaxy. This is exactly what you do in this meditation. It this state, your Consciousness, which is the real you, is not tied down by your individually and the world in which you live.

This awareness, which you experience through this meditation, is like a mental and spiritual awakening that takes you beyond mental, emotional and physical barriers. In this experience, enjoy a state of bliss and inner peace. You experience a glimpse of higher awareness. If you continue to practice this meditation, or any other kind of meditation, you will be aware of more than a glimpse of spiritual awakening.

Get Inspired. Get Motivated.

Your consciousness would expand, and you will have this experience more often. In every moment of choice, choose to do the right thing over the easy thing, and your becoming successful is inevitable. Start now. Fear disappears in the midst of action, and a better version of yourself awaits you on the other side of your fear.

So be grateful for your loved ones and focus on adding as much value to their lives as you possibly can.

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Acceptance is the key to unlocking the door to true peace, happiness, and freedom. If you want Level 10 success in any area of your life, you must first develop yourself to be a Level 10 person in that area. See your challenges as opportunities to become better. Going for a walk, reading a book, or talking to a friend can provide you with life-changing insights that you not otherwise attain while remaining stagnant. Focus on building people up and making them feel good, and everyone will love you. Focus your energy and attention on the things that make you happy, and accept everything else as it is.

We have to be somewhere, do something, answer to or take care of someone. But when you shift your intention and create a genuine desire — event enthusiasm — for waking up in the morning, your entire life changes.

Expand Your Spiritual Awareness & Embrace A New World Of Limitless Possibilities - Michael Beckwith

Between the countless self-help books available on Amazon. Begin to clarify your purpose in life — a purpose that adds value to the lives of others — and align the majority of your time, energy, and actions everyday toward living it. This is the path that will lead you to the next level, to a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Q2-What am I proud of? Q3-What results am I committed to creating today? It is always your responsibility to choose the most empowering reasons for the occurrences of your life. When you maintain unwavering faith in your dreams and give extraordinary effort toward your goals, that is how you create miracles in your life. This is what L.

You do! You see, we have the opportunity to make everyday our best, through the power of our perspective. The quality of our lives has little to do with what happens to us, but is always determined by the perspective we choose to view our lives from. The more I do, the better I feel. Try it for yourself! Do it. Give yourself that gift today! Prioritize and focus your time on the single actively that will have the greatest impact on your life NOW. Living Your True P. You must stand guard against your tendencies, rise above your human nature, and tap into the SUPER-human that is within each of us!

I used to dislike making sales phone calls, so I started making calls everyday and stopped disliking them. Start today.

My Favorite Inspirational Travel Quotes

Are you reviewing your goals, your plan, and taking action toward both everyday? Motivation is available to all of us, but only for those who are willing to do the things each day that create it. If you want to get physically fit, simply pack a gym bag everyday and get in the car.

Once you do, where else are you going to go? So start talking today like the champion you could be, and your thoughts and actions will follow. The secret to success is to remain unconditionally committed to your day-to-day process without being emotionally attached to your day-to-day results. Be emotionally engaged, but not emotionally attached. I decided that I would dedicate today to learning, growing, connecting, and contributing with every person I came in contact with.

I committed to giving my best to everything, and to everyone. I decided today was going to be a great day, and now it is. I will do what is right, and what is necessary. I will be a force for good, a force for creation, and an unwavering force for contribution.

I decided today was going to be an extraordinary day, and as a result… it is. I will no longer justify mediocrity in my life. I will no longer expect nor accept less from myself that I can be. So, I decided that I would not let my feelings dictate nor limit my actions. I made the choice to follow through with my commitments today… so I am.

Whether through a simple smile, a sincere compliment, or by asking what I can do to help them. Today I decided to live on purpose… so I am. Hal here. Are you with me in believing that a single idea can change the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we live?