Godsend #11(Taken for Granite) (Godsend Series)

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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #5)

We hung around the bar for an hour and then went in search of some dinner. I had drunk a big glass of red wine on an empty stomach, The Loft Bar on top of a backpacker place did not sell food at all and well I was slightly tipsy afterwards. My daughter had to rug me up, drag me somewhere to get food. You might recall that I said Norway was expensive. Well Iceland is more expensive, particularly food.

I looked at some menus and some lamb in a restaurant was Isk. Some meals were more than that and some were cheaper. I settled for two slices of pizza in an el cheapo place that was across from the backpackers. I use google. The next thing was catching the bus home and working out where to get off. Lucky, even though my phone is not connected to the Internet, the gps worked and we just watched the little blue dot getting closer to our AirBnb.

We also went to a little convenience store and bought some bread, milk and butter and a can of baked beans. These photos are from our first evening in Reykjavik, a view up the street to the huge concrete church. And a street sign in Icelandic. We made it back without any problems and went straight to bed. After all our excitement to be coming to Iceland, we were a bit let down.

It was a grey day. Maybe we were tired. We decided to have an easy morning, which was kind of good. I got my previous blog post up. We rested. Major crisis. And it was raining. When we checked the forecast we realised it was forecast for rain our entire stay.

The temperature was 12 degrees Celsius all day. At first there was no wind. I remember Einar Icelandic fan guy I met at Worldcon said it was windy here and other people saying forget the umbrellas. We actually saw it go passed us and bugger! The next one was in half an hour. One of our silly selfies. Beans wanted to go back in the apartment but I figured if I did that I might not leave at all. I had a mission.

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Also, I wanted to find a yarn store as my next pilgrimage. So we checked out a shop across the road. It was sort of shaped like a tent. It was a ecigarette shop and they also stocked candy and softdrinks. We felt a big weird going in there to take shelter as well as find out what was inside we bought some local candy, then ventured into the wind and rain.

We sat in the bus shelter taking selfies and making each other laugh for half an hour. The bus did come. I had thick tights and jeans on and three layers under my coat. We sort of knew where the Nexus book store was but we overshot in the bus and had to walk up through the centre of town, a tourist haven I think. We kept detouring into souvenir shops. I bought some socks in the Thor store.

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Starr is armed with new In this controversial installment, Number 15 of the Godsend series, an elaborate plot to get a Godsend member killed runs through Brooklyn, South Bronx, Queens, Alabama, and Pennsylvania. Seven years ago, an armored truck All good things must come to an end and the time has finally arrived the Kingpin Wifeys. The bestselling series created by K. Will karma finally Thank you for your support! Affairs of the Heart. Elliott 15 reviews Quick View Kendall Walker had aspirations of working in the fashion Industry, but she put her life on hold to start a family with the man she loved, her high school sweetheart Dre.

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African American. Elliott reviews Quick View Part 1 - Lani, Starr and Jada are girlfriends to some of Atlanta's biggest drug dealers but they are friends. Elliott 11 reviews Quick View In the thirteenth book of the Godsend Series, there's a valuable lesson to be learned: If you can't stand the heat Elliott 9 reviews Quick View In the eleventh book, two underage girls are missing, and the case isn't even three hours old.

Elliott 10 reviews Quick View The Godsend Investigative Agency is taking on more unsolved cases than Brian and Echo can handle, so they hire extra help and step up the violence. Godsend by K.

Elliott 14 reviews Quick View Consider yourself lucky. Kingpin Wifeys Season 2 by K. Elliott reviews Quick View Season 2 of Kingpin Wifeys has it all: new love, new drama and new characters who will test the loyalties of the Wifeys. Elliott 63 reviews Quick View K. Elliott 3 reviews Quick View K. Street Fame Real in the streets Book 2 by K.