Making It In Music: A business how-to for musicians searching for their niche

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  1. How Musicians Can Find and Succeed in Niche Markets | DIY Musician Blog
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Your Attitude — Excite your audience. Make your live shows amazing.

How Musicians Can Find and Succeed in Niche Markets | DIY Musician Blog

Do something visually memorable. But maybe now you want to aim a little bigger. Sometimes a niche market can only take you so far. The option I present to you lets you keep your credibility and not scare off your fans. It exposes your song to a new genre of music which provides exposure for your band and their band at the same time.

The song brought Tonight Alive much exposure through the cover and boosted their career. So this approach can be done in two ways, actually.

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  • Have your songs covered by other artists and bands with their own take on it, or cover a popular song yourself by another band or artist and put your own twist on it. A specific approach if you want to appeal to a dance audience would be to get your song remixed and released in clubs. This can boost your song into the mainstream and possibly make it even more popular than the original; not always possible, but it does happen.

    This had much more success through its remix in August than it did through the original release in June and exposed Lana Del Ray to a wider audience in more territories. The remix charted at No. Allow yourself ways of diversifying as well. Many niche genres hit popularity but die down quickly and have to adapt and change slightly to survive in the long term.

    Take punk at its height in , it was loved by that specific niche but soon people got bored and it had to change, which brought on the new wave of bands; post-punk. October 9, I worked with young composers through my whole undergraduate stint, and I loved it! I made many extremely fruitful and lasting musical friendships, found an extremely broad and loving family in the new music community, got some lucky reviews, and at this point more than fifty pieces have been written for me!

    Some of my teachers became colleagues, which led to great chamber music concerts of all kinds of repertoire. For the past six years, I have even sung the Lulu aria in almost every audition I took, and it has given me some very special returns. Although I mentioned auditions at least three times so far, I actually believe that eighty percent of my work comes from a connection with no audition at all. And I think limiting your niche is a mistake.

    Soloists used to tour with a new program every season. Now most soloists create new passion projects so they can grow in the eyes of their presenters and audiences.

    See a Problem?

    Sometimes, some breathing room is required — stepping away from something you love can bring a new perspective. Be open to changing direction as your passions naturally change. So, all the previous things I mentioned came to me because someone liked the way I performed something related to their project. But I also enjoy my own projects, as do most people, and that is an amazing way to satisfy your urge for something specific! One of my serious obsessions since my late teens was baroque music and historical performance practice.

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    I was in the baroque ensemble at my undergrad for all four years, and when I graduated I decided to start my own ensemble! The people I liked to work with most at school were the first people who played in the ensemble, and slowly they started referring their most wonderful friends.

    The group was called Uncommon Temperament, and it was dedicated to performing music that, well, appealed to me! I programmed things that were extraordinary or curious—either the music was programmatic, or we could stage it, or it exhibited seemingly anachronistic attributes like polytonality or scordatura or noise.

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    Two years ago I was itching to do something theatrical that was my own creation. Each composer created a musical dream episode for me from scratch, and staged it. The project has had two workshops so far, and now the filmmaker Caroline Mariko Stucky is making a documentary, Only a Dream , about it.

    Think about your current passions. What concepts and repertoire really excite you right now? How can you make space for more of that passion in your daily life? Looking back on what you have done, can you track which opportunities gave birth to other opportunities? Do your projects match your interests? What might they have to do with you? Recent projects range from Beethoven Symphony No. To learn more, visit: ariadnegreifsoprano. Facebook: www. Find Your Niche As a Musician.

    By Guest Author. What About Multiple Niches? Pursue What You Love I have an idiosyncratic personality, and I think my voice is recognizably my voice.

    How To Pick A Target Audience For Your Music

    Choose Projects That Match Your Passion I could divide all my current projects into categories that correspond to various cross-pollinating interests, and trace them directly back to opportunities I was handed several years ago.