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  1. The Poisonville Songs Project brings trendy music to West Central Florida
  2. Listen to Poisonville now.
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  • Playboy gets into gaming with Poisonville.
  • The Deadly Bet: LBJ, Vietnam, and the 1968 Election (Vietnam: America in the War Years).
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  • Playboy gets into gaming with Poisonville.

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Jack the Ripper—Case Solved, Unsold Television Pilots: Our Awards. Playboy is getting into gaming. Welcome to Poisonville , a new massively multiplayer online game that looks like a sexed-up version of Grand Theft Auto and Mafia Wars with "Playboy caliber" women throughout.


The Poisonville Songs Project brings trendy music to West Central Florida

They must try to regain respect while driving a bunch of different cars and fighting one another and hanging out with virtual, fully 3D girls in clubs. It's like my life, but a game.

Playboy teamed with German game company BigPoint , which designed the free-to-play browser-based title. It's part of Playboy's current push to take its brand more mainstream, much like its new "safe for work" site, The Smoking Jacket.

Listen to Poisonville now.

For his next novel, A Name in Blood, which is about the great Italian artist Caravaggio, Matt learned to paint with oils and to duel with a rapier. His research extended to Naples where he was involved in a knife fight in a bar in the Spanish Quarter. An album of songs about crime fiction seemed to him such a great idea that he revived Napoleon Blownapart and headed back to the studio.

Poisonville is a ground-breaking musical project. Named for the location of a Dashiell Hammett novel, Poisonville presents songs about crime fiction, including collaborations with hot new names in the genre.