Terror On A Mountain In Africa

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  2. The "apostles of terror": South Africa, the East African campaign, and the Battle of El Wak
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Subsequently, the longstanding terrorist outfit has carved an even deeper foothold and expanded their recruitment and operational efforts — using Mali as a base to wreak havoc inside Burkina Faso, Niger and other neighboring African nations.


Information for Readers and Authors

Burkina Faso and French embassies, as well as the French Ministry of Defense, did not respond to requests for comment. Over the past three years, armed rebel groups in the Sahel — the terrain spanning Central and West Africa — have carried out an array of devastating attacks in Burkina Faso. In March, the Mali-based Al Qaeda arm JNIM claimed responsibility for attacks over the border in Burkina Faso that left 16 people dead, including eight gunmen, at the French embassy and army headquarters in the capital Ouagadougou. On Sept.

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Three days later, at least eight civilians were slain in twin attacks in two nearby villages in the eastern region. This is another factor in the increase in Jihadi influence and attacks. Moreover, spurts of terrorist attacks have spiked throughout Burkina Faso, and the larger Sahel region, particularly in recent weeks.

The "apostles of terror": South Africa, the East African campaign, and the Battle of El Wak

According to retired Air Force Lt. Rudolph Atallah, now chief executive officer of White Mountain Research, and former Africa Counterterrorism in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, much of the problem is currently centered in Mali. The issue there dates back decades, to the government stirring unrest with the minority Tuareg population following the first rebellion a few years after independence. Even after a peace agreement with the Tuareg, Atallah said, the government still continued to target them - and sent surrogates to attack tribal leaders - in some cases slitting their throats.

The radical factions from when the Islamists had control of Mali in continue to have access and free reign.

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Since the fall of ISIS territorially in Iraq and Syria in , thousands of fighters have relocated to the continent. Tunisia doesn't have the means to fight it. You have so many people coming back from Syria and Iraq, likely via Libya. The security services cannot cope with the number of fighters coming back.

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The root cause of this extremist hub in the Jebel Chaambi region is primarily economic. Ninety-two percent of Tunisia's industrial production is concentrated in three coastal urban areas: Tunis, Sousse and Sfax.

Well known places, streets and travel destinations

This has left the country's western regions - such as Kasserine - and their inhabitants, economically deprived. Dr Stefano Torelli, an expert on Tunisian jihadism and research fellow at the Institute for International Studies ISPI , says that Kasserine has become "an informal headquarters" for the jihadi movement in Tunisia because of its proximity to the porous Algerian border and because of the hardship faced by those who live there. He adds that there is also an informal "alliance between the two criminal activities" of jihadism and trafficking. These conditions underpin criminal activities in the region, with trafficking of contraband such as cars, cigarettes, oil and arms rife.

Kasserine is one of the poorest cities and poorest areas in Tunisia.

Landslide of terror

Tunisia is a country split in two, the east coast is more developed area than the west. Kasserine, in some ways, represents this situation. The impoverishment of Kasserine's citizens is demonstrated by the fact that unemployment in the city is approximately two times higher than the national average. Tarek Kahlaoui, former adviser to Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki and director of the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies, says it is "not just by chance that the Tunisian revolution [in ] started in these border regions" specifically because of the economic disparity with Tunisia's coastal areas.