The 2012 Baseball Listeners Guide

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  2. Loren Schoenberg, author of The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz - Jerry Jazz Musician
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Ray Flowers Ray Flowers has spent nearly two decades squirreled away studying the inner workings of the fantasy sports game. Ray is an encyclopedia of statistical knowledge, especially when it comes to baseball, hockey and football, and he never shies away from a fight even if his opinion contradicts the prevailing wisdom. John Hansen Hansen publishes FantasyGuru. Sports' fantasy section. He now works for Rotoballer. Paul Kelly Paul is an award winning veteran of the radio industry.

Chasing Ghosts of Poets Past

Paul has been an active participant in the World Championship of Fantasy Football since its inception, racking up more than 50 main event wins. He's written two books, one about the Packers and the other about the television show, "The X-Files.

Chris also appears weekly on Yahoo! Sports' Fantasy Football Live.

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Chris is the Yahoo! Sports Expert League champ. Dave Loughran Dave Loughran is a senior fantasy writer at FanVice and co-host of Fantasy Alarm, bringing a unique perspective with a combination of detailed statistical analysis and daily fantasy strategy for all major sports, as he has won multiple 5 figure prizes and qualified for the DraftKings Fantasy Football Championship. Jeff Mans Jeff Mans has been playing fantasy sports for over 20 years and began a career with his own website, Scout Fantasy Football. Lenny Melnick A true fantasy sports pioneer, Melnick helped bring Fantasy Sports into the mainstream hosting a fantasy baseball seminar at the All Star Game.

He was the original host of MLB's Fantasy He has been the primary fantasy baseball and football expert on TV and radio in South Florida and has played fantasy sports since the late 80's. Before pursuing a media career, Steve was the GM of the Mets and helped lead them to a World Series appearance in He has spent a lifetime refining his fantasy sports skills and brings a wealth of knowledge, information, analysis and passion to the fantasy sports community.

Loren Schoenberg, author of The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz - Jerry Jazz Musician

If you need the real talk to help cure your fantasy woes, there is no one better to turn to than this highly opinionated and well seasoned veteran. Ted is currently a writer for Fantasy Alarm as well as a co-host of the Fantasy Alarm radio show. He is never afraid to go against conventional wisdom. Wolf is a founding board member of the FSTA, acted as its chairman from and was honored to be inducted into their Hall of Fame in Blackjack Fletcher A former lawyer in Florida who hated his life, he quit his job to enter the Barstool Sports gambling intern contest and won!

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  8. Blackjack is a combination of smart bettor, fantasy sports analyst, rabid sports fan and Elvis impersonator. Lo Duca comes by betting through family history.

    Young listeners opting to stream, not own music

    His father was a bookie and an avid bettor who passed down his knowledge to Paul, who bets every sport with the same kind of passion he became known for to millions of baseball fans. Expert fantasy sports advice and information. Please enable JavaScript to access required functionality on this website.

    Browse Channels. Can mastery be achieved without specializatio Hirschfeld looks at the nature of our economic activity as buyers and sellers and whether our pursuit of economic growth and material well-being comes at a cost.

    Help us find and write the stories Kiwis need to read

    She e How do we know what we know? While this question may initially seem trite, this week's episode will surely convince you otherwise. In it, Burton explores our Burton explores our need for certainty and the challenge of being skeptical about what our brain tells us must be true. Where does what Burton calls "the feeling of knowing" come from?

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    Why can memory lead us as What's wrong with what we believe about poverty? What are some of the mistakes we make when we think about it? Social entrepreneur and guest on this week's EconTalk episode Mauricio Miller has a time-tested answer to these questions. Miller, the founder of the Family Independence Initiative, argues that everything we t Miller, a MacArthur genius grant recipient, argues that we have made poverty tolerable when we should be trying to make it more escapable. This is possible, he argues, if we invest in It seems parenting has become an ever-greater challenge in our age of anxiety.

    We have more information than ever, but this seems to render decision-making harder than ever. Oster hopes her deep dive into Oster explores what the data and evidence can tell us about parenting in areas such as breastfeeding, sleep habits, discipline, vaccination, and food allergies. Oster often finds that commonly held views A fascinating discussion ensued, the big focus of which was on the methodology of economics.

    The pair also discussed Romer's brief tenure at the World Bank, as well as Romer's work on charter cities.

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    What ro Topol argues that doctors Why do so many medical practices that begin with such promise and confidence turn out to be either ineffective at Econtalk Extra By Amy Willis. Good Planners Make Good Neighbors Alain Bertaud has a great new book on urban planning out; but urban planners aren't reading it. Enter your email address to subscribe to our monthly newsletter:.

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