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14 Small Town Romance Novels That Are Guaranteed To Make You Swoon

August 11, Bear's Blog. La-La Land Records. Archived from the original on May 1, Comic Book Resources. Archived from the original on December 3, Disasterpiece Theatre. September 5, October 11, Retrieved November 8, May 8, Episodes Pilot Characters Soundtrack Home media. Syfy original programming.

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Categories : Eureka U. TV series American television series debuts American television series endings s American comedy-drama television series s American comic science fiction television series s American comedy-drama television series s American comic science fiction television series Syfy original programs Space TV channel network shows Television series by Universal Television Television shows set in Oregon Fictional populated places in Oregon Television series produced in British Columbia Television series produced in Vancouver English-language television programs.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada Chilliwack. Sci-Fi Syfy It's all very quirky. Too quirky, maybe, for an audience that is used to spaceships, robots, and explosions. Though every episode promises an "aha! This does not mean Eureka is a complete waste of time. Not at all. The characters are fun, Ferguson is believable and pleasant, the script is solidly constructed, and the visuals are slickly produced.

All in all, it's a sweet series and probably not long for this world. Zelda reluctantly agrees. They might have clues for solving the Acheron Configuration, which Nicholas reveals her dad actually creative. Ambrose is having his own warlock struggles. Luke wants to go on a date, but Ambrose cannot leave the house. Rather than admit to being a felon, he asks Hilda to help him astral project into a coffee shop for just 20 minutes so he can see Luke outside of the confines of their home. Project too long, and Ambrose will be taken away by psychopomps, never to return.

Sabrina, near her own kind of death, is in the midst of night two of her harrowing. However, she once again makes it, and is rescued by Quentin the next morning. Sabrina decides this barbaric process must stop. She calls her aunts, who then attempt to talk reason into Father Blackwood, but ultimately have to take the issue into their own hands. As someone who has been harrowed herself, Hilda knows that all the children want is revenge, and they get it that night.

Before Prudence can carry out her final act of evil and hang Sabrina from a tree, the harrowed children appear and turn the tables. Instead, Prudence, Agatha, and Dorcus find themselves hanging from invisible ropes. The harrowings end tonight. Harvey wants to know if Jesse saw the same thing in the mines that he saw as a kid, but this elicits a terrifying reaction. Jesse sits up as if possessed by the devil, and tries to attack Harvey before he escapes. When Sabrina takes it home, it contains the clues she needs to solve the Acheron, and it breaks apart in her hands.

Episode 5. However, she underestimates the Spellmans. Even though she tortures Sabrina with a dream about Harvey trying to kill her on their wedding day for being a witch, trapping her in a spiky torture device, the teenage witch refuses to reveal the spell. The same goes for Ambrose, who finds himself trapped in his own dead body while another Ambrose performs an autopsy. Regardless, the secret spell is safe, but Sabrina is not. Miss Wardwell knows this, and has to blow her cover hopping from dream to dream to find Sabrina and keep her from the menace of Batibat.

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Instead, she realizes she must go back into their dreams to get advice from one of her aunts. Or, really, a dreamcatcher. Miss Wardwell has some explaining to do. Episode 6. It may seem like Sabrina has caught Miss Wardwell in her plan, but Madame Satan has another lie up her sleeve.

She tells Sabrina that she was a student and admirer of her father, and that she promised him before he died that she would look after his daughter.

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Despite the sentiment, no matter how false, Sabrina feels deceived by everyone in her life. Every since the sleepover, Harvey, Rosalind, and Susie are getting visited by Uncle Jesse as a demon. He calls out their fears, their insecurities, but worst of all? Sabrina refuses to believe them. Back home, however, she allows her true concern show. She tells her aunts that she believes Uncle Jesse has been possessed, but Zelda stresses that demonic possession is unlikely.

To prove her theory right, Sabrina astral projects with the help of Ambrose because that went so well last time to interrogate the demon from the safety of the astral plane. However, this is an advanced demon, because he still manages to crawl his way inside of her throat, almost killing her had Salem not alerted Ambrose to the emergency. Sabrina wakes up, shaken but satisfied that she found the confirmation she was looking for. As Sabrina and Harvey leave, the Dark Lord can be seen lurking in the background.

Susie, who dresses androgynously , takes this as an attack on herself. She spends most of her time in class at the Academy that day asking about witch exorcisms, something they are forbidden from performing. Father Blackwood only humors her questions for so long before time is up. As Sabrina leaves, Nicholas approaches her and says he likes his witches rebellious. But Sabrina has bigger fish to fry, or rather, demons to exorcise. While Zelda strongly disapproves of the whole thing, both Hilda and Miss Wardwell are game to give it a try.

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They set out for the Putnam house and begin the exorcism, but the demon is stronger than they thought. As Sabrina calls for help from their ancestors, Uncle Jesse psychologically torments her with accusations about her genes and parents. And what was the demon, anyways? He wants one good reason not to excommunicate them on the spot, but Zelda has two.

His wife is pregnant with twins, and he needs her around to keep them safe. The mortuary receives a call that Uncle Jesse passed away in the night. Unbeknownst to them, however, it was Miss Wardwell who did the dead. Episode 7. Just as the witches spent Halloween participating in slightly deadlier tradition, their take on Thanksgiving is equally morose. Instead, the coven participates in what is called the Feast Of Feasts, a Hunger Games-style ceremony in which one witch is chosen from fourteen nominees to sacrifice themselves in honor of a witch from centuries ago who did just that to keep the starving church alive.

In the mortal world, they have their own type of task. At the Academy, Prudence is gloating even more than usual thanks to her nomination as one of the Feast tributes.

Murder Comes to Town (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Nicholas tells Sabrina that her father actually abolished the Feast of Feasts because he believed it was cruel, but Father Blackwood brought it back. This now means that everyone must be at her beck and call until the feast.

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Sabrina bathes her, houses her, and even walks in on her having an orgy with Agatha, Dorcus, Ambrose, and Nicholas, to name a few. In an effort to change her mind, Sabrina brings Prudence to school, where she becomes immediately suspicious of Harvey. She knows that last name — Kinkle — and what that family did to witches. They must kill him, Prudence insists, but Miss Wardwell interrupts. Harvey and his family are out hunting as is their family Thanksgiving tradition.

When Sabrina returns, however, Harvey is waiting for her, and confesses how much he hated hunting. Sabrina is relieved, she knew he was nothing like his family — but he must go. Lady Blackwood is getting a check up before the last supper that night, and in her hysteria she reveals her suspicions about Prudence. She wanted Prudence out of the way so her children could live life unthreatened. This is news to almost everyone at the table, and Sabrina promises it will stay at the table as long as Father Blackwood cancels the Feast of Feast tradition.

They feast on her instead. The next morning, Agatha and Dorcus are plotting revenge for what they learned in the woods. As the episode closes, two voodoo dolls are placed on the ground, and look suspiciously like Harvey and his brother. Two big rocks. Episode 8. It took eight episodes, but finally, some good new for Ambrose. Before anything can be negotiated, however, Zelda receives a call about a huge accident at the mines. Nobody is small enough to fit through the debris the find the bodies — except Susie, who follows the demands of her ghost ancestor Dorothea and crawls in.

However, Ambrose has somber news. When Sabrina returns home, he explains that Zelda helped him astral project into the mines, and there were no survivors. But they cannot interfere in mortal affairs despite this knowledge. No matter how many times Zelda kills Hilda, as long as Hilda is buried in that grave, she can come back. Hilda warns, however, that it cannot be used on mortals, so whatever Sabrina is scheming should be put to bed. At the funeral, Harvey and his father get into an argument about his parenting. Harvey says Tommy only stayed and worked in the mines because his father wanted him to, that he could have had a promising future at Northwestern.

In the midst of the chaos, Rosalind picks up the hat, and it clearly brings some vision to mind. Hilda was a dead end, so Sabrina decides to approach Miss Wardwell about the concept of resurrection. A warning, however: Resurrection is an eye for an eye. If Sabrina wants to bring Tommy back, she must kill someone in his place. Speaking of witch community no-nos, Father Blackwood visits Ambrose to inquire about his sentence. Online-Filmdatenbank in German.

Retrieved 24 March Categories : Finnish television series debuts s crime television series Finnish drama television series. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Finnish title card. Crime drama Nordic noir. Fisher King Production Federation Entertainment. The series on Yle TV1. The investigation continues as Lena, Kari, and Katia make contact with a Russian convict who claims to be Katia's biological father.

The manager of a local daycare becomes the subject of a SECRI investigation after an aborted fetus is discovered at her home.

Chapter II

Niko leads the search for a deadly sniper while Kari takes leave to take care of Pauliina, who is undergoing cancer treatment. The search for the shooter intensifies as the police declare a curfew following more killings. When a body is found in the wall of a student's flat, SECRI must find the link between the student, the victim and other young women reported missing. More mutilated remains are discovered as SECRI searches for a killer with possible cannibalistic tendencies.

Two young men take the Sorjonen family hostage, forcing Kari to investigate the suspicious disappearance of their mother.