The Neurospora Compendium: Chromosomal Loci

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The Neurospora Compendium

Perkins, a Stanford geneticist who continued the work of George Beadle and Edward Tatum on Neurospora -- which Beadle and Tatum used to illustrate their "one gene, one enzyme" hypothesis, earning them a Nobel Prize -- died of pneumonia early last month at the age of Dorothy "Dot" Newmeyer Perkins, David's wife and laboratory collaborator, died of natural causes four days later, at the age of As the microbiology community moved toward using E. Soon after, he began studying Neurospora , which he saw as an excellent model for studying meiosis and other processes, and at one point he worked in a lab with Tatum.

Dorothy Newmeyer the name under which she published also studied under Tatum at Yale University and later at Stanford, where she completed her PhD and then joined Perkins's lab as a senior research assistant. They were married in and worked side by side until , when poor health forced Dorothy into early retirement.

Early in their research, Perkins and Newmeyer investigated genetic recombination and mapped mutant genes, publishing a first compendium of Neurospora mutants in An updated version has been cited times since it was published in It was revised again and reprinted in book form in As Perkins continued to study chromosome rearrangements and meiosis in Neurospora , he also helped establish the Fungal Genetics Stock Center housed at the University of Missouri, Kansas City and encouraged others to investigate the organism, said Rowland Davis at the University of California, Irvine, who collaborated with Perkins.

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His work "underlay the success of the whole Neurospora community," he said. Perkins drew on his extensive knowledge of the fungus to integrate classic genetics with genomics. Because they can be manipulated as microorganisms, yeast and Neurospora provide information that is difficult to acquire with plants and animals, and experimental findings with fungi often throw light on corresponding processes in plants and animals.

The filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa has become a valuable model organism because of its favorable features for genetic analysis and because of the vast store of information that has been acquired during 75 years of research. This compendium provides researchers and students with a concise account of current knowledge about the genes and genome of Neurospora, setting the stage for research that will follow completion of the genome sequence.

Genes, Alleles and Locus on Chromosomes

This book, which is fully documented and abundantly illustrated, will be an indispensable tool in any laboratory that uses fungi for research in molecular genetics, classical genetics, developmental genetics, or cell biology. Molecular, genetic, and phenotypic information for over nuclear genes Genetic maps Linkage group assignments for loci references, 68 figures Guide to electronic and other sources of information Summary information on the mitochondrial genome cDNAs identified from different stages of life Classical, cytogenetic, and molecular data, anticipating completion of the genome sequence.


Appendix 1 Neurospora Genetic Nomenclature. Appendix 2 Genetic Maps and Mapped Loci.