Walking on Water: The Daredevil Acrobatics of a Pioneering Photographer

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Lazada Southeast Asia. Follow Us. The 68 ft yacht Festival of the sea I was asked by BBC television to guest present, alongside comedian Sandy Toksvig and the late Jill Dando, its live coverage of the Bristol Festival of the Sea and, as part of the programme, I was to shoot a calendar on the event. Yachts had come from far and wide, from tiny coracles to huge tall ships — even a Viking boat had been rowed over from Eastern Europe to join the festivities.


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I brought my custom-built photo boat, the Kos Interceptor, to shoot the event. A tall ship was arriving and we had to meet it in the Bristol Channel, where I would board at 5 a. We locked out on my chase boat, but due to the huge tides in the River Severn — at 45 ft the second highest tides in the world — we had to anchor mid-stream for the night.


It was a tempestuous night; the water surged out of the thick brown river like a torrent of milk chocolate. Our anchor dragged several times, and there were horrible noises of flotsam hitting the hull as the tide went out. We eventually nestled down between the mountainous mudbanks on either side of us.

It was the most bizarre sight. We grabbed a couple of hours sleep before the roar of water returned.

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Now a lighter chocolate brown tide of water swirled around us and by 4 a. We had to meet the ship at 5 a. I felt like death having had no sleep. I not only had to get Sandy Toksvig up the mast, but shoot her up there as well and do a piece to camera. We headed out into the mist that was completely covering the Bristol Channel. It was a navigation nightmare — fast tides, sand banks, thick fog. All we could hear was a foghorn and there was no sign of the tall ship.

Then, as the sun got up, the mist started to burn off and I glimpsed the tops of its three masts rising out of the fog. We were unbelievably close to the ship without even knowing it. Once aboard, I greeted the crew and met up with Sandy. Being a comedian, she had me in stitches even before we started. She was We got some great shots, after which a BBC cameraman joined us and interviewed us on live TV as we motored into the Festival of the Sea.

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My day was complete when the one and only Kermit the Frog of The Muppets came on-board my Kos Interceptor to conduct a live interview with circumnavigator Robin Knox Johnson. We piped him aboard with all the ceremony we could muster. Without doubt, he is the funniest and cutest frog I know!

Armada Saint-Tropez harbour is one of the most impressive ports at any time but, during Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, it is even more spectacular, with all the huge classic yachts moored stern-to along the quay in front of the old pastel-coloured buildings. The port is unique, photographically, in that it faces westwards into the setting sun, whereas all the other ports on the Riviera tend to face east and so are in shadow at cocktail time.

On one occasion a good friend, Elizabeth Meyer, chartered the classic ft schooner Eleonora — a beautiful near-perfect replica of the famous s racing yacht Westwood. Whilst guests and crew were chatting on deck and strollers gathered on the promenade, I donned a climbing harness and was hoisted over ft aloft. It is normally much easier going up a mast while in dock, but this classic schooner had lots of stainless steel wire stays and shrouds to climb over and around. Using a 16 mm fisheye lens backed by a Canon 1DS MkII, I captured an aerial of the whole fleet cocooned by the ancient architecture around it.

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Here I added a tobacco filter grading the sky to add drama to the shot. Browse a few pages from yachting photographer Kos Evans new book Walking on Water. I just kept shooting even though I was getting beaten up and it hurt like hell.

I just gripped the yacht sailing along flat out under spinnaker in the hatchway — as a prank and to wind me mast tightly with my knees and waited for with no crew — not even anyone driving! A few seconds passed and nothing How could they have done this to me?

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Had it taken the crew of sails… I waited. Nothing happened. I off while I was waiting for the gybe? Bloomsbury Publishing.