What Is It? A Young Readers Guide to World Religions (What Is It? A Young Readers Guide Book 23)

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  1. What Is It? A Young Reader's Guide to World Religions by Edward Alan Kurtz
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James Allen. Praying Circles Around Your Future. Mark Batterson. Jim George. Joyce Meyer. Viktor E. Jack Canfield. Gary Chapman. Annie F. Elizabeth George. Bethany Hamilton. The Child's Story Bible. Kari Kampakis. Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History. Richard M. Phillip Keller. Mass Market Paperback. Irene Howat.

What Is It? A Young Reader's Guide to World Religions by Edward Alan Kurtz

Dutch Sheets. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Selected Writings. Emma Goldman:. The Hypocrisy of Puritanism. The Traffic in Women. The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation. Marriage and Love. Selected Political Writings - R. Sex-Pol - W. Familiar Exploitation — Delphy. The Color of Privilege - Hurtado. The Liberation of Women — Hamilton. Of Marriage and the Market — K. Young, et al, Eds.

White Women, Race Matters — Frankenberg. Gender and Power — R. Chicana Feminist Thought — Garcia. Women and Revolution — Sargent, Ed. Women, Culture and Politics — Davis. Patriarchy at Work - Walby. Women in Class Society - Saffioti. Dreams and Dilemmas - Rowbotham.

The Body Politic collection from '60's and '70's. Women, Resistance and Revolution - Rowbotham. Eleanor Marx, Vol. The Sociology of Housework — Oakley. Subject Women - Oakley. The History of Sexuality — Foucault. Gay and Lesbian Oppression.

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Homosexuality: Power and politics — Weeks. Sex, Politics and Society — Weeks. Foucault and Queer Theory - Tamsin Spargo. The History of Sexuality - Foucault. The Dada Almanac — Huelsenbeck, Ed. A Cavalier History of Surrealism - Vaneigem. Dada: Art and Anti-Art — Richter. Flight Out of Time — H. Dada and Surrealism — M. History of the Surrealist Movement — Durozoi. Surrealism: Desire Unbound — Mundy, Ed. A Book of Surrealist Games — Brotchie. The History of Surrealism — Nadeau, et al.

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Cinema And Revolution - Schnitzer Soviet film. Surrealist Women — Rosemont. Manifesto of Surrealist Subversion. Art, Class and Cleavage — Watson. New Musical Figurations - Radano. Mariners, Renegades and Castaways. Beyond a Boundary. A Social History of Art Vol. The Philosophy of Art History. The Sociology of Art. Selected Writings 2 vols. The origin of German tragic Drama. Charles Baudelaire. Understanding Brecht. Art and Answerability. Rabelais and His World. The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship. The Historical Novel. German Realists of the Nineteenth Century.

My Friends Beliefs A Young Readers Guide to World Religions

Goethe and His Age. Studies in European Realism. Essays on Realism. Realism in Our Time. The Meaning of Contemporary Realism. Notes to Literature. In Search of Wagner. Quasi una Fantasia. Introduction to the Sociology of Music. Culture Industry. Composing for the Films. Mahler: A Musical Physiognomy.

Savage Inequalities. Illiterate America. On Being A Teacher. Death At An Early Age. Rachael and Her Children. Children of the Revolution. Prisoners of Silence. Ideology and Curriculum. Official Knowledge. The Politics of the Textbook. Education and Power. Democratic Schools. Teachers and Texts. New Assault on Equality - Gartner, Ed. Children of the Dispossessed - Nurcombe. The Student as Nigger - J. Education For Alienation - N. The Culture and Politics of Literacy - Winterowd.

Pedagogy of The Oppressed. The Politics of Education. Education For Critical Consciousness. A Pedagogy For Liberation. Ira Shore:. Critical Teaching and Everyday Life. Freire for the Classroom. Lives On The Boundary - M. Education Under Socialism and Capitalism - C. Rosenberg ISO. Working Class Without Work - Weis. Crossing The Tracks - A. Education, Democracy and Public Knowledge. The Process of Education - J. The Politics of Literacy - M. Hoyles, Ed. The Bell Curve Wars - S.

Fraser, Ed. The Education of Black People - W. Deschooling Society - I. The Making of Memory - Rose. The Science and Politics of I. The Conscious Brain - Rose. Biology as Ideology - Lewontin. Ever Since Darwin. The Panda's Thumb. Hen's Teeth and Horses Toes. The Flamingo's Smile. Bully For Brontosaurus. An Urchin In The Storm. The Mismeasure of Man. Eight Little Piggies. Unfinished Synthesis. The Myths of Human Evolution. People of The Lake. Origins Reconsidered. Life at The Edge of Chaos Lewin. Animal Species and Evolution. Populations, Species and Evolution.

The Undiscovered Mind - John Horgan. The Language of Genes - S. Science on Trial - D. Science Wars - Ross. The Atheist and the Holy City - G. The Bell Curve Wars — S. Myths of Gender — A. Primate Paradigms — Fedigan. Vaulting Ambition — Kitcher. The Ontogeny of Information — S. Sex and Friendship in Baboons — Smuts. Primate Societies — Smuts, et al. Biological Politics — Sayers. Biological Science — Keeton. Causality and Chance in Modern Physics — D. Making a New Science - Gleick.

Chaos - James Gleick. The Arrow of Time - P. The Quark and the Jaguar - M. Complexity - M. On the Origin of the Solar System. Structure and Evolutionary History of the Solar System. Worlds-Antiworlds: Anti-Matter in Cosmology. My View of The World — Schrodinger. Space-Time Structure — Schrodinger. The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics — Schrodinger. Dreams of a Final Theory — Weinberg.

Mathematics for Physicists - Dennery. Albert Einstein:. The Evolution of Physics with Infeld. The Meaning of Relativity. Essays in Physics. General Chemistry - Linus Pauling. The Historical Background of Chemistry — Leicester. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics — Pauling. Modern Quantum Chemistry — Szabo. Thermodynamics of Irreversible Process — Haase. Chemistry the easy Way — Macetta. Time's Arrow, Time's Cycle - S. Capitalism and Arithmetic - Swetz. The Art of Mathematics — King. Advanced Calculus — Widder. Calculus and Analytic Geometry — Thomas.

Geometry — Jacobs, Ed. Geometry: A Comprehensive Course - Pedoe. Theory and Problems of Beginning Linear Algebra. Theory and Problems of Matrix Operations. Theory and Problems of Differential Equations. Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra. Abstract Algebra. General Topology. Advanced Calculus. Outline of Calculus. Theory and Problems of Beginning Calculus. Theory and Problems of Pre-Calculus. The Youngest Science - L. Psychology and Linguistics. Sigmund Freud:. The Complete Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis.

Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis. The Future of an Illusion. Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis. An Outline of Psychoanalysis. Civilization and Its Discontents. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. Beyond The Pleasure Principle. The Interpretation of Dreams. Wilhelm Reich:. The Sexual Revolution. The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Reich Speaks of Freud. The Function of the Orgasm. Herbert Marcuse:. One-Dimensional Man. The Architecture of Language. New Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind. The Minimalist Program. Syntactic Theory and the Structure of English — A.

Linguistics: An Introduction — A. Transformational Grammar — A. A Minimalist Theory of Construal — N. Phrase Structure — Chametzky. Foundations of Language — R. Course in General Linguistics — Saussure. Saussure and His Interpreters — R. Freud - Peter Gay. Conditioned Reflexes - Pavlov.

Critical Theory of The Family - Poster. Freud, Women and Morality - E. The Freudian Left - Robinson. Foundations of Psychoanalysis - A. Grunbaum anti-psychoanalysis. Science, Capitalism and Method. Gender at the Crossroads of Knowledge — di Leonardo, Ed. Science in History — J. Reflections on Gender and Science - Keller. Feminism and Science - Tuana. Order Out of Chaos - P. McGarr International Socialism 48, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - T.

Martin Gardner:. Science: Good, Bad, Bogus. Marx and Engels:. The Communist Manifesto. The Cologne Communist Trial. History of the Communist League - Engels. Critique of the Erfurt Program - Engels. Marx on the First International - Padover, Ed. Social Democracy:. The Road to Power — Kautsky. The Class Struggle — Kautsky. Rosa Luxemburg Speaks. Selected Writings - R.

Religion, Spirituality, and Health: The Research and Clinical Implications

What Is To Be Done? Two Tactics of Russian Social Democracy. Lenin's Collected Works, esp. On The Trade Unions - Lenin. Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder. Better Fewer, but Better. Lenin, 4 Vols. Leninism Under Lenin - Lieberman. Post-Lenin Leninism:. The Modern Prince - Antonio Gramsci.

Prison Notebooks - Antonio Gramsci. The Antonio Gramsci Reader. Trotsky, Leninism and Trotskyism:. Our Political Tasks - Trotsky. The Challenge of the Left Opposition, 3 Vols. Writings of Leon Trotsky, On The Trade Unions - Trotsky. On The Labor Party - Trotsky. The Spanish Revolution, The Crisis of the French Section, Transitional Program of the Fourth International. Lenin and The Revolutionary Party — P. Documents of the Founding of the Fourth International. Marxism and the Party - Molyneaux. Council Communism:. Open Letter to Comrade Lenin - Gorter. Pannekoek and Gorter's Marxism.

Trade Unions - Pannekoek. Party and Working Class - Pannekoek. General Remarks on the Question of Organization - Pannekoek. Marxism: Last Refuge of the Bourgeoisie - Mattick. Anti-Bolshevik Communism - Mattick. Open Marxism:. Marxism and Freedom - Dunayevskaya. Social and Political Writings, 3 Vols. Situationist International Anthology. The Society of the Spectacle - Debord. Errico Malatesta: His Life and Ideas. No Gods, No Masters - Guerin, ed. Anarchism — Guerin. Anarchism and Organization — Malatesta.

A Project of Anarchist Organization — Makhno. Founding of the International — Bakunin. The Organization of the International — Bakunin. The Red Association — Bakunin. Listen, Marxist! Free Space - Pamela Allen. Anarchist Organization: The History of the F. Historical Documents and Documentation:. History of Socialist Thought, Vols. Workers of the World and Oppressed Peoples, Unite! Lenin's Struggle for a Revolutionary International, A Documentary History of Communism - Daniels. Pannekoek and the Workers' Councils. Murray Bookchin:. The Ecology of Freedom. Toward an Ecological Society.

The Heat is On - Gelbspan. Social Ecology After Bookchin - Light, ed. Laboratory Earth - S. Global Warming - S. Against the Tide - Dean. Our Ecological Footprint - Rees, et al.

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The Greening of Marxism - Benton, ed. Marx and Nature - Burkett. Is Capitalism Sustainable? Work, Health and Environment - Levenstein, ed. The Struggle for Ecological Democracy - Faber, ed. Biodiversity and Democracy - Wood. Bullard, ed. Toxic Deception - Fagin, et al. Divided Planet - Athanasiou. The Corporate Planet — Karliner. Ecology and Historical Materialism - Hughes. Environmental injustices, Political Struggles - Camacho, ed.

Corporate Predators - Mokhiber, et al. Living Downstream - Steingraber. Our Children's Toxic Legacy - Wargo. Our Stolen Future - Colborn, et al. Black Lung - Derickson. Hormonal Chaos - Krimsky. Generations at Risk - Schettler, ed. Marxisms and Anarchisms in the International Workers' Movement. Early Working Class History, through History of The Labor Movement in the U. Marx and Engels on Chartism. The Chartists - G. Labouring Men - E. The Communist League and The Revolutions of The Cologne Communist Trial - Marx. Marx: The Revolutions of Penguin Publishers. Sons of vipers!

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