Wrist Tattoos for Women: Designs & Ideas (Tattoo Design Collection)

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  1. The Coolest Tiny Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities
  2. All the small tattoo ideas you'll ever need if you're thinking of getting inked
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Beautiful wrist tattoos! Incredible, actually. Insanely cool. Wrist tattoos and designs that will get you excited to get your own. When looking for locations for tattoos, many people will opt for some part of the arm. The wrist is becoming a more popular place, but remember, the wrist is not only highly visible, it is also in a place that gets exposed to a lot of other things.

50+ Adorable Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas For Womens

For instance, the wrist often gets bumped and rubbed, making the healing process slow. Some wrist tattoos will need to be gone over a second time, depending on the placement on the wrist. If it is too close to the hand, the bending of the joint can cause it to split open while it is healing. With proper care, your wrist tattoo can be just as great as a tattoo on any other part of the body. The wrist is a lovely place to display something you love and remind yourself of why you love it. Due to the size of the area, wrist tattoos are often small. This means they have to fit all of their meaning into simple designs, like this small trail of stars.

They mix simplicity with high detail, creating a wonderfully inked image. They can run either from the wrist up the forearm or wrap around the wrist like the one shown here. Keep in mind that the wrist is a highly mobile area and any tattoos there will bend and distort along with your skin. Take this into consideration when designing a wrist tattoo.

Wrist tattoos can be done in permanent ink or henna. Bracelets and other jewelry make good wrist tattoos. This is, of course, due to the fact that bracelets generally go on the wrist. This rosary is so well done, it almost looks as if it is 3d. With the hand held down like it is, it gives the illusion of the cross falling down onto the hand in a really natural way. For those of you who are really proud of where you come from or where you live, you can always opt for the skyline of your city.

Of course, there is no rule saying it has to be your city, you could get the skyline of any city you like, just one you think is beautiful. Wrist tattoos certainly are for everyone. Here is a picture of Pink sporting one of her tattoos. Not all tattooed jewelry has to be simple bracelets and beads.

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The Coolest Tiny Tattoos Spotted on Celebrities

This piece is reminiscent of more victorian era jewelry. It has a lot of elements to it, including hanging baubles and thin chains connecting everything. Fandoms unite! Wrist tattoos are perfect for fandom symbols such as Mockingjays, rebel alliance symbols, and the triforce symbol from Legend of Zelda shown here.

Whatever fandom you belong to, you are bound to notice others in your group quickly if they wear their love on their wrists. Okay, am I the only one that finds random eye tattoos creepy? They are just kind of floating there. I will admit that the eye is remarkably well done, which is probably why it gives me the willies. This is a good time to point out that you should also consider directionality when getting a wrist tattoo.

All the small tattoo ideas you'll ever need if you're thinking of getting inked

With his hand down like it is, they eye is right side up, but when he sees it, his hand will be up, and the eye upside down. Be sure to think this through before going ahead with the wrist ink. Sunflower tattoos are simply beautiful. I will admit to having a bias, I have a sunflower tattoo of my own. Sunflowers are my favorite flower. They are strong, not easily bent or broken. Trees and branches make wonderful tattoos. This one demonstrates how they can be worked into wrist tattoos as well. The look of this one is really cool, though, it is complex in its simplicity and I really dig it.

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I wish I knew the meaning behind the branch and tree tattoos, but no matter what it is, I love this design. Triangles carry a number of different meanings. A triangle right side up not resting on its point is a symbol for masculinity. It shows that you are solid on your feet and always grounded. Flip it over and it stands for femininity. Part of this might be the shape comparison to lady parts or just the opposite of masculine.

The Best Small Tattoos You'll Want to Copy From Celebrities | Glamour

There is, of course, always the power of three. Simple little wrist tattoos like this pair can have massive meaning. The wrist is a major pulse point, so it makes sense to have a heart reading there. It would be more sentimental to have it be the heart rhythm of a loved one, but if you just like the design, any will do. Add a bit of color to it by adding a red heart. With a few simple lines and a little pop of color, you can make a really effective and interesting tattoo. Wrist tattoos can carry an important message.

Here, a power button symbol is tattooed on the wrist. While this may be a little joke piece, it could also stand for something bigger. The wrist is a point of power, it is a pressure point, and if cut, you will lose power rather quickly. This simple design could be a suicide awareness tattoo for the wearer, a reminder to not cut power.

It is a good way to show your lasting bond to someone. The idea of using an inspirational phrase is also a plus, making this a really powerful pair. The handprint of a loved one is a really great idea for wrist tattoos. I really love this idea. It is not super detailed or intricate, but it looks like someone put a painted paw right on her arm. This is a really unique take on the wrist tattoo and I love it. I wonder who the hand print belonged to. Sometimes a simple line is sufficient to make a really beautiful tattoo.

I am not sure what compelled the wearer to go this direction, but this is a powerfully artistic piece. In some cases, stark, simple designs are all you need. I would really like to know the meaning of this if there is one. If not, it is an incredibly profound piece of line work. It sure got my brain going. It is a music scale, but the treble clef is made up of a quarter?

Instead of notes filling the scale, there are simple drops of color.

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Any music lover would adore something like this. What an amazing piece. I love these watercolor ones because the color seems to run a little, and it is, of course, all done on purpose. This black and white crane tattoo by Sema Graham sema. Either way, this is a clean design that will never feel dated. Rose tattoos have been around forever.

I've seen them done in so many ways: Realistically, in black-and-white, stemless, in a full bouquet, you name it. But for such a classic image, I've never seen the same design twice, making it a perfect pick for a tattoo in such a visible spot.

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A rose is also a great option for a cover up tattoo, like this one by New Orleans-based artist Mike Bolerjack nolajackartwork on IG. You can never go wrong with marking your wrist with an inspirational quote. It'll serve as the perfect daily reminder of something you cherish, and is a great way to get something truly unique to you. IMO, getting a minimalist tattoo is one of the best ways to go about your first ink job.

You can get your feet wet by starting off small, and always add to it later. Plus, minimalist designs can be exquisite despite their simplicity. There are plenty of artists who specialize in this style, like this UK-based tattooer Sophie Traves sophietraves. A heart is yet another timeless tattoo idea.

They can be as simple as a solid black micro heart or as complex as an anatomical version of this universal love symbol. The dot work on this particular heart by maiatatu is so eye-catching.

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It doesn't get any more classic than a literary text tattoo. Show your devotion to books by tatting your favorite line from a timeless piece of literature onto your wrist. Adorable creatures like lady bugs and butterflies are continuously inked for a reason. They're just such beautiful tats, no matter the style. One made entirely of black linework — like this piece by tattoo artist Ansley Lackey peachyansley — will make for a quick and easy inking session. There's no way you couldn't forever adore a tattoo of a loved one. Paying homage to your pet, family member, or a close friend is a choice you'll hopefully never regret.

I've seen them time and time again, but dandelion tattoos still make me smile. Combining the scattered seeds with flying doves makes for an adorable design that doesn't even have to have a deeper meaning.

UK-based artist Alex G aleksgtattooart created this lovely black and white version. Roses aren't the only classic floral tattoos out there. Your favorite flower in bloom will be the perfect image to brighten your day. The wraparound style of this piece by troldahl. Etching a message in a loved one's unique penmanship is a lovely alternative to tatting their portrait.