20 Ways To Deal With Stress

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Dealing with Stress - Ten Tips | SkillsYouNeed

Laughter really is the best medicine. The act of laughing releases tension. Pull up your favorite comedy show and laugh it up! Listen to music. Music is an instant mood-lifter and stress reliever. Aromatherapy has been shown to have many benefits including stress relief. It can reduce cortisol levels and increase the perception of well-being.

Many people turn to spirituality during times of anxiety or stress. And data from a growing number of studies backs up the fact that spirituality is a powerful stress reliever. It gives people a mechanism with which to cope with stress and anxiety better. Play with your pets. There is no greater therapy than cuddling and playing with a pet.

Playing with your pet reduces stress levels. Studies also show that pets help reduce your blood pressure. Chew gum. Yes, you read right. Chewing gum actually relieves stress and increases blood flow to the brain! A study in Tokyo, Japan found that subjects who chewed gum twice a day for 14 days showed improved levels of anxiety, mood and fatigue.

Practice self-care.

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Me time and self-care activities are so precious. Carve out some time every day to pamper yourself. Go outside. Get some fresh air. Colouring is not just for kids. There are even colouring clubs for adults. Set realistic goals for yourself. For example, if you are dieting, realise that you cannot lose 10kg in one month. Allow for sufficient time to reach your goals and acknowledge that occasional setbacks may occur. Avoid expectations altogether if you can; expectations and reality are often two entirely different things.

Learn to manage your time well. Time management is essential when you have to juggle numerous projects or roles.

Always give yourself sufficient time to accomplish your tasks. Learn that it is OK to say 'no' occasionally.

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Very often, we feel we have to say 'yes' to everyone, every time we are asked for help. Remember, you cannot be all things to all people. You must first meet your own needs before you can truly give others what they need. Make time for yourself. You have to be on top of your priority list. Attend to your own needs first. Once they are met you will find that you may have more time for others. Take a day off from work and just spend the day doing what you want to do. Let yourself recharge.

Pamper yourself. Book a massage or a spa treatment. Indulge your senses to better manage your stress. Aromatherapy can be of tremendous help. Try using five or six drops of lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang or geranium essential oil in a warm bath, or put two or three drops on a cloth and inhale from time to time during the day. You can also use a few drops on your pillow to help you to sleep better. Adopt good sleep habits. Make sure you go to bed and wake up at about the same time every day.

Avoid very stimulating games and take a warm shower before bedtime to help you relax. Try to resolve arguments before bedtime. If possible, only bring up issues during daytime. When you are facing an unpleasant situation, take a deep breath and count to ten before saying or doing anything. Taking a deliberate pause can have a calming effect, and allow you extra time to reassess the situation before taking possibly regrettable actions on impulse.

Have you heard of the coloring sensation that's sweeping the nation? Coloring books for adults are a grown-up version of the pastime you loved as a kid. You can take a little break to decompress and color in the complex patterns and pictures. Research has already shown that coloring relaxes you, focuses your mind, and promotes creativity. Orange juice or anything rich in vitamin C has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

If you're really stressed, you can even throw a little vodka in there for good measure.

How to manage stress: 101 tips from you

Just kidding… alcohol probably isn't the best approach. We'll just stick to plain OJ for now. Watching a flickering flame has a calming effect on most people. Pick a calming scent like lavender, vanilla, peppermint or lemon.

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Play a sport, knit a scarf, take up gardening, read a good book. It doesn't matter what you do, just take some time to focus on an activity that you really enjoy. Clutter is stressful, so the simple act of cleaning up your space will help you feel better.

You'll feel more productive and peaceful without all that stuff filling up your work area. On that same note, cleaning tasks with repetitive motions like vacuuming or ironing make it easy to zone out and release stress.

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Plus, you'll have a super clean house, so you won't have to be stressed about that anymore! These activities help your brain focus on a simple but rewarding task. Smile, even if you don't really feel like it. Be friendly. Pay someone a sincere compliment. Strike up a pleasant conversation while you're waiting in line for your morning coffee. Positive connections benefit everyone and you'll feel happy and serene. Fractals or swirling patterns have a calming effect on the brain. Researchers recommend focusing on these patterns for 20 minutes a day to decompress.

This sounds silly, but the simple act of taking off your shoes can help you feel less restrained and more relaxed. Place your feet flat on the floor and flex and relax your toes to feel grounded and calm. This one isn't very fun, but sometimes it's necessary to have a good cry and get everything out.

Did you know that crying rids your body of toxins?