50! Was, jetzt schon? (German Edition)

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And a former supervisor of mine was ending every sentence in "… wie? In some regions you may meet "sozusagen" used quite frequently as a filler. Usually then it is pronounced sloppily "sozagn". In university I had a literature teacher who inserted "nicht wahr also" in literally every single sentence. But this was rather his personal whim, nothing you would probably meet in the wild.

Once I took the effort and counted his "nicht wahr also". I got at "nicht wahr also" in 45 minutes. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Em1 Wann sagt man denn like in Canada?

Germany 12222

When do you say like in Canada? Wikipedia has a good article on it. Canada, too. I'm not sure about other English-speaking places. One is just filler and doesn't really mean anything, e. I just wrote the first thing that came into my head. The way 'like' is used as a filler, it doesn't really mean anything more than 'um'.

To illustrate that it doesn't express unsureness, a classic example would be "It's like totally the best thing ever". Ich war gestern auf der.. Forget what you want to say Und,.. Embarrassing Hm , na ja , was soll ich jetzt dazu sagen? Nervousness And I don't think there is any difference in usage by different age groups. Em1 Em1 If you could slowly add more as you remember them, it'd be fantastic.

Em1 The first 3 fillers are based on the English word, yes?


50 Common German Verbs with Sample Sentences

Are they pronounced the same? Also, why does the last one have brackets? Yep, I'm a beginner in Deutsch. Also doesn't mean the same as 'also' in English. It's more like 'so'. Also is so. Hm is again similar to Um. And Na is in brackets, because you can just say Ja and Naja.

Language Guides & Travel Tips from Around the World

I suggest adding German "So" as the translation of "like" : E. RegDwight 2, 1 1 gold badge 18 18 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Emanuel Emanuel Also, both can be used as verbs: And he like "really? You've got another one in your example: 'halt' is often just filler. Perhaps it depends where you are, but I have definitely heard halt used a lot in north Germany pretty much just as filler. I realise it's not just filler, but when it is used almost every sentence and sometimes more than once in the same sentence, it's at least partly filler.

BookK Vespa: 70 Jahre Rollerkult (German Edition) Gerhard Siem EBOO…

Em1 Sorry but TaraB is right. You don't even have to go to northern Germany to experience that. Just because you haven't encountered it yet does not mean it doesn't exist. Em1 I'm not sure where you live, but to say "halt" was "if at all very rarely used" is wrong for basically all of Germany. While I agree that it is a very bad idea for non-natives to use words like that actively, they're still part of the spoken language they should be aware of passively.

Is the "so" based on the English word? Do you happen to have a pronunciation source? Here 'was like' is being used in place of said, rather than as filler. It can't be left out of the sentence without changing the meaning or even without making the sentence incomplete. This should be the accepted answer. Oida, die war voi schorf, Oida.

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Reinhard Mey: 50! Was, jetzt schon?

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