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To me, however, both Bayon, with its hundreds of stone faces, and Ta Prohm, with massive trees overgrowing the stones, are more interesting. Preah Khan, too, is marvelous. A long path through the jungle leads to a causeway lined with stone guardians and an enormous gate. Inside, the temple stretches on and on. The path to Preah Khan cuts through a long stretch of forest, and as we are walking out, Srey points to the tangled undergrowth and laughs.

She had to venture into the forest to find firewood for cooking.

Cambodian Street Food - GIANT GRILLED SQUID and MEAT MARATHON in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

The brush was so thick, however, that it was difficult to drag pieces back out. Young children proved much better at weaving through the dense growth, and she had to settle for the nearby small branches that the children didn't want. Outside Ta Prohm, we sit down to rest in front of the temple, where a short stone causeway leads across a tree-lined pond. Srey points down at the black water. This, too, reminds her of Settling briefly in Prey Veng province, she found that the Khmer Rouge had thrown bodies into the wells, and the stench of death and decay hung over the fouled black water.

In the afternoon, we eat lunch at an open-air cafe near the entrance to Angkor Wat. A cat comes to sleep under the table while we eat, and two small girls try to persuade us to buy bracelets. They speak English in unison, twin parrots working from a script of one-liners. They hold out the bracelets. This last remark, delivered with a show of well-rehearsed synchronized sadness, amuses Srey so much that she decides to buy them off.

Not to be outdone in generosity, one of the girls gives Srey a drawing of a flower to remember her. She writes her name, Parry, on the top of the drawing. After lunch we walk to Angkor Wat. As we enter the inner compound, Srey points out one Apsara, smiling wider than the rest.

This, Srey says, is the only apsara whose teeth can be seen. Popular folklore has it that she was being tickled by a monkey behind her. We make our way to the top of the temple. It offers an impressive view of the surrounding jungle.

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Once you are at the top, however, it's a little difficult to find your way back down. This is because the stairs are so steep that you can't see them until you step out to the very edge of the tower and look straight down. Standing back from the edge, even a few feet, you can't see the steps at all. Leaving Angkor, we head to the outskirts of Siem Reap, past the new airport, where a massive Air Vietnam jetliner is touching down.

The airport, it turns out, is a mixed blessing. It has hurt the tourist business in Phnom Penh, since many visitors now fly directly to Siem Reap from Thailand, Singapore, and other cities abroad. We stop briefly at the West Baray reservoir. Built sometime around the 11th century, it is astonishing to realize that this massive lake was excavated by hand.


There is a small temple in the island in the middle of the lake; it was too late to go to the island, however, so we head back to the hotel to rinse off the dust and sweat. In the morning, we toy with the idea of visiting Beng Mea Lea, a temple deep in the jungle about 60 kilometers from the other temples.

Unfortunately, the weather looks a little threatening, and it turns out that I'm the only one who really likes the idea of bouncing across rough dirt roads for a couple hours just to see one more temple. In the cool morning, the crocodiles are nearly all motionless.

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At first, they don't even look real; they look like concrete models, covered with mud and left to rot in an abandoned corner of an old theme park. You would think that when the focus is eliminating poverty, you would do so as fast and as well as you could, focusing on what worked best for the locals.

Cambodia Journal of Natural

However, this method showed thought of the future and planning ahead to make a better Cambodia both now and in the future. The village he grew up in was actually the first village that CRDT helped and impacted! It was quite interesting hearing from someone within the organization itself, and to be able to be given an almost private behind the scenes tour in a sense. After leaving there, we went to eat then left for the Russian Market. The name comes from the many Russian and other ethnicities from around there people who would frequent this market area.

The market was crowded and bustling and bursting with color and texture. There were vendors with patterned cloth clothes, figurines, little wooden puzzles, and even beautiful painting prints. The most shocking thing about the market was the ridiculous prices. A piece of artwork that would regularly cost at least 35 at its cheapest was 7 to 10 dollars. I almost felt guilty buying the art pieces and avoided haggling because I felt like I was ripping them off.

I ended up buying five paintings that caught my eye, canvases that the vendors rolled up.

Honorary Board Members

Olivia and Scout had fun buying real looking rip-offs of popular brands like Gucci, for example, Kara and Esther bought fans, and Anne bought a really lovely skirt. Ellie followed my lead and bought a painting too. We reluctantly left the Russian Market after an hour that passed far too fast, and dinner was fast approaching.

Cambodia: Getting Away with Authoritarianism?

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