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  1. Hands-free driving bill dies again, Colorado lawmaker vows to bring it back
  2. 1. It might get too gimmicky
  3. Bring It Back Again - Stray Cats - Cifra Club

So why do Colorado lawmakers keep killing a bill that would broaden the punishments for distracted driving? It is already against the law to text and drive in Colorado, and Court's bill would have made it illegal for all drivers to hold their phone while driving. Right now, the law only bans minors. Drivers would have still been legally able to use an earpiece of Bluetooth to talk on the phone.

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Hands-free driving bill dies again, Colorado lawmaker vows to bring it back

This was her third attempt to get drivers to stop using cars as what she likes to call "mobile phone booths. Despite the House Judiciary Committee voting to kill her bill, Court said she plans to bring the bill back again next session.

Bring It Back Again

Maes points to studies, including one from CU Boulder, which found no evidence California's ban decreased crashes. I remember laying on the ground and screaming and feeling a lot of pain. Nothnagel is urging everyone to put the phone down. She wanted to see Colorado go hands-free and saw it as a step in the right direction.

1. It might get too gimmicky

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Sadly, her health did not hold up. Entomologist George Poinar from the University of California at Berkeley spent his career studying million-year-old insects preserved inside tree resin that had hardened into amber. This was exactly what Tkach had theorized about. After all, finding the raw material to create a dinosaur is a tremendous challenge, to say the least. In the s, a series of discoveries claimed to have retrieved DNA from as long as million years ago, including from an million-year-old dinosaur bone.

The dinosaurs went extinct around 65 million years ago.

Bring It Back Again - Stray Cats - Cifra Club

Still, Schweitzer believes that discovering dinosaur DNA one day might be possible. The first step of this scheme is to start with a modern descendant of the dinosaur. That is the easy part, as birds and alligators are the evolutionary descendants of the theropod, the category of two-legged dinosaur that includes the T. Horner must find out what the instructions are and then discover a way of reactivating them, Pilcher writes.

Even so, the odds of de-extincting the dinosaur are about as good as one showing up as your next Uber driver. See sidebar. On a more positive note, Pilcher writes that the science of de-extinction may help prevent endangered species from going extinct in the first place. Read Next. Beauties are going broke trying to win pageant crowns. This story has been shared , times.

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