Coldwater Revival: A Novel

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Coldwater Revival: A Novel by Nancy Jo Jenkins

I was truly blessed in that I was never prescribed any kind of medication to treat my depression, which proved to be relatively short-lived. But I did receive counseling, which was just what I needed to win the battle with this debilitating condition. During that time of depression I endured many of the symptoms that Emma Grace suffered through. Excessive sleeping was about the only symptom we did not share. Emma Grace loses all desire for life when her brother dies — not eating or talking, just living in the blissful cocoon of sleep.

Do you have any advice for folks who are in that dark place right now? Communication was the key that unlocked the door of depression for me. I hope that anyone who feels sad and lonely for an extended length of time, will contact their pastor, or someone who can direct them to a Christian counselor. This family shared a dream about their new country. It would be a place where they could find work and prosperity, raise their family, and put down roots.

Though her only remaining child lived a hundred miles away in the rural township of Coldwater, Texas, Granny could never leave Galveston. The island and the sea that surrounded the island were her home now. It was where the ashes of her husband and three children were buried. It was the home she and her husband had dreamed of during their desperate years together in Ireland. Papa and Elo have a tough time showing their emotions.

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Elo, especially, is so hard to read in the book. Why do you think some people hole up inside themselves rather than sharing their emotions? I believe we are born with a portion of our personality already deeply embedded within us. Some people are reticent to express their feelings and emotions, while others have no problem whatsoever in expressing what they feel or think.

Papa and Elo are powerful protectors and providers who waste little time and effort on words. Added to that is the fact that Elo feels extreme discomfort when his mother and sisters are emotionally distraught, therefore, he maintains a rigid demeanor, in part, to provide a stable link in the chain that makes up his family — The Falins. Thank you for asking about my upcoming books. The story has elements of mystery, intrigue, murder, and of course, romance.

What I had to offer Gavin in marriage—my whole heart, or just a part—depended on the decision I would make today. As my feet tracked the dusty pathway they stirred loose soil to the air. My heart stirred as well, for the guilt I had buried in its depths smoldered as though my brother had just died, and not five years earlier. In the shadowed days following the tragedy, my disgrace had glared like a packet of shiny new buttons. But at some point during that time of sorrowful existence, when my days and nights strung together like endless telegraph wires, I dug a trench around my heart and buried my shame.

But that old deceiver, Time, had neither softened my guilt nor put it to rest; only allowed it ample pause to fester like deadly gangrene. Now, as the day of my wedding drew near, my heart cried out for healing. It was, you see, far wiser than my head. My heart understood its need for restoration—before I exchanged wedding vows with Gavin.

For this reason, I now walked the trail to Two-Toe Creek. To revisit my failures of yesteryear and reclaim the peace that had slipped past the portals of my childhood. Perhaps then I could give Gavin the entirety of my heart. Coldwater Revival is a book replete with wonderful characters, beautiful prose and emotive scenes that take you on a journey that will leave an imprint on your heart and mind for some time to come. A young Emma Grace Falin realises just weeks before her wedding the need to return home to Coldwater, Texas to expunge the guilt and torment she has lived with for five years following the tragic loss of her little brother, Micah.

In an attempt to do this, Emma delves into her childhood memories of growing up with little material goods but surrounded by the love of her parents and siblings until tragedy shatters the family and community in which they live. I was swept away by the palpable loss sustained by Emma and the additional grief that befalls the family when Emma sinks into depression despite the love and compassion of those who grieve with her.

Categories: Uncategorized. Wow 5 stars!! The book sounds fantastic, I have placed it on the top of my Christmas wish list. Great review. I was conjuring that place deep in my soul that was me. The emphasis was on being well-drilled, well-prepared, almost like the army that Fogerty had recently left. They disdained the drug culture. But even just standing around, he gave off an intensity that drew your eye to him. The real disconnect was that they thought we were from the South. When they found out we were from California, they scratched their heads.

His aim was to make music that sounded great coming out of a radio, not music that hippies could trip out to on headphones. We never called it that. Musically, Green River was everything that I was about.

Coldwater Revival: A Novel - eBook

I really enjoyed making it. I was really focused with the arrangements, the rehearsals, the necessities for each song. All you have to do is give me your soul. That was a very powerful image to me. I guess in the old days movies were more subtle. The album was enormous and the hit singles kept coming. While San Francisco longhairs across the bridge scoffed at their commercialism, Creedence henceforth made a point of releasing double A-sides. And invariably both songs would have an uncanny knack of cutting through the weasel words and speaking directly to all sections of the population.

We reached the masses with strong messages and feelgood music, and that really was our greatest achievement. Nobody could have foreseen what would happen next. That in itself was odd. Creedence was a benevolent dictatorship in which the will of the rhythm section yielded to the decree of the flannel-shirted leader.

Fogerty was therefore irritated and nonplussed, towards the end of , to be confronted with the first mentions of an unwelcome concept called democracy. Part of the problem was that Creedence, even at their height of their fame, were a remarkably small operation. They travelled with two or three roadies, plus Rohrer, and that was it. They had no manager, no booking agent, no PR firm, no entourage. They were the equivalent of a small family firm that accidentally creates a brand name as marketable as Coca-Cola. He had no concept of the business side.

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Doug and I call it El Cerrito Syndrome. He brings us Allen Klein. Fogerty disputes their accounts, arguing that the percentage was minuscule and that only a pair of idiots would think otherwise. Cook counters that Fogerty was a novice at reading contracts and should have asked a lawyer to help him understand it.

Fogerty refused to sign the contract. Cook and Clifford claim that his intransigence cost them tens of millions of dollars. Pendulum was launched to the media with an expensive PR event to which journalists were invited — a very un-Creedence-like evening which John maintains he attended under protest. Tom, nevertheless, left Creedence in early to begin a solo career. The others considered asking Duck Dunn to join, before deciding to continue as a trio.

The bombshell lay just around the corner. Fogerty complains that Cook and Clifford concocted a false story about him giving them a bizarre ultimatum in a limousine after a concert in San Diego. Cook and Clifford are adamant that the ultimatum and the limo were real. He was cutting his nose off to spite his face.

Coldwater Revival A Novel

Stu and I wanted some input, but the last thing we wanted to do was sing. But, anyway, we wrote and sang three songs, and of course the album was doomed to fail. It was a cruel lie. And I agreed. They thought the album was really cool. Fogerty released The Blue Ridge Rangers in , a country-bluegrass album on which he played all the instruments himself. In the meantime, the bandmembers had lost millions in an offshore banking scheme that turned out to be a swindle.

More hard feelings developed. We got more and more isolated and estranged from John over the years. He stopped recording, angered by a clause in his Fantasy contract that seemed to demand greater and greater amounts of product as each year passed. Jake Rohrer, who worked for Fogerty until , questions his interpretation of the wording. I personally thought that John wasted two decades of his life waging a war with Saul Zaentz.

So, of course, he gets sued.

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Both were private occasions. But the problems between the Fogerty brothers remained unresolved. By , his illness was a matter of desperate concern. Tom had one last request. He wanted Creedence to play as a four-piece one more time, if only in his living room, before his inevitable return to hospital. John declined the request.

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  • Cook and Clifford arrived at the Hollywood centre with their families, expecting to play Creedence hits with Fogerty that night. They were informed by the stage manager that Fogerty would be performing with an all-star band including Bruce Springsteen and Robbie Robertson instead.