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He appeared in other shows like "The web", "Marked time" and "All of it. Luis Miguel is also recognized as the only Latin singer of his generation to not crossover to the anglo market during the "Latin Explosion" in the s. Having won his first Grammy Award at the age of fourte. He is son of Arturo Carmona and Guadalupe Rodriguez. He has two siblings Judith and Daniel.

He started his career as a footballer, but later he graduated to a sports program, his first steps in acting, were in some plays, and as a driver started in a magazine program called Club Debuted in the telenovela Duelo de Pasiones. Next played in La verdad oculta as Mauricio Rivera.

It was released by BMG U. Latin on December 12, see in music. Title Length 1.

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Plot The main character of this story is Fernanda, a psychologist who works in a rehabilitation center for substance abusers. Fernanda has recently suffered a terrible tragedy, the man she was soon to marry was murdered while trying to resist a hold-up. But Fernanda meets the handsome Jose Luis, a writer and a literature teacher who works at a local private high school. Jose Luis is honest and hard working, charming and full of life.

However, he carries a dark secret from his past. Current logo of Telemundo. Telemundo is an American television network owned by NBCUniversal and the first telenovela was created in The following is a chronological list of telenovelas and television series produced by Telemundo: Filmography —99 Delia Fiallo is the original author of Guadalupe and Marielena. Year Title Author Director Ref. He lived with his mother, He never met his father. Career As a child, his dream was to become a professional football player, but one day he witnessed a play rehearsal from Vocacional No.

He asked for an opportunity and they gave it to him. At first he saw it as a possibility to make more money, but little by little he liked it more and more and decided to go to Televisa for a greater opportunity. Producer Ernesto Alonso saw his potential and gave him his first role in the soap opera Quiereme Mucho. His natural style and strong physical appearance won the hearts of the audience. They were divorced three years later. Similar to FHM or Maxim, the magazine features sexy photos of actresses, models and singers, as well as other topics that interest men, such as sports, health and fashion.

It is published by Editorial Notmusa. She studied folk dance, classical ballet, choreography, and music at la Escuela Nacional de Ballet. At 18 years old she began studying at el Instituto Superior de Artes where she studied dramatic art and at 18 years old she studied at la Escuela Internacional de Cine in Havana, Cuba. In she traveled to Mexico to start her career. In nude photos came out of her in which she was already pregnant with her daughter Violeta. In , the actress began working for Tele.

Montero and Paleta denied the rumors until a video was made public in which they were seen making out. Paleta and Plutarco Haza later reconciled. During the investigation, police reported discovering a clear bag that tested positive for cocaine, which Montero claimed as his. However, in court the following month, Montero pleaded not guilty to cocaine possession, was found guilty, and was se. Ancient and noble French family names, "Jacq", "Jacques", or "James" are believed to originate from the Middle Ages in the historic northwest Brittany region in France, and have since spread around the world over the centuries.

Being endowed with this surname was an honor at the time and it is likely that the Church allowed it because of acts during the Crusades.

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Indeed, at this time, the. It is used primarily for bullfighting and concerts, but can also accommodate other events, including circuses, lucha libre, ice hockey, basketball and other special events. The arena contains 32 luxury suites, each containing 18 seats, plus parking for 9, cars. There are four interior ramps and two elevators in the arena.

The arena concourse includes 40 points of sale and eight concession stands. It has been the site of CMLL matches and several preseason basketball games. The song was produced and arranged by Bebu Silvetti and it was released as the second single from the album of the same title. Background Juan Gabriel is the most successful Hispanic author, selling over 40 million copies and wi.

He was also a member of the former Mexican boy band Kairo, and acts in telenovelas. Biography Gabriel Soto attended Edron Academy. The albums he participated were Libres and Pasiones. He has participated in several soap operas in which he managed to convince the public and the critics with his performance. The film was released on Netflix on January 20, The ceremony was televised in the Mexico by Canal de las estrellas.

Yuri hosted the show. Nathalie Lartilleux is a television producer who is executive producer at Televisa. Best remembered for portraying Maestra Jimena character played in telenovelas Carrusel and Carousel of the Americas. She began her career as a model and dancer. She was the host of the Gaby's Club El Club de Gaby show in , after recording a children's album which achieved great success.

On Monday, July 19, , Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Alma rebelde weekdays at pm, replacing Amor gitano. Plot "Happiness and Pride are Incompatible" is the basic lesson of this story of selfishness, passion, love and deceit. It is a story about gambling with love. Ana Cristina is as beautiful as she is arrogant. She has been accustomed to having her own way with total disregard for the feelings of others. She is about. Performing at the Feria de de las Culturas Amigas in Sonora Santanera is an orchestra playing tropical music from Mexico with over 60 years of history.

The band was founded in by Carlos Colorado in the state of Tabasco, modeled after an earlier Cuban band called Sonora Matancera. However, the band created its own style. From that time until , the band changed members, but remained focused on Carlos Colorado, the sole musical arranger for the group. Colorado died in a bus accident in , causing some members to split off and form another orchestra called Los Santaneros.

The remaining members changed name to Internacional Sonora Santanera. Since the s, little of the band's sound changed although members continued to do so. In the s, more bands appeared using the name of Sonora Santanera as part of their names, leading the orchestra to p. These women won the TVyNovelas Award for executing the best performance by a woman in her debut telenovela. Plot To save their kingdom from evil rodents, two young mice go on a quest to a forbidden world to find a legendary magic crystal that has the power to restore order to their kingdom. El alma no tiene color English: The soul has no color is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa in On Monday, June 23, , Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting El alma no tiene color weekdays at pm, replacing Los hijos de nadie.

She was born to a couple of Cuban actors and she was part of an extended family of artists, being the sister of Venezuelan actor Leon Bravo, one of the pioneers of theater, radio and TV in Venezuela. She became a chair member of the Ateneo Mexicano de Mujeres and later moved back to Cuba, where she wrote the radionovela Yo no creo en los hombres, which was adapted in Mexico for telenovelas in and Upon the rise of Fidel Castro, she returned to Mexico, where she would remain the rest of her life.

The label was dissolved in May with Univision Music. It was released on August 29, , by MGM. Plot After Kevin Drake Bell , a high school senior, gets dumped by his girlfriend Gina Alona Tal for being too boring, he does not want to go to the freshman orientation weekend at Fieldmont University, where they had planned to go together.

But his best friends Carter Andrew Caldwell and Morris Kevin Covais convince him that the weekend away will help get his mind off her and hearing stories from their friend Fletcher Ryan Pinkston who told them about his college weekend visiting his brother and got laid by three college chicks at once. That convinced Kevin to go to Fieldmont for the freshmen orientation to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he can be fun too and instead of boring. Once they are there, one of the rowdiest fraternities and sororities on campus pretends to recruit them as pledges in return for granting them access to.

Plot David Montalvo is a successful businessman enjoying prestige and brightness, plus his gallantry allowed to have any woman he pleases. That success is celebrated as both envied, because although enjoys an excellent relationship with his stepmother and his sister Cinthia and Elena, unable to relate to Marcelo, son of Elena and her first husband. Marcelo envy and hate David and gradually plan to snatch the gun around his brother, Marcelo called Zihuatanejo Lorena, a seller of fish courting until it falls in love with him.

Marcelo says his name is David Montalvo and is a renowned entrepreneur. A few months later, they marry and then Marcelo cause. In fact there is not a border that separates the northern states from the southern states in Mexico. For some authors, only states that have a border with the US are considered as northern Mexico, i. History Before colonization It is not known exactly when the first settlers came to Northern Mexico. The bad weather in the region limited. Retrieved November 15, October 7, Archived from the original on October 19, Retrieved November 17, May 18, Giovane Santo, Diavolo vecchio.

Two heads are better then one. Deux testes valent plus qu'vne. Good cheap is dear, for it tempts one to buy what he needs not. Barato a vezes viene a ser caro, porche haze mercar lo que no es menester. Riches are the baggage of Fortune. Les richesses ne sont autre chose que le bagage de la Fortune. Ricchezze sono le bagaglie della Fortuna. I love his little finger more then thy whole body.

I'ayme son petit doit plus que tout ton corps. Voglio piu il suo nigolo che tutt' il tuo corpo. Prayers bring down the first blessing, and Praises the second. Better children should cry then old men. A bushell of March-dust is worth a Kings ransome. Vn muy de la poussiere de Mars vaut la rancon d'vn Roy. Vn meggio di polve di Marzo val' i l rescato d [ Better to be a shrew then a sheep. Il vaut mieux estre harengere que brebis. Mas vale ser parlera que oveja.

You count your chickens before they be hatchd. You will make me beleeve that the Moon is made of green cheese. Iohn would wipe his nose if he had one. You will make me believe that an Asses ears are made of horns. Vous me ferez a croire que les oreilles de l'Asne soyent faites de corne. Mi farete [ Me hareys creer que las orejas del Asno sean de cuerno. Rubb a galld horse on the back, and he will winch. Truth and Oyle swim alwayes above.

La verdad y el azeyte nadan siempre encima. In every Countrey the Sun riseth still in the morning. En chasque pais le soleil se leve au matin. In ogni paese Sol il si leva la mattina. He is my neighbour that grinds in my mill. Celvy est mon voisin qui mout en mon moulin. Mi vezino es qui machuca en mi molino.

God sends us meat, the Devil sends us cooks. Dios nos embia la comida, y el Diablo el cozinero. Every one is a Fool or a Physitian after thirty. As soon comes a Lamb-skin to the market, as the Ewes. Tan amenudo viene el pellejo dell cordero a la placa que de la oueja. You give me chalk for cheese. Vous me donnez de la craye pour fourmage. Mi date creta per casio. Me days greda por queso. The Crow thinks her own birds the fairest.

Le Corbeau pense que ses poussins sont les plus beaux. El cuervo piensa que sus pollos son los mas lindos. Putt a Miller, a Taylor, and a Weaver into one bagg [Page 7] and shake them, the first that comes out will be a thief. A little pott soon hott. Picciola pentola si scalda presto. Olla chiquita se calienta luego.

This wind shakes no Corn. Questo vento no cribra la biada. Este ayre no avielda el grano. Who intermeddleth twixt Man and Wife goeth twixt the bark and the Tree. Quien se mescla entre marido y muger, se pone entre el arbol y la corteza. He hath got the better end of the staffe. Ha cogido el mejor cabo del palo. It is better to have then to wish. Il vaut mieux iouir que suhaiter. E meglio posseder che desiare. All is fish that comes into his nett.

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La Patience n'est pas fleur qui croit en chasque iardin. Paciencia no es flor que crece en cada huerto. As good play for nothing, as work for nothing. Il vaut autant iouer pour neant que travailler pour neant. Tanto val' giocar' per niente che travagliar' per niente. Tanto vale juegar por nada que trabaiar por no nada. I suck not this out of my fingers ends. Ie ne succe cecy de bouts de mes doits. Non chupo esto de los cabos de mis dedos. A young man old makes the old man young. Jeune vieil rend le vieil jeune. Two hands in a dish, but one in the pocket.

Dos manos en el plato y una en la bolsa. A womans knee and a doggs snowt are alwayes cold. La rodillade muger, y nariz de perro siempre frios. He that doth kisse and doe no more, may kisse behind and not before. Qui besa, y no haze mas que bese atras. Mas agua corre por el molino que el molinero sabe. Putt thy wish in one fist, and shite in the other, and try which will be fill'd soonest. The furthest way about is sometimes the neerest way home. Le chemin d'alentour est quelques fois le plus court.

El camino enderredor es a vezes el mas corto. When the good VVife drinketh to the Husband all is well in the House. Quand la bonne Femme fait brindis a son Mary tout va bien en la maison. Quand la muger haze brindis a su marido todo va bien en casa. I took her for a Rose, but she proved a Burr. Je la pris pour vne Rose mais elle devint chardon. Io la pigliai per Rosa, ma diventiva cardone. I think she hath pist on a nettle.

Pensoch'habbia pisci- [ Go teach your Granham to grope a Goose. Andar' insegnare la vecchia a palpar' vn' occa. Go teach your father to get children. A young servingman an old beggar. Servo giovane pitoco vecchio. Honor bought, temporal simony. Serve God in thy calling, it is better then praying. Sers Dieu en ton mestier, il vaut plus que la priere. Servid a dios en tu officio, es mejor que plegarias. Le Corbeau pense que ses poussin [ El vana glorioso mea mas que no beve.

A great noise and little woll, quoth the Devil when he sheard the Hogg. Mucho ruydo y poca lana, dixo el Diablo desollando el puerco. Many can pack the cards, yet cannot play well. Vi sono chi sanno mescolar' le carte, tutta via non sanno gio car' bene. Ay qui saben mesclar los naypes, toda via no saben iuegar bien. Stay a little and we shall make an end the sooner.

Esperad vn poco, y acabaremos mas presto. Ther's a Devil in every berry of the Grape. Yl y a un Diable dans chasque grappe de la vigne. Ay vn Diablo en cadarazimo de la vua. A lie stands on one legg, and truth on two. La buggia si sostiene sopra vna gamba, la verita sopra due. La mentira se apoya sobre vna pierna, la verdad sobre dos. Choose thy Friends like thy Bookes, few but choice. Choisissez vos amis comme vos liures, peu, mais qu'ils sovent d'elite.

Sciolier' gli amici come gli Libri, pochi, ma che sieno scelti. Escoge tus amigos como tus Libros, pocos, pero que sean buenos. Who is more deaf then he that will not hear? Qui est plus sourd que celuy qui ne veut ecouter? Men fear death as children do to go in the dark. Les hommes craignent la mort comme les Enfans les tenebres. Gli huomini temono la morte come gli fanciulli la scurita. Soon ripe soon rotten. Tost meur, tost pourri. Riches like muck which stinks in a heap, but scatterd fructifieth the earth. No man loves fetters though made of Gold.

Nissuno ama ceppi anchor' che sieno d'oro. Nadie quiere grillos aunque fean de oro. Who hath too many friends eats too much salt. Chi a molti amici mangia troppo sale. He must rise betimes who will cosen the Devil. Il faut qu'il se leve de bon matin qui veut tromper le Diable. Bisogna che si levi di buon hora chi v [ A covetous man like a dog in a wheel that roasts meat for others. L'Usurier come chien dans vne ro [ L'avaro come can in ruota chi arrostisce vivande per altri. El pelon como perro en rueda qui assa carne por otros. Who Expounds holy Scripture upon his own warrant, puts hot brands together with his fingers.

Bawds, and Attorneys like Andyrons, the one holds the wood, the other their Clyents till they consume. Give a shoulder of mutton to a dead horse. Esto es dar vna espalda de carnero a vn cavallo enfiermo. No fool to the old fool. Non cie' pazzo simile al pazzo vecchio. No ay necio como el necio viejo. One fool makes many. Vn fol en fait plusieurs.

Vn loco haze muchos mas. A Scotts mist wetteth an Englishman to the skin. Les brovillars d'escosse mouilleront l'Anglois jusques a la peau. Ou le cheval du Turc plante le pied, l'herbe n'y recroitra iamais. Dove il cavallo Turchesco pianta il suo piede l'herba ne recrescera mai. Cold weather and crafty knaves come from the North. You are a right Englishman, you cannot tell when you are well. Vous estes vray Anglois, vous ne scavez pas quand vous estes a vostre ayse. One should take no more pitty on a woman weeping, then to see a Goose go barefoot. Non si doverebbe ri [ A Christmass great loafs, at Easter clean souls, at Whitsontide new clothes.

A Noel grans pains, a Pasque ames nettes, a Penteco [ Al Natale pani grandi, a pascua Anime nette, a Pentecosta vestiti nuovi. Salomon was a wiseman, and Sampson was a strong man, yet neither of them could pay money till they had it. That which is bred in the bone will never out of the flesh.

Comprada En Cuerpo Y Alma (Harlequin Bianca (Spanish)) PDF ePub - WoodrowStewart

Ce qu'est nourri dans les o [ Lo que se cria dentro los hues [ Patience perforce is medicine for a mad horse. A friend in Court is better then a penny in purs [ Make not thy tayl broader then thy wings. Ne fais pas ton train plus large que tes ailes. No hagas tu rabo mas largo que las alas. He that hath the name to be an early riser may sleep till noon. A young Mayd married to an old Man is like a new house thatchd with old straw. The stander by sees often more then the Gamester. Le spectateur voit souuentes fois plus que le Joueur. Who hath married a widdow, hath a deaths head put often in his dish.

The colerique man never wants woe.

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  • L'huomo Colerico mai senza fastidio. Penny in pocket is a good companion. Youth and white p [ Barbers are Correctors of Capitall crimes. Barbiers son correcteurs de crimes capitaux. Los Barveros son corregidores de crimines capitales. The second blow makes the fray. Le second mornifle fait la noise. El bofeton segundo haze la renzilla. Where the hedge is low every one gets over. Ou la haye est basse tout le monde passe. A child may have too much of his mothers blessing. He is now too old to learn his Accidence.

    Il est trop vieil pour apprender sa Grammarie. Es muy viejo por aprender su Gramatica. With all thy knowledge know thy self. Con todo tu saber conoce ti mesmo. They agree like harp and harrow. Conciertan como la harpa, y el rastrillo. Eggs and a nutt, one may buy of a slutt. To forget a wrong is the greatest revenge. Oublier vn injure est la plus grande revenche. Maydens ought to be seen and not heard. Dieu ne donne bouches sans dequoy manger.

    Iddio non da bocche senza di che mangiare. Dios no da bocas sin de que comer. Wives must be had, be they good or bad. Il faut avoir femmes soyent elles mauvaises ou bonnes. Weigh not what thou givest, but what is given thee. To stopp two gapps with one bush. Boucher deux trous d'un buisson. Atapar dos horados con vn espinal. The Devil wipes his arse with the poor mans pride. Le Diable essuye le cul avec l'orgueil du gueux. Il Diavolo asciuga il culo con la superbia del pouero. El Diablo limpia el culo con la so veruia del pobre. Look not too high, least something fall into thy eye.

    Ne mires trop haut, de peur que quelque chose ne te tombe en l'oeil. No mires muy alto de miedo que algo no te cayga en el ojo. W Hen you have cast an eye upon this Letter which goeth stuff'd with all Proverbs, old Motts, and Adages, whereof some were used in the time of high bonnets, when men used to wipe their noses on their sleeves, for want of a napkin, you will judge perhaps, that the Author hath some strange freaks, or quinombroms in his noddle, that he hath quicksands, or Mercury, or rather one quarter of the Moon in his pericranium; But you Sir, that have a head so well timbred, will, I presume, passe another judgement.

    The report is rife, that you have a design to travell, and range abroad for some time, and particularly to make the turn of France : If you are fixed in such a resolution, I pray give leave to an old soker, one that is well salted in the world, and knoweth more then how to eat his bread, one that hath pissed in many Snowes, to give you some few Mots of advice touching the Genius of that Countrey. For matter of conversation, you shall find there, more then any where else, as many heads, so many several humours, and caprichios, as if most of the people had eaten of the white Hinde, or of the mad Cow being impatient of peace any longer then they are recovering the ruines of the former war: But every where, you must take the people as they be, and the season as it is: Above all, observe this short worded Rule, Heare, see, and hold thy peace, if thou wilt live in peace; for a slip of the toe is better then that of the toung, and the Spaniard will tell you that when the mouth is shut the flies cannot enter.

    You shall meet also there with debosh'd youngsters, who use to eat their Corn in the green blade, and to burn their candles at both ends; 'Tis a maxime amongst them, that one cannot be a compleat Gentleman, untill he hath been five times in Cornelius tub; For there, the stoutest of them will kneel to the distaff: Take heed of companions of that gang, yet treat them with civil Language, for fair words never blister the tongue: By all means lend them no money, for when you lend you are a cousin-german, but when you [Page] demand it again, you are the son of a whore; you shall verifie it there as well as in England, who lendeth to his friend exposeth himself to a double hazard, viz.

    Mor [ The Countrey and people of France are given to all kind of jollities, and divertisements, There you shall meet with boon companions, the Rogers of the good time, who will be as merry as Crickets, or Mice in malt: You must not be of such a dull Saturnin humour, as not to jovialize sometimes with such, and with a cup of good liquor to chace away all care, and cumber, for one ounce of mirth, is better then a whole pound of melancholy.

    Welcome to my bilingual blog!

    If you have a mind to entertain a Lacquay, you shall find enough in that Countrey, but take heed of choosing one who is too Officieux, for he is a Lacquay for the Devil who doth more then he is commanded. During your absence, if there be any thing imaginable wherein I may steed you, I will employ green and dry, I will set my five sences on work to serve you; for I am from the center of my heart. Il n'est pas gentilhomme parfait, qui n' a fait cinque voyages a Soris, viz.

    Mieux vaut un tenez, que deux fois vous l' aurez. Il n'y a bouclier qui puisse resister a l'encontre du de [ Qui manie ses propres affaires, ne soville point les main [ Ell' est faite a maschecoulis le haut defend le bas, viz. Coiffer la Rolline, dechausser Be [ Faire le Roland, viz. Aviourdhuy Cuissi [ Truye sterile, serviteur desloial, poule sans [ Son habit [ Il n' est nul petit ennemy, viz. Pierre pour couvrir S.

    Un oeuf n' est rien, deux font gran bien, trois c' est assez, quarte cest' tort, cinq c' est la mort. De tous poissons fors que la tanche, prenez le dos, laissez [ Femme ne doit toucher a b b b b de l'homme, viz. Je vous paye en monnoye de cordelier: viz. Le Norman vendange avec la gaule; viz. Les Liegois se ventent d' avoir trois choses; du pain meilleur que du pain, du fer plus dur que fer, du feu plus chaud que le feu.

    Angleterre, le Paradis de femmes, le Purgatoire de valets, l'enfer des chevaux. Resolu comme Pihourt en ses heteroclites, c'est a scavoi [ Le ma [ Mars aride, Fevrier neigeux, Auril humide, May rousineux, presage de l'an ens plantureux. Tant que Tige fait souche, elle ne branche jamais; Cecy se'ntend de la succession hereditaire, de a la couronne de France. Par ce Proverbe nous sommes appris que toutes choses de ce monde viennent en fin a decadence, comme il n'est point du jour si long qui n'ayt son soir. Ce di [ Ce Proverbe prit l'origine d'un pavure Boscheron.

    Ce Proverbe vise aux jeunes gens, qui ne sont si capables d'aucune function que ce soit, comme les aagez quien ont acquis l'experience. Le meurier est un arbre qui es [ C'est a dire, quand un ignorant est trop prompt de parler parmi les gens scavant. Ce Proverbe prenoit son origine du temps de Roy Jean quand il estoit prisonner en Angleterre, car alois [ He hath shit in a hat, and then clap'd it on his head, viz. He is the wisest Abbot, who hath bee [ He is no compleat gentleman who hath not made five voyages to Swetland, viz.

    Every one must have his turn, viz. He is a right man, a man of worth; from the best sort of coin is marked with A. He hath put too narrow a ring on his finger, viz. He thinks that roasted Larks will fall into his mouth; spoken of a sluggard. Who lends, hath it not again; if he hath it, yet not so soon; if soon, not all; if all, not from the same; if from the same, not so willingly; therefore spare to lend. They are the Regiments of Monsieur Brovillon, three drums, and two souldiers; spoken ironically.

    He speaks gibberish, whereas Baraguin is a British word, and signifies white bread. She is built as a watch-tower, where there are grates to let down great stones, the top defends the lower parts; 'Tis meant of a woman that hath an ill-favoured face, and a handsome body. His clothes would scare a theef, viz.

    He hath taken from Saint Peter to pay Saint Paul. To draw his pin out of the stake, viz. Thy son well fed, and ill cloth'd, but thy daughter well cloth'd, and ill fed; a rule in breeding children. For one point Saint Martin lost his ass, viz. A Sun glittering in the morning, a Latin woman, and a child nurs'd with wine, seldome come to a good end.

    Like the Arcadian Asse, who eats thistles though laden with gold; meant of the covetous miser. He thought that roasted Larks would have faln into his mouth; spoken of the sluggard. He who doth not like the Goose, shall not joy long in his life, viz. The Harbenger of the Moon hath mark'd the lodging, viz. A wheaten pill, a dram of the grape, and the ball of a hen, is good physick, viz. To rise at six, and dine at ten; to sup at six, and go to bed at ten, will make a man live ten times ten.

    He leaps from the [ He is the horse of four white feet, viz. There's alwayes some iron or other that shakes, viz. He is mark'd like a Berry Mutton, who hath alwayes some scurf upon the nose, because the sheep there feed on time, not that they are mark'd with red oker. He went away with a nose foot long, viz. A Marchant who takes money without weighing, or telling it, viz. He is furnished with needle and threed, viz. The Germane hath his spirit at his fingers ends, because he is a good Artificer. The Norman vintageth with a pole; viz. When the Frenchman sleeps the Devil rocks him: A Proverb the Flemmins have of the French, who is alwayes plotting some ill against him.

    When a Picard is without drive [ At Montmartre there be more whores then kine, but if there were not there so many Nuns, there would be more kine then whores. I have payed all my English, viz. England the Paradice of women, the Purgatory of servants, and the Hell of horses. Resolu [ A dry March, a snowy February, a moist April, and a dry May, presage a good year.

    Snailes a [ As long as the stock bears stemmes, it never brancheth, viz. This Proverb is taken from a Droll called Robin who lived in Paris, and is meant of one who impertinently makes mention of something that his fancie runs upon, having nothing else in his mouth. This Proverb grew up first in the town of Troy in Champany, where this John Colot lived, who was an Artizan, and a good fellow, and had commonly at his girdle a sheath, wherein there were three or four knives, all of little value, and having some fault or other, as one having the point broke, the other hacked on the edge, the other blunted, the other did not cut at all; And hence did arise this Proverb, which is properly spoken of things, whereof there is no great choice, as also of men that are of little value.

    We are taught by these words, that oft times the good opinion and judgement which we have of some persons are grounded more upon common report then upon Truth it selfe, in so much that the reputation is more then the thing it selfe; And it is found that there are many whom the vulgar cry up to be wise, learned, and valiant, and adorned with other Vertues, yet they have nothing of all these three if one should pry narrowly unto them.

    One called Martin having lost his Asse in the Fair, it happened that another was found which had been also lost, the Iudge of the place was of that opinion that that Asse should be restored to Martin, but he who had him in his possession, desired the Iudge to ask Martin of what colour his Asse was, who having answered, that he was all gray, he was put by his claim, because there was a black hair found in the Asse's tail. This Proverb is borrowed from horses, to whom the best usage they can have besides oats and hey is to give them good store of fresh straw for their Litter; And by this similitude, it may be spoken of those that are at their ease, and have all things to their hearts desire.

    By this Proverb we are taught, that all things in this world come to an end, as there is no day ever so long, but hath its declination. Use is made of this Proverb, when one is mounted up to the highest degree of his fortune; For the nature of the Pie is, to build her nest upon the highest trees that she can choose. The different nature of things require that some be managed one way, and some another; There are some things that may be broken on the knee, as stickes of dry wood; There are other things that require the knife, or hatchet, as green osiers, and all other wood while it is sappy, and green; Of this kinde are puddings which cannot be broken properly, but with a knife; Now [Page 27] Now, this Proverb teacheth, that in all our actions we cannot arrive to that which we pretend, but by such means that are proper thereunto.

    It is well known, that from all times it was ordained to pay dimes or tithes unto the Lord, which was the tenth part of our earthly increase; This was kept so holy, that every one used to leave upon the field the tenth sheaf: Now, it happened that some prophane persons made of purpose some kinde of sheaves wherein there were no grains, wherewith they payed their tithes: Which gave occasion to this Proverb, and it may be applyed to any person of an ill Conscience, whether towards God, or man, whereof there were never more then now adayes, thank the long Parliament.

    By these words is meant a gross fellow ill taught, and uncivil, such as they commonly are who are of a low degree, whose ordinary food is Bacon and Beef. A Haubergeon in times past was a kind of armour, which was [Page 28] made of the same stuff as we now make our coats of male which use to be made of small rings of iron, or [ This Proverb teacheth us, that to entertain our selves in this world, 'tis not enough to be wise, and learned, but we must employ our care and diligence in having a hand upon the work: the Proverb is taken from the Fox, [ T Hey say commonly that Running waters are the cleerest, and those of the Brook farr more then they of a standing Bog; In like manner the Spirits of those who travel up and down the world, and by their motions apply themselves to the study of Men, become thereby more cleer, acute, and subtile.

    It is also observed among Vegetables, that according to the Proverb the best oignons are those which are transplanted; Therefore I highly approve of the resolution you have to cross the Alpes, and afterwards the Apennin hill, the chinebone of Italy. In Italy you shall meet with many cunning Rooks that have more doublings in them then a Cabage; Therefore take heed of associating with such, specially to fall a gaming whereunto the Italians are extraordinarily addicted for they say that gaming doth gnaw one to the very bone. Being entred Lombardy, you shall see Milan the Great, so call'd as well for her strength, as for her bigness, whence sprung the Proverb, Milan can talk, and Milan can do, yet she cannot turn water into wine; In those quarters take head of a Lombard bit, viz.

    Thence you will pass to the Venetian Dominions, and among other the Noble Citty of Vicenza deserves to be saluted, for they say that Vienza hath more Counts and Cavaliers, then Venice hath Gondolleers: Thence you may direct your cours to Padua, called the chief residence of Hippocrates, and thence to Venice, where they say one may see an impossibility in an impossibility; there you may kiss Neptunes spouse, for Venice is called so, though some would have her to be a Concubine to the Turk: The Venetians they say are hard to be pleased, if the Proverb be true that there are foure difficult things, viz.

    To make a bed for a Dogg, to roast an Egg well, to teach a Florentine, and serve a Venetian; Being there, you shall do well to visite the Arsenal, one of the Grandezas of the world for its strength, whence sprung the saying, that the whole Arsenal of Venice is not able to arm a Coward; In that melting Citty, take heed of Females, for a woman may be a woe to a man; The Courtezans of that Lake, are cried up for the fairest in the world, according to the Proverb, Vienza wine, Treviso tripes, Padua bread, and Venice whores; whence sprung another, Venice, O Venice, none thee unseen can prize, but who hath seen too much will thee despise.

    It matters not much whether you see Calabria or no, the Territory of the Tarantolas, it being a sad barren Cuntrey, yet abounding with Nobles, In so much that somtimes three Marquesses may be seen eating Figgs upon one tree to drive away hunger. Among other things, you may observe in Naples and Milan the affection that the peeple bear to the Spanish, and French, where both the one and the other use to say, that they would be content to see all the Spaniards in Italy hung up with Frenchmens gutts; whence you way judge who is best beloved.

    But to wind up the threed of this coorse letter; I hope, that after your return, it will not be verified of you, that an Englishman Italionat is a Devill Incarnat, much less that you will be of the number of those who go out Masters, and come back Clarks in the point of Knowledge. I can extend my self no further now, for ther's a sudden accident hath surprised me, that will hold me more busie then an English Furnace on Christmas day morning; Onely I say, that if I may steed you in any thing while you are absent, I will do what I can to serve you, and somthing less that I may last your's the longer: So, after the Lombard fashion without any clawing of Complements, I remain.

    Da matto attizato, da uno che legge un libro solo, da villan riffatto, da Recipe de Medici, da etcetera de notari guardici dio. E'tanto Invidioso che cavarebbe un occhio a se [Page 10] per cavarne due al compagno. Acarezza vecchio matto, se vuoi ricco fa [ Una volta l anno cavati sangue, una volta il mese entra nel bagno, una volta la semana lavati la testa, una volta il giorno bascia la tua donna. Buon di Dante, di donde vieni, quanto erto el fango? Di Roma, final cul, buon di, buon anno. Pan Padouan, vin Vicintin, tripe Trevisane, puttane Venetiane.

    Vorrei esser' in Guimea dove rompono le bracchia a chi parla di lavorare. Gli Italiani saggii inanzi il fatto, Tedeschi nel fatto, gli Fra [ Donna Graeca, vin Graeco, vento Graeco. Roma gi [ Il Francese non dice come pensa, non legge come scrive, non canta come nota. Non troppo bene, tratto da i convalescenti che per la de bo lezza ora s'ul letto, ora s'ul lettuccio si gettano.

    Ride a horse or a mare towards the shoulders, an asse or a [ VVho is not something at twenty, nor knows not at thirty, nor hath not at fourty, He never will be, nor will he ever know, nor will ever have any thing. The company of one is no company at all, the company of two is the company of God, the company of three is the company of a King, the company of foure is company of the Devil. He is more doubled then an [ The Mule that laughs, and the woman that fleers, the first will overthrow thee, ehe other will scratch thee. Who letteh his wife go to every feast, and his horse to drink at all waters, will have a jade to the one, and a whore to the other.

    A gentleman without money is like a wall without a cross; piss'd at by every body. Who lends money, looseth two things; viz. From an angry fool, from one that reads but one book, from an upstart Squire, from the Physicians recipe, and the Scrivenors etcaetera, the Lord deliver us.

    Such an envious wretch, that he would pluck out one of his [Page 10] own eyes to take out both his neighbours. Think well upon't w [ To stand waiting and not to come, to lie a bed and not to sleep, to serve well and not to please, are three things as bad as death. He is a bankerupt; whose punishment in Italy is to sit bare on a stone in the market place. To render good for evil is Charity, evil for good cruelty, ill for ill revenge, good for good justice. To tr [ A four white-foot horse is a horse for a fool, a three white-foot horse is a horse for a King, and if he hath but one Ile give him to none.

    I am not afraid of ill faces, for I was born at Shrovetide, viz. January commits the fault, and May bears the blame. Three seasonable showres in August, are worth king Salomons Chariot and horses. Bread of one day, an egg of one hour, wine of one year, fish of ten, a woman of fifteen, and a friend of a hundred. One egg is nothing, two a little better then nothing, three are something, five are too many, and six kill.

    Once a year let bloud, once a moneth bath, once a week wash thy head, i. Keep thy feet dry, and thy head warm, and for the rest, live like a beast; viz. He is full of talk, it being the custome in Italy to give the greatest talker the rump of the hen. Good morrow Dante, whence comest thou, how high is the dirt? Answer, From Rome, up to the tail, a good day, and a good year to you. Padoua bread, Vicenza wine, Treviso tripes, and Venice courtesans. If Florence had a port, she would make a garden of Pisa, a counting house of Ligorn, and a jaques of Luca.

    In Rome preferments seek them that seek them not, and fly from them that seek them. The Greeks spoke with lipps, and the Romans with their breasts. The Germanes have their wits at their fingers ends, viz. I would be in Guimea where they have their arms broke who speak of working. The Nuns of Genoa return from the bath, and then ask leave of the Abadess. Nations do diversly digest their grief; The Dutch drink it away, the French sings it away, the Spaniard grones it away, and the Italian sleeps it away. I am a Guelphian, and call my self a Gibelin, he that giveth most shall have me.

    In Italy there are too many heads, viz. Wo be to that Countrey where there is a Calabrese, if he stay there a year, he brings nothing but ruine and mischief. The Italians are wise before the fact, the Germans in the fact, the French after the fact. The Florentine maketh nothing of three things, of Adieu, farewel, do you want any thing? A Greek woman, Greek wine, and Greek wind may I find. I love a Spaniard so well, that I could be contented to see him hang'd with a Frenchmans guts.

    Where Dutchmen are, Italians will not likely be; viz. Milan can doe, Milan can speake, but she cannot turn water into wine. More foolish then they of Zago, who dung'd the foot of the Steeple to make it grow higher. Venice hath not so many gondoliers, as Vicenza h [ The Frenchman neither saith what he thinks, n [ Po would not be Po, if Adda, and Tesin did not joyn also.

    By this is meant, that when ye drink good wine, you use to say Good, bowing one eare, but when it is naught, you shake both eares. This is understood of those which sometimes are constrained to sell their commodities at a lower rate then they are worth, because that having cold in their feet, they may goe warm themselves at the fire, and so vice versa. Who resisteth the good will of God, his businesses goe from bad to worse. Some crosses, and fits of sicknesses do well with a strong or proud man. Because there are but few of them, as it was preached before the Duke of Savoy, who is Prince of Piemont.

    Basta ch'io possa dir per voj mo [ Jo vorrei veder un tratto s'io potessi cavar la muffa di questo vino, perche questo giocar il pe [ Tocante el Hinoio, y la ruda ay dos refranes muy notables, es a saber, Quien hinojo vee, y no coje, diablo es, que no hombre; el otro, si supiesse la muger la virtud de la ruda, la buscaria de noche a la luna.

    H Ealth being the most precious jewel that Nature hath in her Cabinet, I recommend unto you three Doctors for the maintenance thereof, viz. Touching the second Doctor, which concerns the government of the body, 'tis a great truth, that a little labour is much health; 'tis good to walk till blood appear in the cheeks, and not sweat on the brow. Touching Sleep, who is the King of Repose, sleep in the day when thou wilt, and in the night as much as thou canst; make night of night, and day of day, then thou maist sing welladay: But he who desires to sleep soundly, let him buy the boulster of one who died in debt.

    Moreover, dine with little, and sup with lesse, sleep high, and thou wilt live long; But take heed of sleeping on the shadow of a Wallnut-tree: Besides, 'tis good to rise early, for he who will couzen the Devil must rise betimes: Go also early to the Fish-market, and late to the Shambles, for Fish and Guests quickly stink. Concerning thy clothes, or coverings of thy body, if thou wilt live healthful, make thy self an old man betimes, leave not thy furs till the Galileans come, viz.

    It is a good rule, let me go warm, and let the world laugh at me. There's another rule, keep thy feet dry, and thy head hot, and for the rest live like a beast, viz. Concerning the parts of the body, take notice that the eyes being not well are to be cur'd with the elbow, viz. Know also that touching the Gout the Physician is blind. Touching Marriage, the saying of the Marquesse of M.

    Touching Doctor Diet, who predominates much over humane health, 'tis a general rule, that he who eats much eats but little. The Italian saith, that to preserve health, one must make three meals a day, one good, one bad, and another midling one; who eats well, and drinks well, doth what he ought to do; but whether you dine well or ill, be sure to drink thrice. Touching drink, drink water like an oxe, and wine like [Page] King; Water hath three excellent vertues, for it neither makes one sick, nor puts one in debt, nor makes a widower; yet cold water and hot bread never made good belly: After the fig water, and after the pear wine; a jadish bit also requires a spur of wine, but wine that stood all night is not worth a rush.

    The milk told the wine, welcome friend; It is a wholesome precept, who will live healthful, let him dine sparingly, and sup betimes. Touching flesh, a Kid of a moneth, and a Lamb of three are best; for Eggs, one is scarceness, two are gentleness, three valour, and four are knavery. They say that if the Country-man knew the goodness of a hen in January, he would not leave one in his roost-house: Goats milk, Cow butter, and Sheeps cheese are best, but that cheese is best which comes from a misers hand: Young men are allowed to eat more then others, for a growing youth hath a woolf in his belly; therefore 'tis said, who from an old man steals his supper, doth him no wrong, because he who doth not sup hath no need of the Physician; Therefore if thou hast a mind to dye, eat rosted mutton at night, and go to sleep: Hereunto may be added, if thou desirest ill food, eat a rosted hare.

    He who eats Pilchers in May, shites out the bones in August : And he who eats mushrumps in April, let him provide week and wax, viz. There is no broth like that of the juyce of Flint, viz. Touching fruit and garden-herbs, observe that new bread and grapes paint young maids, and takes away wrinkle from old folks. One olive is gold, two silver, three brass; If you will have a good bit, eat a peel'd Medlar. The Pear which cryes Rodrigo is not worth a rush. Others say, that the woman and the Pear which is silent are the best.

    But after melon wine is a felon; let there be salt withall, for the French man will tell you again, 'tis a banquet for the Devil where there is no salt. Touching Fennel and Rue, there be two notable Proverbs, viz. A hedge doth last three years, a dog three hedges, a horse three dogs, a man three horses, a Stag three men, an Elephant three Stags. No more now, but that wishing you all health and gladness, I rest from my very bowels, your greatest servant, for although I am but little, I would be a Giant to serve you.

    En Cuerpo y Alma Como Era Ayer

    Ni boda [ Ni con cada mal al Fi [ No ay ataio, [ No me pesa que mi hijo [ Quien deve a Pedro, y paga a Andres, que pague otra vez. Si las cosas se pudiessen hazer do [ Cerco de Luna nunca hinche l [ No dexes los pellejos hasta que vengan los Galiloos, quiere dezir hasta el diade Ascension. Canizar, y Villarejo, gran campana, y ruyn consejo. Ebro traydor, naces en Castilla y riegas a Aragon. Lo que quiere Escamilla, no lo de Dios a Castillae. Mundo mundillo nacer en Xerez, morir en Portillo. Quiere dezir a una tierra dinerosa y rica, donde ay harto reales, que incitan los hombres al trabajo.

    De cornada de ansaron guarde Dios mi coracon: Quiere dezir, de las escrituras de los letrados que traen pleytos. Qual era Dios para Mercader? Entiende se de una hija que su padre queria casar contra su voluntad. Rogamos a Dios por Santos, mas no por tantos. Muchos componedores cohonden la novia; Por que do ay muchos pareceres suele auer desorden. Si quieres dar palos a tu muger, pidele al sol a bever.

    Bezerilla mansa mama a su madre, y la agena: La glosa es, que los benevolos y comedidos con todos hallan cabida. Desque veo a mi Tia, muerome de azedia, desque no la veo muerome de desseo. La glosa es muy clara contra apostadores. Don Lope, ni es miel, ni hiel, in vinagre, ni arrope. Para que nose rompa el parentesco, y se forn e [ Este refran se refiere al amor grande que los padres tienen a sus hijos.

    Este refran se refiere a los cortesanos, en los quales verguenca demasiada, y pusilanimidad no es loable. Al hombre bueno no le busquen abolengo. Da dios almendras a quien no tiene muelas. Quiere dezir que riquezas, y mando vienen algunas vezes a quien no sabe repartir, ni sabe governar. Nacieron alas a la hormiga por su mal. El Infierno es lleno de buenas intenciones. Quiere dezir, que no ay pecador por malo que sea, que no tenga intencion de meiorar la vida, mas la muerte le sobreprende.

    Judios en Pascuas, Moros en bodas, Cristianos en pleytos, gastan sus dineros. En casa del Official assoma la hambre, mas no osa entrar. Los muertos abren los ojos a los vivos. Esto quiere dezir, que la merced que se haze con ostentacion, y ruydo no es tan agradable. Hagas buena farina, y no toques bozina.

    Buscays cinco pies al gato, y no tiene sino quatro. Madre vieja, y camisa rota, no es deshonra. Antes Moral que Almendro. Be rather a Mulberry then an Almond-tree. Be rather slow then hasty. Who spits at Heaven, his spettle falls on his face. Understood of blasphemers. God guard me from the stroak of a Gander, viz. I scap'd from the thunder and fell into the lightning, viz. Go neither to the Physician upon every distemper, nor to the Lawyer upon every brabble, nor to the pot upon every thirst.

    The company of one is the company of none, the company of two is the company of God, the company of three is company, the company of four is the Devils company. Who hath been si [ He who out- [ Who owes unto Peter and payes Andrew, let him pay another time. If the tall were valiant, the little man patient, and the red loyal, all the world would be equal.

    Praying to God, and driving the plow, viz. Who riseth late must trot all the day, viz. Who hath a hundred, and owes a hundred and one, need not fear; who hath a hundred and one, and owes one hundred and two, I recommend him to God. A VVoman and a Cherry paint themselves for their hurt, viz. God bring me to live there where an egge is worth six pence. To a Country full of money. Come cackling, thou mayst return singing, viz. Go with some present of Poultry to the Judge. An Ass that gets into another mans ground comes back laden with wood, viz. THe worse Abbot is made of him who hath been a Monk.

    Goose, Gander, and Gosling have three sounds, yet are but one thing. He took Villadiegos Breeches, and put earth in the middle, viz. He fled. Betwixt April and May, if there be rain, 'tis more worth then Oxen and W [ When Guara hath a cloak, and Moncayo a hood, a good year for Castile, and a better for Aragon. WHo doth not sup, needs not Avicen, viz. When the Patient hath the postern-door open, a far [ There's no such broth as the juyce of flint, viz.

    That's made of rock-water. A Pear that cries Rodrigo is not worth a fig, viz.

    First Edition

    A stony Pear. Distempers of the eye are to be cured with the elbow, viz. They must not be touched. To the Iudges of Galicia go with feet in hand, viz. Galliegos are beggers, the Castillians are covetous. Ganiazar and Villarejo, a great bell and bad counsel. Cuenca ill for sore heads, and Valencia for sore legs. From a Pamplona knife, a shooe of Baldres, and a friend of Burgos, the Lord deliver me.

    Sardinia either kills, or makes thee well, viz. Santiago way the lame goes as much as the sound, viz. Neither good shooe in Valdres, nor good friend in Salamanca. Neither a man of Cordova, nor a knife of Pamplona, nor a boy of Burges, or a shooe of Baldres. When thou goest by Torote, carry a stone in thy cloak, and it will pay thy reckoning. If Castile were a cow, Rioja would be the kidney. A Vineyard in Cuenca, a lusty wife, and a process in Huete. Duero hath the fame, but Pisverga hath the water. Aranda on Duero, I'le have for my self: a saying of Philip the second.