Ghosts Among Us - Eye Witness Accounts of True Hauntings

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In the Episode 2 story "Terror For Rent", the actual witnesses appeared in silhouette to conceal their true identities. The first two specials were called Haunted Lives , and the third and final special was renamed to Real Ghosts. The specials have been narrated by Leonard Nimoy and Stacy Keach. Episode 1 consists of three segments, all directed by Tobe Hooper , known for Poltergeist and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre : and edited by Jonathan Moser who also created the special effects in the show. A female stockperson in Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, California is frightened from her job in the storeroom.

Her supervisor doesn't know what to make of it until her other employees tell their stories. Two of the employees discover the ghost could be Yonny Yonson, a working immigrant who died when the property was still the Old Murphy Ranch. Yonny was in love with the daughter of his boss, but she rejected him. He died in an accident with an axe while chopping wood. Unsure what to do, the Toys R Us employees call in renowned psychic Sylvia Browne , who tries to send Yonny's spirit to the light, but it's quite obvious he won't leave.

When he discovers he has the wrong room because the rooms were renumbered in the past, he tracks down Kate's real room and encounters her spirit and lives through a place memory of her murder. Through research, he discovers Kate's real name was Lottie Bernard and her son might have been his own ancestor.

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In Austin, Texas , men tearing down an old school are scared by voices and images of young ghost as well as experience equipment problems. The foreman is losing time and money so he gets a psychic to deal with the problem and things seem to get better. One of the workmen starts getting a feeling that the ghosts are back but is ordered back to work. When a wall falls the wrong way, he gets killed. The foreman vows to destroy the school, but they never completely go away.

He leaves scribbles on my notepad

When he reburies a tree from the Metz Elementary site in his daughter's yard, his son-in-law reports hearing the sounds of happy children coming from it. Fitzgerald , Alvin Silver Alan May [3]. Trivia : Renowned psychic Sylvia Browne portrays herself in one of the recreations. She has often appeared on The Montel Williams Show. Allusions : Joe Torres: "What do you want me to do? Call Ghostbusters?! Margie: "I can see him. He looks like Casper. This is an allusion to the popular cartoon series Casper the Ghost , which later became a motion picture.

He critiques the work of his sons and pushes the boundaries of their patience. After Crashed his motorcycle into a truck thus Killing Him, his family notices the eyes open on his corpse before he is buried. Bob's ghost is back to terrorize the family, but a psychic reveals he just wants forgiveness. In Van Nuys, California , a young couple get the house of their dreams, but are soon arguing and fighting.

Just before they try killing each other, the husband drags his wife out of the house upon seeing the ghost. Actual video footage from the real location shows poltergeist activity. Doretta Johnson buys a former hotel near Madison, Indiana , to convert into a family business. After moving in, birds fly into the house and are found dead. The ghost of a little girl is seen in the bathtub where she was killed, and a childlike voice echoes through the place at night.

When the hauntings become threatening, the family wants to leave, but they can't afford it. Trivia : Christopher Chacone appears as himself in this episode. Chacone is a member of the real life Organization of Scientific Investigation and Research agency a. Chacone has often appeared in ghost examinations for the TV series Sightings.

Allusions : Steven: "Yeah, that's what they said in The Birds! He's referring to the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds.

8 Creepy Cape Town Ghost Stories That’ll Send Chills Down Your Spine

Doll: "Mommy A college freshman at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas is protected by the ghost of a prior fraternity member killed in a hazing incidentat at Phi Beta Delta Fraternity. Among his future brothers, Josh Pickering also meets the ghost of Duncan who protects all new pledges and terrorizes the fraternity's brothers. Josh discovers the story about Duncan after an old alumni member named Wally Marshall who had covered up the truth of Duncan's death dies in the fraternity house. After Duncan warns Josh and the fraternity of a fire, Josh decides to lay Duncan's spirit to rest by making him a part of the fraternity.

You could really tell that at the corners. So I thought that when I followed it with my flashlight like I was doing my brain tried to correct those imperfections. Like it was all an optical illusion. But things kept twitching and adjusting themselves. First it all happened in one place two segments out from a corner, but then all over the place. Then I saw one segment of the pattern crawl like an inchworm and replace another.

I felt my whole body shudder and twitch involuntarily at the sight.

Harry Ludlam (Author of Ghosts Among Us - Eye Witness Accounts of True Hauntings)

I couldn't keep looking. I had to get my mind on something else. Like the noises. There was still that thumping noise, and my ignoring of it failed as soon as I was ignoring the stenciling. The thumps came about once a second, and seemed to be grouped into fours. I don't think I noticed that right away, because it was faint at first, but it definitely had a sort of pattern to it.

I connected them with the shadows moving in the hall. You see, there was this light coming from what I assumed was a window at the end of the hallway. There was faint light coming in each of the windows. But I hadn't looked into the hallway. I was now sitting in the middle of the big room in total terror. I could just see the dim light coming out of the hallway, and there were shadows moving in it.

They could've been trees or climber roses or something outside, but they looked less mundane the more I saw them move around. I shined a light at the entrance to the hall, but saw no movement, and of course that made the light from the window invisible. I called out and got no answer.

I turned the flashlight off completely to let my eyes adjust. It began to look like people were pacing up and down the hallway, just out of my sight. I was scared, but I was more curious than scared. You'll find that's a recurring motif in this story. But this time my curiosity didn't lead me to anything awful.

I got up, walked over to where I could see straight down the hallway, and there was nothing. The noises continued, but they weren't being made my marching ghosts in that hall. I was never clear on what was casting the shadows, but that didn't bother me for long. After I'd sat back down in my safe place in the open, I saw another thing moving.

I was seeing lots of things like that out of the corner of my eye. It was my whole night, pretty much. But this was a more distinct sort of something, and it was coming right at me. I scrambled off the floor. I heard my scream echo through the big empty house, joined by the sharp thud of something striking the wooden floor. A series of smaller thuds followed as it hit the edges of boards while sliding across the floor. It was a rock. Somebody had thrown a rock right at me from outside a window.

I shined my light in each of the windows, but saw nothing. I was too afraid to walk up and look outside. Afraid somebody or something would pop up and scare me. I wasn't even sure which window the stone had come from, since when I traced its direction backwards it led to a blank wall. I wondered if it even came from outside. It wasn't wet. I left my spot for good, because I didn't feel safe there anymore. I decided to see what other rooms there were. I walked down the hallway that sometimes had shadows.

There were a couple bedrooms and I suppose a bathroom, but I didn't get to investigate them. I got hit by another rock. By the time I realized what had happened, two more had pelted me. It was a shower of stones from above. I shined my light up at the hole I assumed they were falling through, only to see a solid ceiling.

Besides some moss or mold or something it was totally intact. But these little grey-white stones were coming down on me, not hindered by the fact that they had no place to come from. They just kind of appeared at or just below the ceiling, popping up out of nothing. It was like watching popcorn pop. One hit my flashlight and it went off. As you can imagine, I only stayed in the hallway a couple seconds. The rocks weren't falling in the big room, so I scampered back over there and watched the downpour while my breathing and heartbeat gradually slowed to normal operating pace. The flashlight was still semi-useful.

I would hit it and it would go on for a moment at a time before dying again. It was enough to see what was going on. Here's another odd thing: The stones weren't falling very fast. If they'd been dropped out of the ceiling under normal circumstances they'd come down and hit the floor in a second. A fraction of a second even. And it looked more like they were falling through the ceiling thanks to some kind of crazy Star Trek physics, so they were starting out much higher and should be falling even faster. That makes sense, right?

They should've looked like streaks to me until they bounced off the floor and settled down. But instead I could see each individual stone falling in slow motion in the light of the inconstant flashlight. I'm sure it wasn't just a trick of the light. This still didn't account for the rhythm I'd been hearing. It was starting to really bother me that I didn't know what was making it. I figured I'd covered this floor, so I walked up the staircase to investigate the next.

I proceeded slowly, using the blinking flashlight to see if the steps ahead of me were broken or sloping. Sure enough, the rhythm got louder. At one point I thought I'd have to stop because the flashlight would just not work, but then it came back on. I was on the second floor which I think was the top floor when my light died completely and utterly. I'd been banging it harder and harder without results, and finally threw it against the floor in frustration.

I heard rolling batteries and realized I no longer had the option of trying it again. But before it went out I got an idea of the layout of the second floor. With the way the house was cut up, most of the floor was closed off in a single room. With the flashlight out, I saw there was a light coming from under that door.

This should have been impossible since the house didn't seem like it should have electricity and every fixture I'd run across had had the light bulbs taken out. What's more, there were moving shafts of dark in that light. The thumping was very loud now. There was something in that room. I froze at the thought of what that something could be. Losing my light had taken its toll on my spirit, and the episode with the stones had convinced me that something had it in for me. The situation was more chilling than ever, and I imagined it would only get worse if I went into that last room.

I was thinking about leaving the house and waiting outside despite the foul weather. As terrified as I was of the house, I was also afraid of living the rest of my life without ever knowing what was making that noise. As you can guess if you've read this far, curiosity won. I forced my hand to turn the knob. I could have opened the door slowly, peeking through the crack, but I didn't. Not wanting to prolong this anxious uncertainty, I threw it open.

It opened into a big dusty rectangular room illuminated by a sourceless light, completely empty except for five ghostly birds. They looked like Thanksgiving turkeys straight out of the fridge. They had no heads, but their size, shape, and hints of pink told me they were flamingos. They looked solid and ethereal at the same time. They glowed, and I could partly see through them, but I could also see the textured flesh of a preserved dead animal.

They danced in perfect unison to music no mortal ear could hear. Their featherless wings and long, goosebump covered necks beat and twisted to the same rhythm as their scaly feet. They hardly seemed to touch that unpolished wooden floor. Gravity wasn't doing its job right. But they were coming down with enough weight that the floor shuddered under them, and the steps to their dance could be heard far and wide.

I stared in awe for a while. It could have been a couple seconds or a quarter of an hour for all I know. Thinking back, it was strange how little I reacted. I didn't scream or gasp or shudder or fall down as my knees weakened.

I just stood there transfixed. The flamingos didn't react to me either. The dancing didn't screech to a halt. Nothing rushed at me or lunged at me or glared at me or shouted at me to get out. No phantom band materialized. None of the missing heads ever showed themselves. Nothing happened at all besides what was already going on when I opened the door. It continued on and on like a screen saver.

Real Ghost Stories

I don't know what it was that finally jarred me into action, but once I was going I didn't look back. I slammed the door and tried to run downstairs despite not being able to see the stairs. I overshot the whole staircase and sailed over the railing. I found myself back on the ground floor.

I would find out later that I'd bruised myself badly and pulled the hell out of a muscle in my left arm when I caught my fall, but I didn't notice any of that at the time. There was nothing in my mind except the flamingos and the haven from them that existed outside the house. So I pretty much hit the floor running and didn't stop until I'd made it to my car. The rain and hail hardly slowed my pace.

I couldn't see anything past a couple yards, but I still ran, falling and picking myself up a few times until I stumbled upon the road and traced my way to the car. Then I waited there getting more chilled than I thought a living body could. I thought hypothermia would shut me down, but I could still feel my heart beating frantically. I don't think it had slowed down one bit when I saw lights coming toward me.