Gods Challenge Call 1-2 (Christ Trumpeters Church Sunday School)

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Let the Pentecost Spirit inspire, invigorate and guide your life, thoughts and paths daily in Christ Jesus. Gifts —giving and receiving seems to be a part and parcel of active faith life and journey. This gift of breath has never ceased to be, whether in this life and life beyond.

As though that is not generous enough, this Deity incarnated in the person of a Son in order to pay the just ransom for a deadly pandemic, sin, on the cross so that sinners might be saved and live. The cost? I can identify with that. There are many more to be cited, but these two should help us, present-day followers of Jesus Christ understand we are called to give gifts that would keep on giving beginning today, tomorrow and for generations to come. How about these? For some of us, our parents had to drag us to church and tried to hammer their faith into our heads until we finally got it, at least, to some extent.

These parents might have had heart-warming experiences with Jesus Christ and did everything humanly possible to pass on those Christian values and faith legacy to their offspring. The truth is, after 10, 20, 50, 60 or more years, most of those committed Christian parents are no longer around. Sadly, the few faithful and devout Christian disciples still around are mostly either elderly or physically too weak to live out an active life of faith and service as they did in the past.

In the New Testament, Jesus Christ constantly reminded his disciples and would be followers that fruit bearing is key to his ministry and mission. Invest wisely and safely! Putting God First above all and in all is the First mark of true Christian living and the best offering anyone can dedicate to God throughout the Lent and Easter Seasons.

Remember, we are chosen to bear fruits that make a lasting difference in the lives of people in the name of the Risen Christ to the glory of God. We know that Lent recalls, reminds, and invites Christians of every denomination to a period of prayer, fasting and penitence as ways not only to identify with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, but for personal spiritual renewal, strength and growth. So, why would I be thinking and talking about Easter so early in Lent, one may ask. It is a season that requires spiritual disciplines that seem daunting, if not impossible, compared to my strength as a human being.

So, I try to find ways to strengthen my chosen spiritual discipline, i. So, why look forward to Easter? It is known as the Great Fifty Days with emphases on the resurrection and ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as well as the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Easter is the symbol of new life being breathed into the lame and almost dead community. From the weariness of observing forty days of spiritual disciplines, Easter reinvigorates our souls with renewed strength and assures us that spiritual growth and vitality are still possible on our faith life and work.

This is a movie that is currently showing in theaters around the country. It is helping people to relive the epic story of Jesus' death and experience the power of the Resurrection! Think Easter! Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low; the rough ground shall become level and the rugged places a plain. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all people together shall see it. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken! Leveling the valleys, lowering the hills and mountains; straightening the rough and rugged paths seems to require lots of efforts and could result in huge dusts in the air that may have the propensity to cause environmental pollution.

What a very powerful metaphor! Whether we know it or not, the Advent season raises our expectation level higher than any other season I have known. There seem to be an inherently desperate sense of anticipation to either give or receive something during this season. This observation holds true among both Christians and most non-believers. And finally, whom do all of these reveal?

At times the dusts of preparations and celebrations get so thick to the extent that the nature of the call for preparations gets lost! Simple, yet most important task: our preparations and celebrations must reveal the Christ Child! That we come prepared with penitent hearts and minds to renewed our relational covenant with our Creator and Savior;.

Live an Active Faith Life that reveals the Christ-child day-by-day in this life throughout this. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who Came from the Father, full of grace and truth. Christmas is one of the most popular and widely celebrated of all secular and religious holidays in the world. Interestingly, one way or another, people of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, various political spectrums, secular and religious entities, recognize and celebrate this day that adherents of the Christian Faith believed to be the birth date of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Look around you as this popular season approaches. Businesses are offering seasonal products with unbelievable discounts. The various Community organizations and individuals are spending enormous amount of times, energies and monies on decorations so as to present the best of beauties. Matthew Often times, there are all kinds of activities during Christmas Season. The questions: D o they all Center on Christ? Christmas should begin and end with Jesus Christ! For the older folks, the various community and fraternal groups would dress up in their uniforms and perform traditional dances, mostly under the influence of alcoholic beverages and other chemical substances.

What a lost opportunity! How about your Christmas prep and celebration? We have a chance to start all over again by accepting Jesus as Savior. May Rev Blake. John Rev E. Eph We have to be obedient to God to succeed. God gives us His best; give God your best. Let those on the outside see Jesus in us. Build one another up.

Faith and God protect us when we are tempted to doubt. But on the armor of God. God gives us the gospel of peace. We have the helmet of God by believing in God. The breastplate of righteousness- good, honest, standing up for the weaker ones. Gently help people to grow with us. The belt of truth keeps us from giving into the world. The Holy Spirit helps us see our wrong; correct it and turn it around. Put God first in all things. Always strive for the best. Arm yourself with the Spirit of God. Ps , A Call to Gratitude.

Be grateful for all God does: the dangers you overcame, the fears that never happened, the narrow escapes, the answered prayers.

July 15, 2018 10 AM Worship Service @ John Knox Presbyterian Church

Children of all ages, be grateful for your mother. Be grateful for a praying mother, one that sets a good example, one that believes in you when no one else does, that disciplined you, that taught you to obey, that taught you about God. Be grateful that God cares for us even better than a mother. May 5. We Have Security in Jesus. Ps No matter what happens, God is there and we have no reason to fear.

Put your trust in God. The devil sets traps for you, but the Lord will deliver you. Praise God for being our refuse. Live in the truth-it is our shield. The shield of faith will block the fiery darts of the wicked. All around the wicked fall but you stand because you praise God.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, mine, and soul. We have security in Jesus. Apr Acts Jesus died, rose, and ascended. We must do more than believe. Faith without works is dead. Deny yourself. Get ready because Jesus is coming back. Do not do anything that will keep you away from Jesus. The devil never quits so keep holding onto Jesus. Where Jesus is, we will be. Jesus is the way to the Father. Do what He says to do. When Jesus comes back every eye will see Him, and every tongue will confess Him. Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Jesus is a friend. Live so people see Jesus in you. Jesus left on a cloud and is coming back. God is unique in giving us what we need and what we ask for. God is able and He is coming back again. The Miracle on Calvary. Luke Jesus worked many miracles when He walked this earth.

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On Calvary He gave us all the opportunity for eternal life. God still loves. Ask Jesus to remember you. No matter what you have done you can call on Jesus. Jesus is ready to give you a place with Him. Thank God that He rose. To God be the Glory. The Lord Needs You. Mark God who created everything, that owns everything and everyone, wants to use us.

Another Mark

The Lord wants us to love and forgive one another, to be holy, to compel men to come to Him. Do exactly what God tells you to do. The Lord can use whoever or whatever He pleases: a fish for taxes, a rooster to condemn Peter, a raven to feed Elijah, a spider to save David, a colt to ride triumphantly into Jerusalem. Let Jesus ride in your life and He will take away the sinful habits. Let God use your hands, feet, mouth, everything; surrender all to the Lord.

Apr 7. When A Man Finds God. God knows what is in your heart. Learn to pray for yourself. Give your children back to God. God protected Samuel. Samuel heard the call of God. Do what God wants you to do not what you want. The Holy Spirit will lead you. When you find God your whole attitude changes. You are a new creature.

You can forgive. You can get along with anyone. You love. Mar Min E. Gen I've Got to Blow My Trumpet. Ezek Everywhere you look in this world there is sin and sadness. We need to call sin, sin. The world is separated, God wants to bring us together. Through the Word, we can do what God wants us to do. The Bible is our plumb-line not the ways of the world.

God has called us to warn Christians and non-Christians. Christians must obey the Word of God. Hear the Word of God. Ezekiel preached the Word to dry bones and they lived again.

Pastors Greetings 8/16 - 8/17 Archived

Jonah tried to run from blowing his trumpet and ended up in the belly of a fish. When Jonah went to Nineveh and warned the people, they repented. Train your children in the ways of God. When God tells you to blow your trumpet, do it. Man's Role in Society and Family. Rev Dea Wade. Men must become better and stronger to continue their role as protector. Men have more opportunity today to be connected to their family.

Men should be leaders. Lead in the home, 2 Tim Follow the scriptures to improve relationships with wife and family. Be wise, use the knowledge around you, Prov Tithe, Mal Trust God, Eph God is in charge. God Will Provide. Ex We can see how God provided in the life of Moses and the children of Israel. God protected Moses from death at his birth.

God provided Aaron to assist when Moses said he was unable to speak well. God provided a dry path through the Red Sea when there was no way of escape. God changed bitter water to sweet. God provided meat and bread for them to eat. God provided the law to direct them. God provided protection from poisonous snakes. Those that looked up were healed. We must look up to Jesus and be healed; and God will provide. Mar 3. Even Now. No matter what you are going through God can bring you out. Despite what seems like impossible odds, even now God is able.


Trust God to deliver you even now. Feb Making A Difference. Many people have made a difference throughout history. Washington were all born slaves and made a difference in the lives of many. Martin Luther King, Jr, helped end segregation and won the Nobel Peace Prize; he made a difference in the lives of many. We can make a difference no matter where we were born or who our parents are. You can bring light into a dark world. Walk in the light and make a difference. Pray for others, love, let your light shine.

But the greatest difference maker was Jesus Christ. He was born in a stable and laid in a manger. He temporarily gave up heaven to bring light into this world.

Why Do We Serve?

He died so we could live. Jesus continues to make a difference. Are you making a difference? We Are All one. Rev J. Blake Feb Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. Min J Frazier. God calls us out of our comfort zone because He want to stretch our boundaries, He wants us to witness Him using us in amazing ways, and He wants us to depend on Him. His dear wife, Anne, passed away some time ago and David has managed to continue living on his own.

His daughter, Lorraine, is very attentive but lives some distance away, and our brother and sister Willie and Jean Johnston have filled the bill and take him to all the meetings. We delighted in celebrating with David on Sunday 5 August as his daughter had arranged a birthday celebration at a local hotel on the Wednesday.

We wish David good health and pray that he will be able to continue on his own. Billy Bell; Willie Johnston. The bride and groom both attend the Church of God in Chennai. We had a buffet meal for all which went very well. After the meal we had a talk from a member of the Church who had worked with them in the Sunday School which was very much appreciated. We had a short time of singing along with Karl and his guitar then a final word from an older overseer.

Robert gave a little speech showing his appreciation to all present. We had a great time. We will miss Robert and Doreen but at this time in their lives they have to think of age and other commitments and of joining their family. Billy Bell; Willie Whitelaw. Kate had a clear testimony both in conversation and on video. She had invited friends from school and they and the families were present to see this very public declaration. The meaning of baptism was spelt out by James Needham, and David Woods spoke of the way forward as a disciple.

Our desire and prayer is that Kate will continue to grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Phil Jefferson; Stephen Hickling. As a teenager, she attended the Midland Bible Camp where she was saved and subsequently baptised and added to this Church. After passing her driving test she frequently took young and old in the family car to conferences in other districts. Later, she changed career from librarian to social worker for the blind. This required her to learn Braille then teach it to her clients.

They spoke very highly of Mary who went beyond the call of duty for them despite her own health issues. She was away from us for some time but was graciously restored by the Lord on 27 May She faithfully attended local and other events as her health permitted and her note-taking evidenced her keenness. Then, on 11 October , she married our brother Alan Sands and they were very happy in the short time the Lord gave them together. Clearly, the Lord had been training Mary for such a role, and we shall all now miss her.

At the funeral Phil Brennan spoke of some of the issues already mentioned. Phil went on to speak of the glorious Solomonic temple, with carved flowers all around. Even the two huge entrance pillars were topped with lilies. Philip Capewell; Malcolm Bootherstone. Our dear sister Barbara Arthur, affectionately known as Babs, was called home to be with the Lord on 14 August She was 98 years of age and had a life of good health and a very positive and happy disposition until near her mid-nineties.

She was a great ambassador for the Lord Jesus, speaking of Him to whoever she met and bold in her testimony of His salvation. Born in Peterhead, Scotland, as a very young girl her family moved to the Shetlands where she was saved in her early teens. They later immigrated to New Zealand, firstly to Auckland and then five years later to Christchurch. Fred passed away when Babs was She suffered loss again 10 years later when her daughter Violet, who suffered with cancer for a number of years, passed away leaving a husband and two young children.

Babs loved the Lord and the Assembly gatherings and was always a faithful saint who drove her car to the meetings up until her early nineties. She was a great testimony for the Lord to her grandchildren and great grandchildren. The funeral was taken by Ron Busby who spoke from Psa. He is the great comforter to those who mourn. The Lord Jesus understands the sorrow of the loss of a loved one, and comforts in time of need. The graveside service was also taken by Ron Busby who spoke from 1Cor.

A large number attended the funeral service, nearly half being younger people- mostly grandchildren and great grandchildren and friends. Ron Busby. On 21 July our beloved brother, William Farrell, passed into the presence of the Lord after a prolonged illness.

Our brother was 74 years old. Willie was born in Dublin, and after spending his early life in Ireland he moved across the Irish Sea to Britain, firstly to Birmingham and then to Glasgow where he met his wife to be, Isabell, and it was through her godly example that he came to faith in Christ in his early 20s.

He was baptised and added to the Church of God in Glasgow Partick company before emigrating to Australia a few years later. He had been unable to attend gatherings of the Church for several years due to his growing infirmity, and when the Lord called him into His presence it was a blessed release to be free from bodily frailty. At the funeral parlour family members spoke of his love of family, while Roy Dickson described how Willie had come to be saved, making clear to all present the need to receive Christ though faith. Please remember Isabell and family for the comfort of God in their sorrow.

Ron Busby; Roy Dickson. She celebrated her 90th birthday on 13 May. Margaret was saved as a young girl, baptised in July and added to the Church of God in Cookstown. Her late husband was also numbered with the saints for a few years. Margaret was faithful in her attendance at the Assembly meetings for many years until deteriorating ill health restricted her presence. She was loved by her fellow saints and she loved them, especially their warm fellowship. She enjoyed singing as she was a good singer; her sweet voice could clearly be heard resounding throughout the Church building.

She sent her six children two girls and four boys to the afternoon Sunday school and youth meetings for she knew that they would be taught the way of salvation from the Scriptures. Margaret had a rather difficult family life as well as various health problems.

In recent years, she was attended by her two daughters and professional carers who were faithful in their care and devotion. Margaret leaves behind her two daughters and four sons along with the many grandchildren and great grandchildren who are saddened, yet grateful, for the memories of a life that impacted them in many various ways.

Gordon Bell; John Ferguy. Maimie, as she liked to be called, a local girl, was saved when she was still quite young, and apart from a brief period of working in Birmingham, England when still single she lived, married, worked and worshipped locally in the Dungannon area of Northern Ireland. Her husband, Harry, pre-deceased her by about 20 years following a stroke. Maimie was skilled at sewing and worked in local clothing manufacturing factories for many years.

She faithfully attended Knocknacloy Assembly meetings until she became too frail to venture out from her flat in sheltered accommodation in Dungannon. At the service and at the graveside, tribute was paid to the carers who called every day, and to family, friends and brothers and sisters in the Church who supported her for the last few years. Please remember her brother George Thompson Barry , Esther and Jim, and other family members and local friends who will miss Maimie.

The funeral service was conducted in a local Baptist church in Dungannon making it convenient for some of the residents in the sheltered flats nearby to attend by John Watts. Words of comfort and challenge were spoken at the graveside by Gilbert Grierson. John Watts; Gilbert Grierson. During her stay in the home, her husband Sam faithfully visited her every day. As a young girl, Kay attended the Walnut Street Gospel Hall Sunday School and was instrumental in bringing new scholars along from the neighbourhood around the hall.

She attended Bible classes and camps in her teenage years, and during that time came to the Lord Jesus as her Saviour. Not long after her salvation, she was baptized and added to the Church in Hamilton. She later married Sam and they were blessed with two children, Paul and Ann.

Biblical Prophecy | Philadelphia Church of God

Kay was a faithful sister, and enjoyed gathering with saints for the various meetings of the Church. She was very hospitable, had a happy outgoing personality, and made a point of talking with as many saints as possible after each gathering. She was active in Sunday School, camp work and helping with the catering for Church functions. Also, Paul and Ann related some of their fond memories of their mother. It was noted by all that Kay was gifted in sending gifts and cards to people - birthdays, get well, anniversaries and Christmas etc.

We have missed her cards arriving in the mail since she went into the home. Our dear sister Kay will be missed but not forgotten. We remember our brother Sam, Paul and Ann and their families in our prayers, that the Lord will comfort, support and guide them as they adjust to their lives without the one they loved so much.

John Anthony; Ron Thomas. David was born in and lived for 97 years. He remembered a Mr March preaching the Gospel when David was 10 years old. His parents took him to Christian meetings in Falkland. He joined the Army at 19 as a driver, not wanting to bear arms. The enlarged family includes 8 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. In recent years he was housebound, always keen to hear how the saints were getting on. That portion was read by Neville Coomer at the graveside along with 1 Thes. David was waiting for the coming of the Lord.

He fully believed in the resurrection. The family wish to thank everyone for their support and many cards. Neville Coomer; J. Our dear sister lived for 90 years - from 24 April to 27 July - spending her final weeks in Glenrothes hospital. The loved wife of John Mackie, who was called home four years earlier, they came to the Church of God in Methil 45 years ago and continued happily until their home calls came. Queenie in early years lived in Cheltenham. She was the oldest of four children. John had already been saved when at Preston while attending a Pentecostal gathering.

They were married on 7 July They had three children, and many great-grandchildren. At the graveside, Ian Lithgow spoke about keys. Skeleton keys can open any lock. People search for the key to happiness and peace. The family very much appreciated the words of comfort from those who knew her. Auchenfoyle Anniversary Celebrations In Ps. On Saturday 19 May over people attended the 70th anniversary celebrations of Auchenfoyle Camp. It was great to see the site looking restored to its former beauty after the fire last year. It was a delight to welcome numerous past campers, including some who attended the very first camp in , as well as those intending to come to Auchenfoyle Camp for the very first time in the future.

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine all day. A variety of activities were organised outside to keep youngsters and those not so young entertained for the afternoon, including hook a duck, relay races on the football field, a bouncy castle, a play tent, giant jenga, swingball and archery. Phil Hawthorne kept everyone entertained, playing a variety of Christian music across the campsite. Meanwhile, indoors, Bev and Abigail Ramage had prepared a range of crafts to keep children busy. In Iona, Neil Osborne had built an amazing Lego model of the whole campsite and children and adults!

Food has been a key part of Camp for many years and was provided for all who attended — rather a task for the catering team, being unsure of the final number of attendees. After some singing, Leonard Ross shared the Gospel, reminding us of the special place that Camp is to so many people and where numerous individuals have come to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. At the end of the service, everyone was given a New Testament courtesy of the Gideons and a 70th anniversary badge.

Many thanks are due to Marion McNamara and Marion Rossi for their hard work in organising the event and to everyone who planned activities and came to support the work of Camp. Please pray for Auchenfoyle Camp as we look ahead to the reunion weekends and the years ahead DV. Alex Osborne. I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?