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Hiking takes some work and planning.

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We have to plan ahead, make sure we have everything we need, and leave at just the right time of day to work around meals. Sometimes it feels like work to have fun — but even so, we know it will always be worth it. Here are a few tips that help simplify the process of having fun, give you more space to be spontaneous, and help you make amazing memories. But the last thing we need is one more obstacle to enjoying ourselves.

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Some outdoor activities require a limited amount of gear to. But you never need as many recreational items as you might believe. Minimize the amount of stuff you need, and you are much more likely to go for it. With so many options for recreation, the task of deciding alone can be daunting.

Do you hop a plane and spend a few days in a fancy hotel, or throw some camping gear in the car and hit the road to the local state park? In this case, it is helpful to focus on what you need right now. Have you been busy and need some quiet and restful fun? Do you need a little pampering? Or are you feeling restless, like taking on a challenge and doing something a little crazy?

Take your fun temperature and plan accordingly. This is how you will get a small WIN every day in the form of a meaningful break. Create a short list of things that you could do and then schedule time every single day on your calendar to take a break and have fun. Think short and meaningful: minutes tops. Then you can move into implementing the oasis strategy in your personal and family life as well. This will further push you into living the Culture of WIN. They are fighting it because they suffer from:. What should leadership teams do to ensure fun becomes part of the culture?

There are several steps to making sure your company gets to the culture of WIN.

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Most important is to live the example because a company is a reflection of its leadership. Make it obvious to everyone in the company.

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Next, create a written vision of how the company would look if it embraced the culture of WIN. An analysis of the financial benefits would also need to be completed before meeting with the leadership team to discuss ways to implement and ideas of what to do. Get Unlocking Your Creative Genius free when you sign up to receive blog updates via email.

Having fun is the other half.

The Power of Having Fun

Related posts. Skip Prichard Meet Skip. Subscribe today and receive a free gift Get Unlocking Your Creative Genius free when you sign up to receive blog updates via email. Pin It on Pinterest. Back Today. When Should You Share a Secret? Ping Pong, Basketball, and the Rest Where there is play there is poetry, where there is fun there is grace, where there is laughter there is truth.

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We Are Joyous and Playful to the Very End Maybe it's possible that if you get good enough at pretending, you can pretend your way to bliss. Imagination: The Infinite Playground Imagination is the infinite playground. Confluence, Unity, and Coliberation The experience of confluence is the glue that binds us to a social setting, the promised reward that keeps us seeking each other out.

Defining Playfulness If you look for playfulness in the young, you will find it.

havingfun by Arian Cook | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Living, Dying and the Taste of a Good Falafel Do you think what thinking about dying and dying in general does for you is emphasize how much better living turns out to be? L'Chaim Yup.

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Getting Light There's a time when what we most need to let go of are ambitions—ambitions for new accomplishments and ambitions for new possessions. Silliness, Seriousness, I and Thou You have to play in the and to hear the music. My Gift for Family and Community This swing is exactly the kind of swing I would most like to be remembered with: a swing where parent and child would swing together, facing each other.

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Rehearsals and Reversals and More Rehearsals When, from the very wings of your psyche, you hear your inner thespian, wording and re-wording what next to say. Bubblebags and Baggyballs Worried about the environment? Of Playfulness and Play Play is an inherently political action. Good Fun We must make the distinction. Having Fun Being Funny In some games, victory comes not from being best, but from having the most fun. Even Competition is Cooperative Is winning the real goal of games? A Playful Protest These are the times when even a simple thing like playing together in public can have a revolutionary impact.

Play Is a Spiritual Path Fun is a spiritual thing. Seeing The Funny Side to Everything No matter what truths you seek, you'll some of the deepest and most useful truths if you can just see the funny side.

Creative Adults having fun!

Doing Pointless Things for Fun Even when we lived in caves, we knew how to have fun. Choosing to Play I think maybe that's our blessing and our curse: our having to make the choice. Play, Health, Safety, and Community The healthier the community is and the safer it is, the more the whole community plays, even the adults. Previous Page 1 current Next. On Having Fun Rediscovering playfulness. Books by Bernard De Koven. A Playful Path. Recess for the Soul.