Maybe Tomorrow

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Where is the book that speaks to those losses? In spare, simple language, Agell creates two characters to tell the story. There is Elba, whose sadness takes the form of an actual block she lugs around. And the Thank goodness someone wrote this book. And there is Norris, whose effervescent kindness takes the form of the butterflies that trail him everywhere. With a light hand, Agell shows us how a friend can make a burden feel a little lighter. Light-hearted illustrations by Ana Ramirez Gonazalez complement the writing beautifully.

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May 19, Lynn Plourde rated it it was amazing Shelves: maine-connection , picturebook. I adore this book by Charlotte Agell--simple, yet profound. Elba has a big black block. She can't let go of it--it's filled with sadness from something that happened to her, from someone she lost. A new friend Norris helps her to carry that block until it is somehow lighter. A perfect metaphor for helping a friend with sadness, with grief.

Maybe Tomorrow

The grief never goes away, but it's easier to carry that grief when a friend helps you with it. The language is perfect and makes I adore this book by Charlotte Agell--simple, yet profound. The language is perfect and makes the reader pause to absorb the story. The colorful, butterfly-filled illustrations by Ramirez Gonzalez are the perfect counterbalance to what could seem like a sad story. A book with the power to change readers!

Shelves: capchoices-up-to , picture-book , sadness , friendship , grief. A quiet, thoughtful story about grief, loss, and sadness. A hippo drags around a big block. Norris, a dancing alligator? While he helps her with her block, Elba confesses she misses Little Bird. She shares her memories of Little Bird with Norris. When Elba worries about some butterflies flying away Norris tells her "Sometimes, we have to let things go.

No A quiet, thoughtful story about grief, loss, and sadness. Norris comforts her saying he will help her carry it sometimes. Jun 11, Brandi Kutz rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , childrens. This book did such a fantastic job simplifying the concept of sadness and handling that sadness for children. Elba has a big block and it keeps her from doing things that she once had fun doing. One day she meets Norris, who has fun and is followed by butterflies wherever he goes. Norris allows Elba to take her time to talk about her block and is very patient and kind.

That's just what Elba needed. It's told in simple prose and cute illustrations. I haven't seen a picture book talk about sadness This book did such a fantastic job simplifying the concept of sadness and handling that sadness for children. I haven't seen a picture book talk about sadness quite this well.

Jun 12, Robbi Caldwell rated it it was amazing Shelves: cbooks , h-read-alone. I loved this book! What a beautiful way to help children understand grief, sadness, depression - the block really can signify many of those things.

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics | SongMeanings

I went into this book having no idea what it was about and, of course, I was crying at the end. So grab your Kleenex and this book - it's definitely worth a read or many reads! This is a beautiful story of Elba, who has been carrying around a big, heavy block for a very long time.

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Then she meets Norris. Norris befriends Elba and tries to understand her block. I teared up. This is such a stunningly beautiful story. The illustrations are wonderful.

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics

But the story? Children will get the metaphor. Buy the book.

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At the very least, read it. May 25, Kyla rated it it was amazing. A beautiful book about supporting a friend through a time of grieving. Sometimes in our lives we're the ones dragging the heavy block, and sometimes we're the ones with butterflies around our heads. Norris with butterflies doesn't judge Elba, he just listens and tries to understand and helps her carry the block as best he can. Jan 31, Sierra rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , storytime , focus-on-the-friendship , mental-illness.

Great story about one friend helping another friend through grief and sadness by sometimes talking, but mostly just being there. Dec 18, Katy rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-book. Written by teacher Charlotte Angell, with illustrations by Ana Ramirez, this story is about Norris, a lively, positive alligator who helps Elba, a sad pink hippo, talk through the loss of her best friend, Little Bird.


As their friendship grows, the black block that the hippo has been dragging around for a long time, gets smaller and more manageable. This book is helpful to children who are experiencing heartbreak from the death of a loved one or a pet, to a friend moving away, or the transition of a new home. Having a friend help carry the burden of loss is always helpful in the grieving process. Grades: Pk Scholastic Press, Then along come Norris who dances everywhere and is followed by a cloud of butterflies.

As Norris encourages Elba to go on picnics and talk about their friend, Little Bird, that they lost, Elba notices that her box Maybe Tomorrow? As Norris encourages Elba to go on picnics and talk about their friend, Little Bird, that they lost, Elba notices that her box is getting smaller and smaller.

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This is a fantastic book for anyone who has lost someone special and still feels heavy and sad about it, or maybe even feels great, but feels guilty about not feeling heavy and sad. The cutesy pictures make the reading appeal fairly young, even though the topic may appeal to older kids. Feb 28, zapkode rated it it was amazing Shelves: hardcover , childrens , read4review. Eventually the two of them become friends.

Elba had lost someone close to her and is having problems letting go. Norris has no problem letting go and moving forward. The illustrations and the words within the pages go together so nicely. The two of them help to paint a wonderful picture, that shows children through imagination what it is like to hold onto sadness. It helps to show them what it is like to let go of that sadness as well. I think this is a great book. This book has the potential to teach children so much and I look forward to sharing it with my girls when they get a little older.

Grief and sadness are so difficult to write about without being didactic to children.. But this book explores loss, sadness, and friendship in a calming and reassuring manner. It has become smaller and manageable, but still there. I read a library copy, but am thinking of purchasing a copy of this for myself. While it is written for children, adults dealing with grief and loss would benefit from this also.

May 21, Gabrielle Stoller rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s , picture-book , tough-topics. I almost started bawling at my desk as I read this book. It's the story of Elba who carries around this huge box. And it drags her down. Then there is Norris who is light and carefree. Over time, Norris gets Elba to get up and come with him to the beach. This journey of friendship offers the opportunity to share what is going on in Elba's life. The box is a metaphor for grief.

Even at the end, Elba still carries the box with her. Yet due to the care of a friend, it is lighter and less a part of her. Dutch Top 40 Retrieved 7 December Single Top Official Charts Company. Retrieved 7 December British Phonographic Industry. Select singles in the Format field. Select Silver in the Certification field. Live from Dakota. Rewind Decade in the Sun: Best of Stereophonics. Graffiti on the Train Tour.

My favorite song is Half. I think Half is similar to a song written by Nova Collective, a progressive metal band. Joy, Departed by Sorority Noise. Drum by Gold Class. Elastic Australian post-punk with a heavy, and welcome, Dischord influence. This Atlanta group have a unique take on Americana, bridging queer cabaret culture of the s and '30s with punchy contemporary rock. Sleep Debt by Cheer up. Indie rock with that late '90s approach: burbling melody, a literary bent, and a restless heart.