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His image was perched on a monument. This was illuminated, so that it shone inthe evening sky. We collected all the impressions in our heads so that we could report about it at home. Cindy and John also liked to click-click with their camera, for our roommates. Did they miss us already? The hours passed. It was now dark and so our 1st day in America, far away from Buxtehude, came to an end. The Sophienburg was the first stop that day. It was not a castle, but a museum and archive, the place where things were displayed that had belonged to the great-grandmas and grandpas of New Braunfels.

The museum told of the history of German immigrants, as did our Rabbit and Hedgehog Museum at home in our alleys. The collections included photos, newspapers, historical, oral and written government and church records, as well as information about the people. It was very exciting to see what the people had taken with them from Germany at that time and kept until today.

By a magic mirror a computer screen , we could read in the old New Braunfelser Zeitung, which reported many, many years ago about a Christmas market. As interesting as we found it in the museum, we wanted to experience more, much more. So, we drove in John's car towards San Antonio. Of course, we were allowed to go to our favorite place at the back window, from where we could see everything. On the short drive we saw many things that reminded us of Hamburg: the big highway, dwellings and pubs, big shops and really many signs leading to parks.

San Antonio is a green city with many recreational opportunities. Soon we had arrived in the middle of the beautiful old town in the district Alamo. Alamo was a Catholic mission years ago. In the neighbourhood we explored also beautiful lanes with old houses and saw the high lookout tower of La Villita.

Imagine, with its meters height it was the highest tower in the USA until Unfortunately, we could not go up into tower, because it became already late again. When we drove through Seguin, he wanted to show us something. John told us about a legend. There a nut claimed to be the world's largest pecan nut. We thought it couldn't be but see for yourself!

Not even with our robber leader we got up to this big nut, which probably weighed kilos. Back in the car we fell asleep happy and content and didn't even notice that the two big ones had carried us to bed. The next morning, we had a good night's sleep.

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It was Christmas Eve. Of course, after the delicious breakfast Cindy had prepared for us, we went for a little stroll through the alleys of New Braunfels. On our way there was a bakery. This belonged to Uwe and we were greeted in German. Uwe had lived in Germany before and had only come to Texas a few years ago, an emigrant of the new era.

He was happy to hear news from his former homeland. My wife and I talked to him for some time while Rabbit looked around.

It wasn't long before he came back as fast as a lightning. Stiff as a stick he stood in front of us with his ears raised high and pointed into a corner of the bakery. Of course, we followed Uwe's advice and sat down with them. Santa reported that this was based on a European tradition, the Saint Nicholas custom. Since the poem 'The Night Before Christmas' from , people believed that Santa Claus had a sleigh with which to distribute the gifts. So Santa Claus became famous. While we were talking some children had already gathered who also wanted to go to Santa.

So we said goodbye to the two lovely characters, wished them a Merry Christmas and went back to Cindy, who was already waiting for us. She had bought Christmas biscuits and John stood in front of the door and watched the hustle and bustle on the street. On the way home, we stopped at friends. We were greeted warmly, as a visit from Old Germany should have been. While the grown-ups drank a coffee and talked about the past Wurstfest, we had made ourselves comfortable in the sleigh.

From there we admired her Christmas tree and the decoration in the living room. Everything was festively decorated, just like at home. John had already mentioned the word in Landa Park. The big ones looked at us in amazement. Obviously, they couldn't imagine that we didn't know it. The Wurstfest was the biggest German folk festival in America. The emigrants have been celebrating it since the first days, following the German Oktoberfest tradition.

John explained: "The Oktoberfest begins with the tapping of the first beer barrel. Here at the Wurstfest some people stand on the stage and bite together into a long queue of sausages". We looked at each other in disbelief, but other countries had different customs, especially as everything else was very similar to the Oktoberfest.

At some point we set off again and strolled on through the alleys. Also here the houses were decorated with many lights and in the front gardens stood Santa Clauses, reindeer sleds and many other figures, like snowmen, deer and of course also glowing Christmas trees. Then we went back to the house of our host parents and admired their tree.

We hedgehogs looked at each other. There are lots of chillies hanging in the tree. We had never seen anything like it before! Cindy had not noticed anything of our conversation. She said: "Now you have to dress up, because we are going to church right away". Our roommate had sent along our beautiful festive clothes. So, we changed quickly and went out.

Cindy and John were enthusiastic. Also, they had made themselves chic and so we could go together into the church. The church was full of people, just as we had experienced it with us. It was a solemn hour with speeches and beautiful songs, even those we knew and could sing along. In addition, countless candles laughed and the atmosphere was very devout and festive. The service passed quickly and we walked home. Rabbit was already looking forward to his presents and was overconfident, he jumped through the streets and sang the songs from the church.

Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum But what was that? Under the Christmas tree, the decorated Christmas tree, there were no presents, not even a piece of coal! Rabbit was disappointed, sad and worried. Or is he not coming here because there is no snow for the sleigh or is he even stuck in the chimney? John explained: "In America, and therefore also in Texas, Santa Claus only comes through the chimney at night. Milk and biscuits are then ready for his refreshment.

And on Christmas morning can the presents be unpacked.

AIDA Weltreise 2020: Mit AIDAaura um den Globus

So it's time for you to wait and sleep another night. So that the time passed faster, we sat down in the comfortably furnished kitchen in front of the laptop and starting a Skype-Session with our flatmates. Thanks to the time difference it was already early Christmas morning in Buxtehude, while Texas had a deep night. The darkness passed. Well, we were excited. And indeed! In the morning there were colorful glittering packages under the tree. So, he must be well and he didn't get stuck in the chimney.

Hooray, hooray, hooray" called Rabbit in his pyjamas. We did that and with a "Merry Christmas! Each of us got a big one of these shiny packs. But he could not guess it. How also. There are hundreds of things to be happy about. So, my wife said: "On the count of three we start, then we unwrap the presents from Santa Claus. Did the Christmas elves also pack us something nice? Cindy and John watched us fotunate. Each of us had received real Texas hats. Rabbit and me a cowboy hat and my wife a summer hat with sweet pink flowers.

There were others! We had seen them on TV before. They were glittering party hats. Everyone got one in a different color. We also put them on our heads, stood together in front of the mirror and admired our presents. We thought they were great! Cindy and John were happy with us. John said: "We have another surprise for you! You are allowed to stay with us until New Year's Eve!

The time flew by. New Year's Eve, the last day of the year, was soon upon us and we decorated the party room. In the evening many friends came to our house. We all sang, laughed, ate and toasted together at midnight. So, we greeted the New Year and our party hats made us look festive. The evening was beautiful, but at some point ears and spines were so tired that they had to go to bed. But we couldn't sleep long this morning, because there was soon a traditional lunch, which led to misunderstandings at first. Cindy said: "Here are the Black Eyed Peas! Rabbit jumped up immediately and sang: "Got a feeling No, we didn't know such vegetables, not even my wife, but they were very tasty.

Then Cindy served us Tamales. These were delicious meat, cheese or vegetable specialities wrapped in corn dough. For Rabbit she had prepared extra carrot Tamale, which tasted very good to him and he praised them in high tones. Of course, there was also dessert. What do you think that was?

Guess what! After the snacking we thanked Cindy very much for the effort she had made on New Year's morning. All three of us hugged her and she got a kiss on the cheek from everyone. Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Send us feedback. View Verb Table. Pause Unterbrechung : Pause. Pause Sprechpause : Pause. Pause MUS : Pause. Show results in the Wyhlidal Automotive Engineering Dictionary.

Pausenknopf m. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. In der Pause wird auch in Guineas Schulen ausgelassen gespielt. Consequently, I went to work early, made less break and went home earlier accordingly, where Sheila already lambasted about half an hour and once again brought no food on the table, when the man of the house after a difficult day's work came home… tsts zoe-delay. Even after the break , the Austrians were playing with a long well, until the final phase, the accumulated error, the Swedes came ultimately to a significant success and have already qualified for the semi-final fix.

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September, wiederaufgenommen. Verdi aus Turin, die Besuche am Freitagabend. Verdi Conservatory of Turin. This work in 43 sections originated in a suggestion made by her mother, Lore Bondy, and shows a series of portraits with very brief breaks between individual frames and so comes closest to the cinematic process of the dissolution of reality into individual frames. In her cinematic works Kubelka has reversed this photographic process borrowed from film-making by filming peo-ple in a condition of utmost immobility.

In the breaks they have the opportunity to visit info desks and take part in different activities. The SFB is engaged with the question as to how sensory stimulation forms memory. Inzwischen war es auch recht warm geworden ca. In the meantime it had become quite hot approx. Minute ausgeglichen. Dann konnte sich Spanien bis auf 4 Tore absetzen, aber die Schweizer kamen kurz vor Schluss noch einmal auf 2 Tore heran. After the break , the game was equalized up to the 36th minute. Then Spain was able to settle on 4 goals, but the Swiss could narrow the lead down on 2 goals just before the end.

The dancers slink in the permanent change between action and recess over the dance area and surprise with dynamic body actions and fast head movements. Do not eat or drink during classes, you have recess for that. It is moving to see how considerate both blind and sighted students are of each other and how they talk, play and stand with each other during recesses - and of course also the blind students with each other. During recess the children were only permitted to walk around in a circle in the school yard and they regularly had to line up for roll-call. By having breakfast together and participating in athletic activities offered during recess , children were introduced to a healthy lifestyle while still at school.

The special aspect of this project was that the supported schools for the first time shared their experiences with partner schools and together formed a network of schools. The next day I called him at recess from the schoolyard, with my friends gathered around, all trying to listen into the receiver — the way high school girls do. Montag, Juli www. During the interval , enjoy a glass of sparkling wine then after the concert, round off the evening with a three-course meal in the in-house restaurant AIDA. Monday 20th July www. After the interval the prized compositions were performed.

Hengelbrock is bringing this concept — a three-part programme with two intervals and a lot of leisure — with him to Bonn. The mood of expectation that pervades the lively programme will rub off on to the audience in Bonn — in line with the motto of the Beethovenfest Bonn , we shall hear the original form of famous English themes along with variations or metamorphoses. Pausen in unseren Cateringbereichen zu sich nehmen. Food and drinks can be purchased before the event and during intervals in our catering areas. Are children under 16 permitted to attend concerts or sporting events without parents?

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Oshima erupts very frequently, on average every years, but has been quiet since , which is an unusual long interval compared to its activity in historic times. Eruptions at Oshima volcano occur from both summit and flank vents and its lavas are relatively fluid. Abbildung 2: www. The standard abrasive Miller tests were performed for 6 hours with an interval of two hours revealing the mean wear rate in term of mass loss per hour Fig 2.

Figure 2: www. Drinks and snacks are available during the interval. As long as this interval is short enough, it is not noticed by the eye, but the impression of brightness decreases with increasing length of the dark phases. This procedure is known as pulse width modulation PWM. We' re having a long break for the summer and starting slowly working on some ideas for our next album.

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Nevertheless, the gray hues seem to be unequal in color at first glance; so you better have a little break , look somewhere else and go back a few steps, and only then you will see that the squares are equal in color. Now a similar test with colored squares. Wir bieten euch Halbtagestrips auf Anfrage und einer Mindestteilnehmerzahl von 6 Personen. If you like to have a break you can relax and enjoy the boat trip of course. We offer half day trips upon request with a minimum of 6 guests. Use the product for two to three weeks and have a break one week, to see if the symptoms persist.

As a preventive measure, Back on Track can be used with regular breaks. Lies deinen Vortrag nicht vor, sondern versuche frei zu sprechen. Have little breaks in between the sentences to allow your audience to reflect on what has been said. Communicate freely do t read the whole text from a piece of paper.

Neuste zuerst Beliebteste www. Have a break and play jigsaw puzzles with Vladstudio artworks! Newest first Most popular www. The entry has been added to your favourites. You are not signed in. Please sign in or register for free if you want to use this function. An error has occured. Please try again. Thank you! Your message has now been forwarded to the PONS editorial department.

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How do I find the new sentence examples? By tigerstaffel Nach einem Jahr Pause wurde die Tigerstaffel heuer wieder eingeladen beim Flugplatzfest Innsbruck am By tigerstaffel After one year break , the Austrian Tiger squadron was again invited this year to the Innsbruck Airport Festival on 26th October to establish a static display to offer the population of the western parts of Austria the possibility of an insight into the Austrian military-jet-aviation and to allow a direct conversation with the pilot and the technician.

And we of course had to urgently of sein, everything else is just. The Austrians then played 20 minutes were great, the equal of Sweden and came back to within four goals of the Swedes - Sweden for the break state. Nights of art and beauty to be both seen and hear … Il Bello da Sentire As usual, the Evening Openings of the Vatican Museums will be suspended during the month of August, in favour of the long and welcome summer break : they will begin again on Friday, 6 September.

The Condor - Rare in the Wild After an hour break we tackled the ascent. The Spains took back the lead and left into the break with a score of The uniformly strongly bended knees, that are not stretched also in the closing of the feet, are characteristic. Switzerland, March During recess , while the school principal and a young teacher are discussing their differing conceptions of school discipline, a little boy refuses to share his toys with a classmate, who is upset by this gesture that he cannot understand.

This unusual method of common learning does not benefit only the eager students - the blind students are chiefly the best in the class - but also furthers the integration of the visually impaired students into the community and provides mutual practice to all students in social conduct. She attended the Max Planck Upper School on Auguststrasse in East Berlin, which is why she had to pass the sector border at least twice a day.

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We flirted while my friends sniggered audibly, mere feet away, and he wrote his number on the back of my receipt when I paid. Die Baden-Baden-Gala beginnt um 17 Uhr. To set the mood for a glamorous evening, enjoy an introductory lecture from the comfort of your reserved seats followed closely by the Baden-Baden Gala which will commence at 5pm.

Sie erhielt den 1. She was awarded the 1. Ebenso ausgenommen von einem Verbot ist die Verpflegung von Babys und Kleinkindern. Also excluded from this ban is food for babies and toddlers. Es ist eine meist untergetaucht stratovolcano, dass ein 11 x 13 km Insel bildet. It is a mostly submerged stratovolcano that forms an 11 x 13 km island. How to Work Less.