Penny and Her Doll (I Can Read Level 1)

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Click, Clack, Peep! Red Ted and the Lost Things. Sensitive Areas: No sensitive areas. Topics: Dolls , Personal names , Family life , Mice. Add to Wishlist. Easy Reading Grades Get Started. Learn More. This time she and her mother are working in the garden when the mailman arrives with a package.

She loves it and shows it to her siblings and her father. However, she is stumped because she cannot think of a name for her. After Penny decides to show her doll all around her home, she is inspired to find a name for her in the garden, and she happily runs in and announces her choice to her family. The garden motif is carried throughout the book by the color scheme and the floral wallpaper in the home.

The sight words and repetition are perfect for emerging readers and will allow children to move from being read to toward reading on their own. As supremely satisfying as a Henkes picture book, this beginning reader belongs in collections everywhere. The doll had a pink bow. Penny and Her Doll begins in the setting of a garden.

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  • Penny and Her Doll by Kevin Henkes.

Mama and Penny are in the garden smelling roses and pulling weeds when the mailman delivers a package. The package is for Penny from her Grandma. When she opens the package, there is a sweet note and a gift wrapped in pretty paper.

Summit Book Fair - Early Readers & Chapter Books (E-Q) | Bookmarks

The note was to explain that Grandma was at the store and thought of Penny when she saw this doll. When Penny unwrapped the pretty paper, there was a doll that she loved dearly. She showed everyone her new toy and Penny and Her Doll begins in the setting of a garden. She showed everyone her new toy and took it everywhere. However, Papa asks what she named the doll and Penny was shocked that she forgot to give her a name. She then thought and thought of a name until she became frustrated.

Penny went outside and began to smell the roses, just then she realized something! The dolls name should be Rose because she was smelling roses when the mailman delivered her. This book is great for younger students who struggle with reading and aren't quite reading lengthy chapter books. The Author, Kevin Henkes, writes many children's book with Penny included in them. He does a great job repeating the characters expressions throughout all of the books. The pictures are filled with vibrant color. This creates contrast against the bright colors and the dull gray color of the mice characters.

Overall, the pictures add meaning to the story. They let the readers visualize what is happening in the story, which is especially important if students are unable to read some of the words in the text. May 28, SaraKat rated it really liked it Shelves: series , juvenile , picture-book. Henkes writes little girl characters really well. Penny's behavior toward her new doll is perfect and I love the way the text repeats key phrases from mom and dad. I wish that Penny's doll was the same color as her family. I know I may be hyper-sensitive, but some little girls have trouble finding dolls that represent their own colors and cultures.

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Bought this for nostalgia and will love it for always. I would expect nothing less from Kevin Henkes. This is a sweet story about how we name the things we love. Henkes does a wonderful job of showing how sometimes we just need to have a little faith and stop trying so hard. May 01, Anne Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: chapter-books-read-to-me. I liked Gigi and Buppy to you.

Now I like it but not so much, only to infinity. Sep 15, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-books. My 3 and 4 year old enjoy listening to these books. While they are beginning reader books, they don't feel babyish and have solid language. Easy to follow stories, but not oversimplified. Apr 30, Jennifer rated it it was ok. Fairly cute book about a mouse getting a new doll and thinking up a name. Read it to non-native English speakers at church. It was great until the last page where the mother character tells her daughter 'now you don't have to think so hard' and Penny carefully thinks about a meaningful name to give her doll.

Jun 10, Christy rated it it was amazing Shelves: easy-reader , chapter-books. One of my favorite Penny stories - she gets a new doll and searches to find the perfect name. May 04, Angie rated it really liked it Shelves: read-aloud , tgtb-level The triplets loved guessing correctly what Penny ended up naming her doll. Very engaging for them. Dec 21, Eryn O'Shaughnessy rated it it was amazing. Rated by my daughter.

May 08, Isla rated it really liked it. Penny got a box from her grandma. She opened it. Inside was a nice doll. She couldn't figure out a name for it. Finally, she found the perfect name. Mar 30, Josiah rated it did not like it. The color scheme and exterior design of Kevin Henkes's picture books is almost always what catches my attention first about them. As an artistic planner, he really knows how to mix attractive pastels in subtle yet stirring beauty, juxtaposing shades that work perfectly in alignment with each other to give a broad sense of aesthetic pleasure.

Penny and her new Marble by Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes The color scheme and exterior design of Kevin Henkes's picture books is almost always what catches my attention first about them. Kevin Henkes stands head and shoulders above the rest in so many ways.

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Surely Penny still remembers her song, the one she learned and recited for her parents and baby siblings in Penny and Her Song , but a new source of immediate interest enters her life when a package arrives carrying a gift from her Gram. Enclosed is a doll bedecked in pink, and Penny loves her right away. She carries her new doll around to show to the members of her family, but it isn't until Papa inquires about the doll's name that Penny realizes she hasn't thought of one.

Everybody has to have a name, especially well-loved dolls like Penny's gift from Gram. But what if Penny isn't up to the task of selecting a given name for her new doll?

Summit Book Fair - Early Readers & Chapter Books (E-Q)

What if the doll sits there waiting for a name forever, and Penny can never think of just the right one? Mama and Papa are sure a fitting name will occur to Penny sooner or later, but Penny isn't as confident; that is, until she takes her doll back to where their young friendship started, and a moment of inspiration at last gives Penny the perfect name for her doll. Sometimes when the moment is right and everything goes just the way it's supposed to, all that's left is to embrace it.

Penny and Her Doll gently demonstrates that our most determined efforts don't always yield corresponding results. If we try to force our brain to do its work right now when what it really needs is time to process our request, we might not find ourself satisfied with what the computer produces. The computer is a marvelous one, however, capable of maneuvers beyond our greatest expectation, and given time and space to operate to full capacity, it can eventually handle just about any problem we throw at it.

Even one as important as assigning a name to a pink-cheeked doll. I'm giving one and a half stars to this book, but that doesn't at all mean I didn't like it. There may be relatively little content to Penny and Her Doll , but I can see it being a big hit as an early reader, perhaps the first book with chapters some budding literates will ever read.

Kevin Henkes charms his audiences always, and I believe Penny and Her Doll is destined to continue that tradition. Oct 28, Julie Rand rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-book. This charming Henkes title is an easy read designed for a level two or three reader. Illustrated throughout with Henkes charming drawings of Penny and her family of mice, the drawings closely follow the text and provide lots of picture clues to help the reader along. The book is structured in three chapters.

In the first, Penny is gardening with her mother and gets a package from her grandmother which turns out to be a doll. Henkes captures the joy of a child receiving an unexpected gift. The text models good behavior on the part of Penny and her parents. The book functions well as a read aloud or for a child who wants to read to herself. The simple repeated phrases reinforce learning and contribute to confidence in learning to read. There is also a gentle humor in the book which will appeal to young readers.

Penny says there are a lot of flowers. I like the way this shows a difference of perception between the two generations. The pastel colors and simple line drawings and watercolor?


The typeface is large and there are a limited number of words on each page. There is also plenty of white space and the illustrations predominate. More in I Can Read! Write a Review. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Penny adores her new doll she got from grandma. It is perfectly pink, cute, and Penny loves to show her all around! But Penny can't come up with a name for her doll! What do you think Penny will name her doll?

This beginning reader is perfect for your eager new reader with short sentences, simple concepts, and familiar words. Stock No: WW Related Products. Jan Berenstain , Mike Berenstain.