Scrappy Lion Stuffed Animal Toy Crochet Pattern

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If you get stuck with any of my patterns, please contact me so that I can help you figure it out. If you spot an error in one of my patterns, I would be immensely grateful if you could let me know so that I can correct it. My Voyage Shawl. Jeanette at Sunset. This square was designed as part of the Moogly CAL They are based on the original Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball, and as such come apart into three segments that have to be assembled to form the animals.

I will be updating this page regularly ish , but please keep in mind that my latest patterns might not have been added yet. Please remember to subscribe to my Newsletter if you would like to be kept in the loop. I only link to products I personally use or would use.

All opinions are my own. My friends and family are in awe over Sophie. I have posted pics of her in various growth stages on Facebook and now awaiting the Jack pack to grow her even bigger for my king-sized bed. I have even started a parallel universe version of her in Red Heart yarn which is more readily available here in the U. Thanks for all YOUR hard work that makes me look so talented! And yes I showed them your book. Carli, hi. I hope you take some of that credit for yourself. YOU made her, not me.

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YOU should get the credit. Enjoy your alternate universe x. Hi Dedri, you are gifted. You have an amazing talent of innovative designing in crochet. Every piece is beautiful. Beautiful designs! And for free, thank you so much!!!

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Question is, will you make this square available to us also? I love it, beauty in simplicity. A friend showed me your site — she is making the Namaqua blanket. Love your site and the free patterns and designs. And your are a South African! Best wishes for future endeavours. Can you tell us what pattern you want to find, then maybe we can give you a direct link? Hi Susan. I am sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. I hope she feels better soon.

I just want to go on record as saying what an amazing talented designer you are. Ringo Rabbit has long arms and legs with weighted hands and feet - and it makes him so much fun to pose and play with! Felix the Fat Cat. Meet Felix!

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Jack Pumpkinhead. Those long arms are so much fun to pose. Ellie the Elephant. Previously the August exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Stanley the Stingray. Previously the July exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Carlos the Saguaro Cactus. Previously the June exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase!

Clarita the Pig. Previously the May exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Delia the Duck. Previously the April exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Bonita the Butterfly. Previously the December exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Teagan the Teacup. Previously the February exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase! Daniel the Dinosaur. Previously the January exclusive pattern for Ami Club, but now available for individual purchase!

Bentley the Bear. Bento is a sampler pack of stitches… which add up to one delicious shawl! Perfect for a knitter looking to dabble in color, explore new stitch patterns and relax into their knitting. A fun twist on your basic chevron! This piece is worked flat, a fabulous introduction to intarsia! To successfully work the color changes, simply twist your new color around the old one to unite the stitches. The yarn-over border also acts as buttonholes… so the possibilities are endless! Bradley the Sea Turtle. Sean the Shamrock.

Chris the Christmas Tree. Easy Bulky Hat. Either Way Cowl. Wendy the Witch Hat. Thomas the Turtle. Nathaniel the Octopus. Robbie the Rocket. Cupid Heart. Sally the Snowflake. Sprocket the Robot. This pattern was originally released as an exclusive Kit Club pattern in May Ashton the Dog. Sammy the Starfish. Spikey the Stegosaurus. Sam the Koala.

Color Pooling 101: Argyle Print

Ashley the Otter. Amigurumi Rudolph the Reindeer. This is a pattern for Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. Rudolph is 8. A great project to get in the Christmas spirit! Gingerbread Man. Santa Claus.


This pattern has been updated for ! The previous version was adorable, but contained color changes that were too complicated for relaxing crocheting! The old version will be available, so feel free to download it as well as the new one! Pilgrims, Cotton and Patience. Meet Cotton and Patience, our adorable boy and girl pilgrims! This pattern includes instructions for both! Snowman, Build your own. Everyone loves an adorable snowman! But who wants to be told exactly what your snowman should look like? Not me! Aiko the Ninja Cat. Blair the Bunny with ghost costume.

Mike the Monster. Note: this pattern is part of a blog post sponsored by Disney. I created this pattern, using the likeness of Mike from Monsters University with permission. Amigurumi Kepler the Lion. Sura the Sloth. Kangaroo, Amber and baby Joey. Avery Doll. Meet Avery! Ethan the Boy Doll. Meet Ethan! Mia Doll. Meet Mia! Muriel the Butterfly. Olivia, the ballerina doll. Meet Olivia! Pepper the Penguin. Amigurumi Mike the Leprechaun. Meet Mike! Flavia the Unicorn.

Meet Flavia… the adorable and magical unicorn! Archer the Dog. Nel the Tiny Owl. Igor the Tiny Bat. I mean, look at this guy. Cute, right? Frankie the Lobster. This pattern was originally available as part of the Crochet Me calendar, but is now available individually! Murray the Squirrel. Real squirrels can be trouble… eating your peanuts, getting into the birdfeeder and causing general mayhem.

But not Murray! Everyone loves an adorable dragon! But who wants to be told exactly what your dragon should look like? Hannah the Slug. Martin the Snail. Vera the Ladybug. Nathan the Platypus. Amigurumi Blue Bird. Meet Jay! Amigurumi Easter chick and bunny. Aww… like you really need an excuse to make these cuties for Easter? If you need an extra push, join the FreshStitches Easter Crochet-a-long!

Amigurumi Teddy Bear. Meet Teddy! Roy, the Rainbow Monster. Amigurumi Forrest the Garden Gnome. Have you been looking for an adorable garden gnome that might bring you a bit of luck? Here he is! Amigurumi Phil the Groundhog. Will the groundhog see his shadow this Groundhog Day? Will there be 6 more weeks of winter? You can find out by crocheting your own Phil the Groundhog!

Amigurumi Courtney the Owl in an Egg. An owl that hatches out of an egg! Amigurumi Al the Tiny Turkey. Gobble, gobble! This cutie is the little brother to my larger Alvin the Turkey, and he promises to bring some fun to your holiday! Amigurumi Jack the Tiny Pumpkin. Amigurumi Mitchell the Spider. I put off designing a spider for a long time… I mean, I do cute- not scary! Amigurumi Fiona the Mouse. Amigurumi Malcolm the duck.

Amigurumi Carlton the Striped Dog. What a puppy! Amigurumi Jim the Goat. With this adorable plush goat, you get all the cute and none of the worry! Amigurumi Cliveton the Tiny Pig. Amigurumi Gary the Tiny Frog. This cutie is now available in a FreshStitches Kit… pattern, yarn and eyes in one adorable package! Amigurumi Georgina the Tiny Bird. Amigurumi Ivo the Seahorse. Now, you can have your own seahorse! Amigurumi Mal the Tiny Duck. Amigurumi Ro the Tiny Monster. Amigurumi Tipper the Tiny Crab. Amigurumi Wal the Tiny Fish. Amigurumi Burnie the Bee. If you want to bring a little summer into your life, then Burnie full name: Vanburn von Bumble Bee is your guy!

This cutie is 3. Amigurumi Jean-Paul the Hedgehog. And, rightfully so! Crochet one of your own… Jean-Paul is super-cute and sports that hedgehog-a-rific upturned nose! Amigurumi Roose the Monster. What a cutie! How can you resist those big eyes? Amigurumi William the Whale. Amigurumi Kieran the Beaver. How can you resist this big-toothed cutie? Amigurumi Roosevelt the Monster. This cutie is now available as a Craftsy Workshop! Even MORE photos and step-by-step instructions! Amigurumi Jack the Hermit Crab. Hermit crabs are usually spotted hanging out in beach-side souvenir shops… but now you can have one that you really cuddle!

This pattern contains TWO cuties for the price of one! Amigurumi Owen the Monkey. Amigurumi Sandford the Giant Squid. Sandford measures 22 inches long tenticles included, 13 inch long body. Amigurumi Shaun the Fly. Buzz, buzz! Shaun measures about 5 inches long and 3 inches tall when completed. Adorable Duck Hat. This adorable hat contains sizes from infant to adult. Designed to accompany our Peter the Duckling amigurumi. Amigurumi Doug the Galah. Doug measures about 7. Amigurumi Wally the Koi Fish.

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Wally will be fine in your living room or bed… no water required! Wally measures about 12 inches long and 5 inches tall when completed. Valentine's Day Hearts, 3 sizes. This pattern contains instructions for 3 sizes of stuffed hearts! The small measures 2. Amigurumi Dale the Mosquito. Normally, mosquitoes are pretty annoying… but not Dale! Dale measures 6 inches long when completed. Amigurumi Howie the Holiday Penguin. This little cutie is ready to bring some holiday cheer into your life! Howie measures about 7. Amigurumi Ian the Fox.

This fox is cute, and not too sneaky! Ian measures 9 inches tall when completed. Amigurumi Eli the Monster. Eli measures 6. Amigurumi Little Ger the Felted Bear. This bear is a smaller version of Gerry the Felted Bear and is 8. You crochet the pieces from a wool yarn, and then toss them in the washing machine, and magic happens! This project is crocheted holding two strands of yarn together and a big hook, so i Amigurumi Alastair the Caterpillar.

Amigurumi Cliff the Brontosaurus.

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Whatever you call it, this is one cuddly dinosaur! Cliff measures 9 inches tall when completed. Amigurumi Tino the Turtle. Tino measures 6 inches tall and 8. December Pocket Cowl. Amigurumi Nadine the Kitten. Amigurumi School Bus. Are you ready for back-to-school? This bus is just what you need to get the little ones in the spirit! This bus measures 5. My own planet Amigrumi. Are you still distraught over losing Pluto?