The Best of Printers Row, Volume One: Author Interviews and Literary Essays

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The Fates Divide is a richly imagined tale of hope and resilience told in four stunning perspectives. An important pre-condition of creativity is a feeling of weirdness. One game.

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A dozen regrets. And a night that will ruin them all, in this high stakes gripping story of manipulation and innocence lost, from the author of Bleed Like Me.

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Heneghan serves as our guide, drawing richly upon his own adolescent and parental experiences, as well as his travels in landscapes both experienced and imagined. Presenting an indictment of our modern state, Drnaso contemplates the dangers of a fake-news climate. Timely and articulate, Sabrina leaves you gutted, searching for meaning in the aftermath of disaster. A memoir about our many interwoven ways of falling in love: with books, bands and records, with friends and lovers, and with the families we make.

All the 2018 Books by Chicago Writers

Jones writes with great serenity of soul as he constructs a false autobiography: highlighting travels to London and Paris; the separation, contemplation and reunion with his wife in the Italian countryside; morning tea with his daughter and running with his sons; flights with a pioneering aviator father and conversations with a deaf mother. This first-of-its-kind approach allows readers to view the case through a keyhole and look past all of the stories that have been spun in the last 90 years to focus on the heart of the crime.

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He spent 22 years in prison, 13 of those on death row, labeled as a monster. Kitchen was only one of the many victims of Jon Burge and his notorious midnight crew that terrorized and incarcerated black men— have come forward so far—on the South Side of Chicago for nearly two decades. As with her acclaimed novels Nobody Is Ever Missing and The Answers, she gives life to a group of subtly complex, instantly memorable characters whose searches for love, struggles with grief, and tentative journeys into the minutiae of the human condition are simultaneously gripping and devastating.

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Alongside the levity and humor the characters insist upon, death and the possibility of loss always emerge. The book details the resistance efforts of the residents of Bronzeville, inspired by the legacy of a storied past and driven to fight back against the malfeasance and disregard of city political leaders. But at its core, this is a book about what schools really mean to Americans and to African-Americans in particular, beyond the brick and mortar that compose them or the test scores and graduation rates that garner the most public attention. The book tells a story of love and loss, and the ongoing struggle of black people in America toward thriving livelihoods and self-determination.

Peace and order are now figments of the past. Corruption, deception, and insurgency hum within the once steadfast leadership of the Hives, nations without fixed location.

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So that no faction could ever dominate. So that the balance held. Now everyone — Hives and hiveless, Utopians and sensayers, emperors and the downtrodden, warriors and saints — scrambles to prepare for the seemingly inevitable war. Each option comes with its own perks and exclusive content. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like.

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    Tribune drops Printers Row Journal print edition

    January 19, Thank you! Audrey Niffenegger. January 22, Check back here next week for more! Have a great weekend,. How is that even logistically possible? So many questions. Academia is in crisis. On the persistence of academic inquiry in an era of professional collapse. The Trillium Prize finalists for have been announced.

    You might want to update your reading list with a few of these titles. This is an interesting article on why it is so difficult to write about music. Keep this in mind for your future writing projects. What was with the preoccupation with knights battling snails in the margins of medieval manuscripts? Inquiring minds want to know. Hope you found a nice link or two to educate and inform. The Porcupine's Quill would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for our publishing program.

    Page George A. OK, how many of you out there, like me, have a tote bag problem? This is a fascinating article about silent films and what they can teach us about subtext, gesture and visual literacy. It really puts me in mind of the sort of storytelling that goes into the books in out Wordless Novels series. We write emails, blog posts, and any number of other texts pretty much all the time. So what does it mean, then, to teach Creative Writing when we all write so much?

    And finally, who wants to listen to a couple of smart people talk about books, poetry, metaphor and the like? Most of us are probably inclined to believe that reading books every day is a must, but science is chiming in with four reasons why daily reading is good for us. On the nature of power, truth and storytelling.

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