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Additional Charges for Upgraded Shipping. Today we get to meet a new classmate. Before I let her in, let me remind you that you all are nineteen year olds and you'll act that age, alright? I don't want to hear any giggling or see any pointing fingers.

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  • A Cat’s Tale tees.
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  • Of course there would be giggling and pointing. Since the teacher had told them not to, the new student had to be someone they could make fun at. It opened and they couldn't believe what they saw. The sheer size of this girl shocked or disgusted everyone who looked at her. Even though the teacher had already seen her, he was still surprised. The amount of fat that was attached to this young woman was unbelievable. It was so big that it would be enough to be six new students.

    A Cat’s Tale tees

    Blubber bulged out everywh. Once upon a time in a faraway land there existed a tower so tall that it touched the sky. It was surrounded by ominous thundercloud. People called said that this land was cursed. Due to the constant darkness surrounding it, people called it the Tower of Night.

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    There existed a shred of light there though. Rumors spoke of a princess trapped at the top of the tower. It was said to be a beautiful young woman whose looks were beyond compare. She had long glistening silver hair, sparkling sapphire eyes and lips softer than the finest silk. But alas, it was just a rumor. Though there were quite many who believed it. Knights from all across the continent tried to conquer the tower and rescue the damsel in distress. Everyone who already had tried didn't come back.

    When they once had stepped into the dark halls, they wouldn't see the light of day again. There was one knight who didn't fear the tower though. His name was Sir Henning Booth and he wasn't scared that easily. One day, along with his. She hadn't eaten in days, despite Doc Samson's warnings. Something about her increased metabolic rate of consumption, or whatever. She was an attorney, not a biology professor. Besides, it wasn't as if she'd had time to grab a meal anywhere. She'd just finished up a grueling two-month trial yesterday, and now the Avengers had called the rosters past and present together again for a country-wide manhunt.

    Tale of the tee

    Oh, join the Avengers, huh? Sure I will! Do these guys ever take a break? She-Hulk sighed, resigned to her duty, and took a moment to look the place over.

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    Tales of Runia Chapter 5: The devourer The grand city was full of opportunities. That was something that Rosco just had realized. Having completely ignored Chold's advice of getting new clothes, he had made his way to the most luxurious bordello he could find. He had always dreamed of visiting a place which actually had some class to it.

    Run down whore houses always tended to lose their charm. The size, the decorations, the women. Everything about it was better. Rosco, full of confidence, marched in. He was quickly stopped by an elderly lady, most likely the owner of the bordello. She had a straight posture and held her head up high, showing that she was superior to the tattered customer. We do require payment here at the Blue Lily. Here, count them yourself. The lady ha.

    In the times when America was still a small nation that was growing, the coast of New England was one of the greatest places of trade for the nation. From fishing, trading, whaling, and other forms of ship based work; the area became a place where many wished to start a new life, including one young man in particular. This man's name was William Harrows, a fledgling writer with dust brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a pale complexion from Pennsylvania who moved north in order to find inspiration for his writing in the beautiful yet bustling coast of New England.

    After finishing the process of settling into his beach-side home, Will decided to head into the town to make himself accustomed to the town nearby, the hustle and bustle of the port community greeting him as he made his way to a tavern, 'The Rusty Anchor'. The interior of the tavern was filled with loud and jovial sailors, indulging in rum and spirits while a pianist and an.

    The gorging goddess Sitting content on a destroyed world, a goddess was staring down on the wasteland around her. No more people or buildings were left. All of her worshipers along with their homes were nothing more than mere snacks. Everything, left for the planet itself, was gone. The oceans, rivers and lakes had been dried up. The forests and jungles had been completely cleared. The mountains and hills had been crunched down. It was a single planet hosting just one being, a being so big and so full that it covered half of the entire planet itself. Truly it was a goddess of magnificent splendor.

    Her long golden hair was swaying in the wind.

    Her crystal eyes were shining gently in the rays of the sun. Her gargantuan body containing masses upon masses of fat was beautifully spread across the world.

    What is a Litograph?

    Its size was so massive that it had created a gravity pull itself, making the planet being drawn to her. For years she had been worshiped, achieving sacrifices and getting monuments built in.

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