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Sudden Raid MAX Explanation: Congratulations on reaching 4th Job Advancement! Get at least Level 10 Thorns as this will help in providing some anti-knockback while being crowded in mobs of monsters. Now, max Blade Fury to unlock more monster targets. Proceed with maxing Toxic Venom to provide additional overtime damage, great against high health monsters. Next, increase your critical rate and damage with Sharpness, followed by improving minimum damage with Katara Expert.

You can max either Maple Warrior or Final Cut whichever suits you to improve your overall damage. If you plan to boss early, you can max Phantom Blow first before Mirrored Target. Also increases damage. Cooldown: 90 sec. Unaffected by attack reflection. Epic Adventure Required Level: Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output. Applies to any Explorer class within the party. Dual Blade Hyper Skill Build: 1. Blade Clone MAX 7. Epic Adventure MAX. Explanation: Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details!

Blade Storm Cut down enemies in front of you with the speed of a storm. You can move while attacking. Karmic Fury Summons the God of Karma to attack nearby enemies. Cooldown: 10 sec. A grave misunderstanding which has put out the flames of love, Lady Syl seeks revenge against the Dark Lord for a crime he did not commit. Now, as her plans are coming to fruition, together with her force of Dual Bladers, the final confrontation against the Dark Lord is near!

Sadly, The path of a Dark Lord is a lonely one. Always observing Maple from his dark abode, the Dark Lord keeps an eye on evil, waiting for the right moment to strike before disappearing once against into the shadows. During his time as a Dark Lord, he had groomed two promising students to one day succeed him, a young man called Jin and his very own daughter Lady Syl.

Jin and Lady Syl were both excellent students, not only in skill, but in heart as well. The Dark Lord was happy to have them as students, and cherished them dearly. As they trained and worked together, a romance formed between them, and it grew as they continued to work together. One fateful day, an urgent notice came from Tristan, a good friend of the Dark Lord. The extremely dangerous and evil Balrog has been resurrected, and has started to destroy Victoria Island. Knowing that time is of the essence, he headed off to Victoria Island immediately after receiving the notice, strictly forbidding his loved students from following him.

Upon reaching Sleepywood in Victoria Island, he could not find his friend Tristan. Not one to wasting time, he left to track down Balrog immediately. Eventually he found and confronted Balrog alone. The fight was one to be seen, as two equally powerful opponents confronted each other in mortal combat. Balrog was a dangerous opponent, his physical prowess rivaled by few, and has the forces of evil to back him up.

The Dark Lord, now an empty shell of what he once was, has been transformed into a monster which he has dedicated his life to destroying! Unknown to the Dark Lord however, Jin had disobeyed his orders and was secretly following him, and had seen everything. He confronted the Dark Lord, the one figure in his life which is almost like a father to him, trying to reason to the now mindless monster to remember what it once was. Alas, all his attempts were in vain, and knowing what he had to do, he reluctantly attacked the monster that still had the face of his beloved mentor, and defeated it.

Her mind and soul was shattered, she started to blame Jin for not protecting her father. Jin tried to convince her otherwise, knowing and trying to explain that he would have sacrificed everything he had to protect the Dark Lord, but it was in vain. However, it fell on death ears, her only reply was that Jin would suffer a fate equal to that of her father in pain and anguish when the time comes…….

Jin the Dark Lord knows that the time of confrontation would be soon, but he does not yet know exactly when or from where. In the mean time, a man going by the name of Rayden in the back alley of Kerning City is approaching travellers, making an interesting offer. And at the Secret Garden, Lady Syl gathers her forces of elite Dual Bladers as she tends to the garden, her heart still filled with bitterness and rage against the Dark Lord. But, in the darkness of her heart, a tiny ember of the blazing love she once had for the Jin remains.

Would it be extinguished completely, or would it grow once again, before it is too late? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Below are the expected max skill points for all Dual Blade skills. Please send a support enquiry ticket to Nexon to address the issue you are facing. My question is why am I lacking 3 skill points which unable me to max every skills in the Dual Blade 1st Job Skill tree?

Did i missed anything? Hope this helps Im back from a 6 Years break, everything is changed, there is some can explainme a little bit what happened? Im a DB with 75k range clean and im lost, there is a lot of new buttons, menu, quest farm,…. Is this a bug? Vinicius: Thanks for the correction!

Ayumi-san, they changed somethings on the Dual Blade. I only know what they changed on the 4th job tough, since it was whne I noticed thhem :P. But anyways, the differences I noticed where:. What is better for me at reboot since i cant buy noods and im not funded so it is very hard fot mr to get the karmic fury which is better karmic fury or blade tempest???

Hey ayumilove my question is who is better for bossing at 8 b money thunder breaker or duel and why thank you. Veltin: Thanks for your notice! Driad: Aside from the standard trio boss, ignore, dmg , crit dmg and status resist are some viable options. Crit rate is not a priority since we have shadow meld and mirrored target, but is good to have when shadow meld doesnt proc. Tommy bahama: Thanks for your feedback! Hey Ayumi which Dual blade skill will you use Skill tomes on And max after the use of skill tome.

Then, further upgrade the equipment using the Star Force System enhance using meso. If getting a set of equipment, it will provide bonus stat equipment of the same kind. If you are not keen in scrolling part, you can buy it from freemarket. Second part is creating many characters around 12 and perform link skill to the main character. Im level as a db. My dmg cant go higher than k. It stucks at k per hit. Im also a unfunded player. Can I know how to increase the damage? Anyone can confirm with me?

Arthur: Thanks for sharing your pros and cons for Dual Blade! I have added them into the guide above. This would help others to decide whether this job suits them best :. PROS: While other class secondary weapon is fixed at 30, 60, , you have a wide range of secondary weapon. Hi ayumi, I was thinking about which one of the 4 classes should I start with? Actually I got played this game few years ago.

But since Cygnus Knights do not need to buy any mastery book now and I think I am a unfunded player due to I will not top up. So which class should I get? I heard others people said that once you start a class then you need continue play it until rest of your life XD so it makes me feel so struggle. Thanks :. So how do you get the remaining sp?

JW: I think MapleStory provide sufficient Hyper Skill Points to max that skill, so it does not really matter whether to level it up or not.


Arms Warrior Artifact Weapon: Strom'kar the Warbreaker - Guides - Wowhead

Just level it up :. I fisrt time maple…. Great guide! They are permanent as long as you have them installed in your V Matrix. StaruPlus: Night Lord for both middle and full fund player. However, I strongly advise you to play the job that is most fun to you instead of focusing on damage. Hayato drinks MP like water, cost quite a fortune to maintain unless the monster is dropping way more meso that can handle the skill MP maintenance. Dual Blade is average in terms of damage. Need some funding to reach its full potential.

Hi Ayumi , db is a low fund job?? Then how to add the point for hyperstat? Click on it, and it will pop up another sub-window panel. Hi ayumi, wanna ask about the hyper skill. Only have passive and active tab but without the hyperstat window. Blub: Sorry for the late reply! Hey Ayumilove! Been using your guides for a while now and just wanted to say i love them! Also, for Channel Karma in the 2nd job skill set, the duration for level 20 should be seconds, not Potato: Thanks for your reply!


But I maxed everything in 2nd Job but still got 15 Points left? Is that a good thing or? FireKingzz: Thanks for spotting the mistake! Is there a Hyper Stat guide for Dual Blades. I feel like Hyper Damage should be at lvl 10 and not sure what else to increase. Because the latest patch has already replaced the old Hyper Stat system. Are these the best Hyper Stats for Dual Bladers? I feel like it should be something else. Hyper Luck MAX Hyper Dexterity MAX Hyper Health MAX Hyper Mana MAX Hyper Accuracy MAX Asuras anger wont have affect on damage reflect.

However, that means it also wont do any damage to a mob during damage reflect buff. It said so in the description and I have tried it myself. Peace out. If someone here has experience with it, do let us know! Hi Ayumi! I was wondering if the mastery books brought from Taeha can be used on 4th Job. Lady Syl said that I have reached the maximum of it…. May i ask MapleSea Dualblade , does it need to use real life money to buy skill book?

For the third job advancement you cant get the job advancement until you complete a quest that is available at level The cooldown will be still there but at a reduced rate with each level reducing 1 second cooldown. For the skill chains of hell in third job, it has like a cooldown now. I left Karma at 10 and left Fatal at 0.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl - 'The Storm' (HD) - MIRAMAX

I maxed everything with 10 left over points.. So I noticed that the hyper skills section for dual bladers and the dual blade segment for hyper skills are different. I was wondering about the dual blade segment for hyper skills. Thank you for your time. True Blade: Every class, bar a couple strange ones like Evan, max all their fourth job skills by level The Hyper skill build list is just where you should put your points by the time you are at level , the order is just whatever unlocks first. You can put points in the three trees at the same time.

I just came back to Maplestory, and found my Dual Blade, level , could max all skills, is this normal? Also, I have 4 hyper skill points to use, two in the general passive tree, and one in the active and one in the skill passive tree. The Dual Blade Hyper Skill Build you have there says to put five points in the skill passive tree first before putting a skill point in the active skill tree.

Is that the order you suggest to put points in or just the recommended list from the best to worst type thing? Hi all. It costs mesos for one book. This same issue has been clouding my Zen too. Any idea? NecroStar Max refers to as maxing it out completely with mastery books. However, if you do not have sufficient mesos to purchase the mastery books, you can distribute your points to other skills first or you can save them up if you are close to purchase one.

Hey Ayumilove when it says to max a skill out does it mean to max it out completely with mastery books included or without the mastery books? Thanks Ayumi. Or is only used for bosses? Thanks Ayumilove. Maple Warrior boost your overall damage for regular skills and skills that consumes MP, whereas Phantom Blow is specialized in hitting 1 target with massive damage. If you find it convenient to eliminate bosses quickly with Phantom Blow for fast EXP, then it can be use to compensate for slow training at mobs. If I max phantom blow before maple warrior, would it affect my training at mobs badly?

Because I plan to go mu long dojo and zakum every day too. Zeeko: It should be very smooth similarly to Mercedes combination attacks. Have you buffed yourself with Weapon Booster? Sometimes you do not need to wait for a skill to complete its animation. Once you trigger the first skill, just try to spam click the 2nd skill for it to activate smoothly.

It works for me though. I mean there is at least a 2 second delay whenever i wanna use flying assaulter and tornado spin.. Like taking Blade Fury past level Are they each a different book for the 4th job and where do I get these ones. I bought the regular book from Kerning secret garden thinking it would be the same. Thanks in advance for the help. Some help? Now, they have corrected it so that even if you level up above the Job Advancement Level e. BickBickDig: Ur good.

I just went to lvl 40 in Mr. Hey Ayumi, I was wondering if in the current version of Dual Blades, whether the 3rd job advancement at Level 60 comes with SP like the previous job. Wondering whether I need to restart if I missed out on any extra SP. Amazing guide! Hai Ayuumi. Edward: They are a combination of both. What level is your Dual Blade and the skill you are using to perform 5k damage? Hello, Ayumi. Reactions ignore aggro and card protocols.

They will move towards the hex closest to their target from which they they can hit their target. In the case of drones, which only have short range attacks, this usually means going straight at the target. Fire your energy blaster at it doing three damage. It has a movement of four. But if it moves it will not be able to fire at its attacker and if it stays put it can; so it will stay in place and fire back at the red mech for 1 dmg. Its seeking out the red player mech distance whenever possible but its top priority is to according to its card protocols. Because tanks cannot hit its target with its current action.

It moves 1 hex southwest and farther away, if necessary to get a shot. AI units only ever take into account their current action, they do not then one hex southeast to get around the building. Spend its second energy and continue to move it plan ahead. For example, they will not skip an attack now in order to get a better attack later. Of course if it closer to the building the red player mech is on. Once it gets within range of the building it will start to attack has no attack either way it will move closer. Shift your support units towards the Uplink points. Next is the green mech.

Spread your support out as you can only boosting 3 hexes onto the nearby rooftop and firing at get one point per uplink regardless of the amount of the blue mech according to its card protocols. Place units adjacent to it. Then turn off your lights. For its second gem, it cannot move closer and still have a shot, so it stays still and fires at the blue mech again for two damage. Place it in the blue dish. AI cards can initially be placed in any order, but once established, players should activate them in the same order every round.

Yellow tank. The red AI mech has one energy left so it spends it to fire at the red player mech, because the red player has the most aggro on this AI card. See next page. You can use boosts to dodge any attack, the only requirement is you have to physically move at least one hex as part of the boost. Declare and pay for the boost after an AI has attacked you before you place the damage.

This can be done as part of any AI attack whether its a reaction, basic action or protocol surge. Shift the red player mech a hex over but lets stay on top of the building for now. Last are the drones. The yellow drone moves another four hexes towards the blue player mech because of aggro. The green drone does the same but towards the red player mech.

Note that drones are the only units that can stop and hover over holes and sunken cities. Other units can only use arial boosters to go over them. Damage Phase The best phase of the game, where you get to deal with the consequences of your actions.

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Use your remaining energy to shield what damage you can. The red player can probably shield all of its damage, while the blue may have some left over damage they will need to assign anywhere on their mech board. At the beginning of each round, double check to make sure you performed the recharge phase correctly.

Then perform a protocol surge. All AI units of that color activate for a free action. This action does not cost energy, and it only follows its card protocols, regardless of aggro. This activates both green AI units. The green drone moves adjacent to the blue support unit and does 1 damage to it support units only ever take 1 damage per hit.

It can only take one more damage before being destroyed. Lets start with blue. Spend an energy to drop the blue mech down to ground level to the north east where it has line of sight to the green drone. Attack the green drone with your light energy cannon doing 5 damage. This is enough damage This phase can get complicated as there are several to kill it outright so it does not get an reaction. This maintenance steps.

For example AI, support units and buildings have taken enough the energy blaster only recharges one energy per damage to be destroyed they are immediately round so one energy is left on the card. This will prevent you using it next round because to fire it again removed. This does not apply to player mechs that have shields and complex defenses. Place the green would exceed the overheat rating. When it comes back it will spawn the red crystals off their cards. Then score points, you gain one uplink point for Now place a blue cube on a secondary objective having a support unit adjacent to an uplink.

Place space on the board to track the kill because blue had a cube on one of the primary objective spaces on the most damage on the green drone when it was the board. Place another cube on the other primary destroyed. If there was a tie for damage you place objective space to mark the round. Then place a blue cube into the surge pool. So each time You would also shift all units on the respawn track down one space but nothing has been destroyed yet. In this case its good because there are no blue AI units, but sometimes it causes the AI to focus on a particular color.

The rest is up to you. You now know enough to finish the rest of the mission on your own. Take your time for round 2. But try flipping the timer for round 3. Remember everything will respawn except for your support units. Get 14 uplink points before they are all destroyed. The tank may end up attacking buildings a lot so remember that units need to be within short range 3 hexes to fire at buildings.

See the tutorial section in the next mission for more details on this. Pasge I hope your team was able to survive. Use an inventory and campaign tracking sheet from the core set to mark your rewards. If you collected 14 Uplink Points you won a victory point! These will be important strategically going forward. Note that unlike the PVP campaign getting 6 victory points does not trigger the final mission. The more victory points you have the greater chance of being able to achieve the final objectives.

Mark your currency rewards and tally them. Some AI Unleashed missions introduce a new reward mechanic for the player with the most kills. This requires writing the name of each player on an inventory line. This can be done for all rewards earned if the players choose.

Normally all rewards are split amongst the team equally but the MVP gains an additional private bonus. If players are tied for MVP they both earn the bonus! Between missions players may spend currency to purchase new mechs and items. Non-starting items may be scrapped for small amounts see Item Scrapping in the Rules Reference Guide.

As you approach the first location the site looks promising; a wide skyline of buildings spans the horizon. Although nothing shows up on your sensors, you decide to personally recon the site with your mechs before bringing in your main force. As you push past the outskirts, you note several advanced super structures still intact in the otherwise ruined city. After an hour of careful progression, you discover vast sinkholes similar to those at the sunken cities and begin to radio your main force to move in. Then the city rumbles with the sound of underground machinery, dust swirling between the ruins.

A mech crashes onto the rooftop of a distant building and centers a targeting laser on your mech. More machines appear on the roadway ahead of you. Its time to fight Commander! Objectives: Destroy each color of mech once, before they destroy you! Alternatively, stay alive for 7 rounds until your main force can reinforce you.

Track what colors you have killed by placing cubes on the Mech Kills space. The mission only ends after the recharge phase, when either all AI mechs have been destroyed once, or all player mechs have been destroyed once or at the end of round 7. Mission Parameters. Full respawn. No Support Units. Corner hexes serve as repair and reload stations but do not provide any protection. Note the AI tetrapod: it does not fire as a reaction, instead its reaction is to shield damage from the current hit. It also has 3 energy and stops moving closer to its target once it has line of sight.

This section contains some additional explanations of rules and mechanics for beginning players.

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These mechanics will probably come into play during this mission. This occurs often with tank and tetrapod mechs that cannot boost onto rooftops, but can also occur with drones when nearby rooftop hexes are occupied. Buildings are immediately removed upon destruction regardless of phase and any unit on top of the building when it is destroyed takes 3 damage and is placed on the ground.

This damage can be boost dodged. Remember all units must be within 3 hexes to attack a building. AI units prefer to close distance while moving to a hex with line of sight to their target. But when forced to choose between line of sight or moving closer, AI units will priortize line of sight or whatever hex will allow them to attack their target this action. In some cases this may cause the AI to stay in place or even move farther away to seek a hex with line of sight. For example, if an AI mech is on a distant rooftop with line of sight to its target but moving will put it on the ground without line of sight for the rest of this action, it will stay where it is so it can fire.

Even if the AI could get closer line of sight if it spent two actions to get there, it only makes its decision one action at a time, so would stay in place so it could fire this action. After defeating the enemy forces guarding the city you begin to deploy your technicians and explorers to sites of interest in the area. There are remnants of an underground facility here similar to the sunken cities but it appears to be mostly destroyed. There are resources to extract however and stockpiles of ancient equipment to analyze so your troops are kept busy.

Its during the late watch that you receive an emergency transmission to your private terminal. My sensors have identified a massive force inbound to your position. The automated machines have already deployed advance troops and turrets to prevent your retreat with anything of value. Gather up your teams and evacuate immediately, this enemy is beyond you. Your technicians are scattered throughout the city along with the resources they have been extracting. You mobilize your troops to evacuate your teams and salvage whatever they can. Objectives: Return 5 objective tokens to either of the blue colored corner bases before all of your support units are destroyed.

Remember only support units can pick up salvage tokens, while retrieval can be picked up by any unit. The salvage is more valuable so try to prioritize it. Support Units do not respawn on this mission, but all other units do. The mission ends once all support units are destroyed at least 5 objective tokens have been returned or at the end of round Turrets are stationary sentries that are particularly powerful against support units. Turrets can target support units at range. Turrets have infinite energy and can perform an infinite amount of reactions.

Turrets do not rotate for their basic action, they ignore aggro and card protocols, they only attack targets that are already in its cone of light with heavy damage. When activated by a protocol surge, turrets scan clockwise from their current position and stop once they have line of sight on a target and attack it with heavy damage; if there is more than one unit in its sight it attacks both. For example, if a mech is blocking the light of a turret so that a support unit is completely in shadow, then the support unit is not hit. You flee from the endless waves of machines into the wastelands with what troops and materials you were able to salvage.

Monsters Unleashed Vol 2 1

The drones harry your troops until both sides are covered in a raging corrosive storm. Your upgraded coating begins to deteriorate quickly as you scramble for shelter. You are beginning to experience casualties to the storm when a convoy of vehicles appears on the shrouded hilltops nearby. At first you beging to deploy your military units to make a last stand against the automated machines, but the vehicles transmit a friendly signal and provide you coordinates to a nearby cave structure.

Enclosed in the safety of the undground shelter your troops are surrounded by strange-looking wellarmed humans. The capital claims that they offered a universal amnesty after the war but apparently it did not apply to some. Political affiliations aside, you are glad to have a place to rest and repair your equipment. Over the next few days as the storms continue to rage, the wastelanders help modify your equipment from the salvage you have collected and with what they have learned from living in the wastes.

Choose any one Support Unit Upgrade and add it to your inventory. Your rest and repair is broken the next week when you receive another transmission direct to your personal channel I came under attack while attempting to access an isolated datacenter of the Automated Defense Network, the source that attacked you. I am under immediate threat and what intel I learn here I will share with you. Sending you coordinates now. As you arrive at the coordinates provided by Data Broker XY, you see a glowing super structure protected by a shield barrier. We need to hold them off until I am finished hacking into the automated defense network.

This tower is shielded so they will not be able to damage it while the shield barrier stands. Buy me time Commander; turning off the Defense Network is the key to your expansion into the wastes. Keep the Uplink tower intact until the end of round 7. Buildings are removed from the board as soon as they have taken 15 damage. Remember units must be within short range 3 Hexes to target buildings. Once both buildings on either side of the shield barrier are destroyed it is removed.

The uplink tower cannot be damaged while the shield barrier is present. The shield barrier is impenetrable to enemy movement and attacks but may be boosted over. Do not count the hex the barrier is on for any movement. You skip this hex when passing through or over the barrier, this includes enemy AI boosting over.

In this mission the protocol over-ride for every AI unit is to attack the nearest weakest building connected to a shield barrier, and once both of these buildings are down, to attack the uplink tower. So unless they have aggro, every AI unit will spend their basic actions attacking buildings. Protocol surges will also revert the AI to attacking buildings. These drones will not respawn again. All Hands On Deck. For this mission, support units can repair any building they are adjacent to during the recharge phase for 1 damage.

Destroyed buildings cannot be repaired. Your teams regroup and begin making repairs as you approach the tower that has now grown dark. Standing in front of the massive hangar doors you wait for whatever will happen next. A small hatch set into a massive hangar door opens and a figure steps through. While humanoid looking it is comprised entirely of metal and alloys.

It moves toward you with a fluid grace and looks up at your mech. It taps a finger on its temple as an incoming transmission appears in your headset. As you slow your breathing you realize the intense battle was just a dream. You take in your surroundings and realize you are in your temporary quarters in the caves of the wastelanders. Your teams have been resting, repairing and upgrading for the past couple weeks.

Nyxia Unleashed

An alert on your personal channel jolts you awake; its signalling an incoming transmission. You do not receive additional deployment pay but do recieve any other rewards a second time. If you do not gain any victory points the second time proceed with ACT 2 anyway. Greetings Commander, Thank you for coming to my aid. I can answer more questions about my nature later, but for now there is not much time. I was able to shut down the regional defense network but this uplink tower was shut down by the Overmind in return.

As you may have surmised, I am not human. Some might call me an artificial intelligence, a sentient machine or an android but it may be simpler to just call me by my name, and know that I am a friend. A friend to humanity in general, and to you specifically. You see, I am not the only one of my kind, although I am one of the few that inhabits a single localized framework in the form of this body. It is mobilizing and producing military hardware, something it is very efficient at. I have a suggestion for your next course of action, a nearby weapons plant was hardened against my network attack and is still producing a powerful weapons platform called a Behemoth.

I would assault this plant before it can come online. The task will be easier to accomplish before it produces the first giant. If you have 2 or less Victory Points proceed directly to Mission 6 Assault. If you go quickly, you can raid a weapons cache I know of nearby. Proceed to Mission 5 first, then 6. The raid went flawlessly. You deactivated the defenses of the weapons cache with ease and quickly loaded up your vehicles with as much tech, alloys and armaments they could carry.

The trouble did not come until you were making your way out of the valley where the cache was located. Hard mounted turrets surround your escape route, making you wonder if you were expected. You need to quickly lead your troops out of this valley with as much loot as possible. Misson Objective: Escape with as many support units as possible before your mechs have died once. Support units escape when adjacent to one of the escape hexes during the recharge phase.

The mission is over at the end of the round when all player mechs have died once. Any support units that escape that round still count. Using the underground cache as a base, this mission has full respawn for all units. The starting area also serves as a repair and reload station. Behemoths can get hung up on buildings and obstacles if they do not have enough movement to pass all the way through. For example, Behemoths cannot end their movement on a sunken hole or building and will stop unless they have enough movement to pass over it or through it.

The level 2 elite blue drone is different. It moves 5 hexes per action and self destructs the moment it is adjacent to any player unit, damaging all adjacent hexes for 5 damage, friend or foe! It is then placed on respawn. If it had no damage from players then the surge pool and kill count is not affected. This explosion can be boost dodged. TIP: Remember that mechs can block the light of turrets, but be careful, its hard to know if they have completely blocked the light until your support unit actually travels through the shadow.

If there is a sliver, they will still be attacked. Lastly, place the level 1 Red Behemoth on the respawn space 4 empty space next to the three. This Behemoth will advance each recharge phase but not from protocol surges fortunately. The Behemoth has 10 Health per player mech. See the Behemoth section in the back of this booklet before playing. The red missile mech will use its special ability whenever it is already facing its target, and will fire a missile at every unit in range in its forward firing arc.

Be careful as this can damage your entire squad of support units. Missiles cannot be boost dodged unless you travel outside of the missile range. Works through buildings! Remember the elite green bi-pedal repairs 2 damage each recharge phase, this is easy to forget. Lastly, place the level 1 Blue Behemoth on the respawn space 4 empty space next to the three.

Read the Behemoth section at the back of this booklet before playing. Misson Objective: Destroy one of the double buildings. These are invulnerable while the shield barrier is active. Control and operate two uplink points to lower the shield barrier for the following round. This mission has full respawn for all units.

Corner hexes serve as repair and reload stations. The mission ends once a tower is destroyed or all players have died once. These fast moving hunter seekers perform best at close range and in swarms. Drones, by default, have 4 movement, a lighter short range attack 3 hexes and a stronger adjacent melee range attack. Place a jumbo colored cube into the drone base to mark its color.

Drones tend to have shorter respawn times than other AI units, being fast to produce and repair. Thematic note: that drones does not actually perform a melee attack it just uses its short range blaster at melee range. Elite Versions Exploding Drone. This drone explodes when it moves adjacent to any enemy, causing melee damage to all adjacent hexes. Green This drone does elite not automatically explode when a player passes Drone next to it. Faster and Stronger. Some Elite drones have extra movement or a higher range attack damage for their level.

You can see which stats have been affected by the Elite star next to the stat. The A. By default turrets are stationary and only rotate. If the turret has to rotate to see the target it performs a light attack, if the target is already in its cone then it performs a heavy attack. Basic Actions. Turrets fire at all of the units that are in its current cone of light with a heavy attack. By default turrets do not use basic actions to rotate to find targets, thus turrets are not affected by aggro.

Protocol Surge. Turrets rotate clockwise until they come to a target and fire a heavy attack, or until they reach their mission starting position. If there is more than one target in its light it attacks both. Turret innate Abilities Turrets have two key abilities: 1. Infantry Tracking. Turrets are able to target support units at infinite range. Turrets do not rotate their light for these attacks of opportunity. Automated Mechs come in multiple shapes and types.

They are more powerful and deadly than most drones. Most mechs have a weaker infinite-range attack and a more powerful melee attack. Place the correct mech type on its colored LED base during setup. Special Mech Reactions Some of the mechs have unique reactions to being attacked. These will be stated clearly on their unit card. When attacked these mechs fire back immediately, if possible and then boost to the nearest higher elevation, or just towards it if they cannot reach it. If they already are at the highest elevations they will shift back to the ground. When attacked, this mech will spend its energy shielding the damage you just applied rather than attacking back.

The AI pays a max of one energy for each reaction as normal.

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This ability only shields damage that was part of the most recent attack, it does not heal previous damage. Note that most of the mechs with the Shield reaction also stop movement once they have line of sight on a target, i. The shield and missile mechs have a disadvantage: when at melee range they do less damage! Special Mech passives Some of the mechs have special passive abilities, these will be stated clearly on their unit card. During the recharge phase these mechs will repair x amount of damage as specified on their unit card.

Remember this repair will only occur if the AI unit is still alive during the recharge phase. These mechs use orange cubes when causing damage. Any unshielded orange damage cubes must be applied to a mechs green core armor slots. Thus may cause a quick kill! Cloak Specialist. These mechs can only be targeted by adjacent attackers or indirect weapons like missiles or artillery attacks.

Missile Launcher. The missile launcher mech is an elite mech that attack its primary target with missiles. Missiles can target support units at range, and fire around buildings and obstacles and between elevations. The Elite Missile Launcher mech is similar to the Tetrapod shield mechs, it will stop moving once it is within range rather than close distance. Behemoths operate differently than the other AI units although they share some similarities. Behemoths still perform Reactions, Basic Actions and Protocol Surges but what damage they do changes according to their facing and aggro.

Firing Arc.