Writing the Rock of Gibraltar: An Anthology of Literary Texts, 1720-1890

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Before that, they were called Crown Colonies, which in my opinion is the most appropriate way of describing these territories. For, if you strip away the thin veneer of political correctness which is contained in the phrase British Overseas Territory, these territories, each of them quite far away from the British mainland, are nothing but colonies of the United Kingdom. Gibraltar was under the control of the Moors for over years, until It then became a part of Spain, until on 4 August it was captured by Britain.

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Ever since then, Gibraltar has been a British naval base and a garrison town. Most of the Spanish population left Gibraltar when it was captured from Spain and the people now living in Gibraltar are a mix of various seventh or eighth generation European mainly Maltese, Genoese, Portuguese and North African mainly Jews immigrants who are proud of their unique Gibraltarian identity.

Spain has always contested UK's hold over Gibraltar. Recently, the UK has agreed to consider joint sovereignty with Spain. Sanchez is a Gibraltarian academic and author. Sanchez's language is matter-of-fact, his attitude unflinching, his tone alternating between stoicism and anger, as he opens practically every curtain in Gibraltar to let the sunlight in. Sanchez starts with the prostitutes in Serruya's Lane is there any garrison town which doesn't have a red-light district? A large chunk of this slim volume is devoted to the collateral damage caused by prostitution, such as venereal diseases and the like.

Sanchez then goes on to dissect and examine the prejudice which people in mainland UK had for Gibraltar and its people. Gibraltar has had more than its fair share of smugglers and Sanchez does justice to this interesting profession in which numerous Gibraltarians were at one point involved in. Sanchez's strength lies in describing all facets of an issue. For example, his description of smuggling revolves around an analysis of how demand and supply gave rise to smuggling.

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Rock of Gibraltar

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Writing the Rock of Gibraltar by M.G. Sanchez | Waterstones

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